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Beans Binding (JSR 295) reference implementation port for GWT.

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GWT Advanced Table is a GWT table widget supporting paging, sorting and filtering. It provides a table model service interface that is used as data provider that can be implemented by database, Hibernate or other back-end. The front-end component is reusable and customizable. The full source code is available as freeware.

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GWT to SWF Integration Kit

GWT2SWF intend to provide software bridge between GWT and FLASH/FLEX. It means that using GWT2SWF you will be able to communicate between GWT and FLASH/FLEX. GWT2SWF provides SWFWidget and FlashPlayer version detection.

GWT Spring RPC

GWT Spring RPC contains utilities to allow Google Web Toolkit remote service servlets to be implemented as POJO's managed by a Spring application context, allowing dependencies to be injected into remote services.


GWT Reflection

GWT Reflection give ability for GWT Developers to use reflection API on client side (browser side) of GWT Aplication.


GeoS WAT Symulacja,



This project aims to develop an open source client for Novell GroupWise. It uses the Eclipse Rich Client Platform for its user interface. Thus enabling a native looking and feeling and feature rich client for all major platforms.


WARNING: THIS IS INTENDED ONLY FOR EDUCATIONAL, SCIENTIFIC AND SOFTWARE RESEARCH PURPOSES. MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP YOUR FILES BEFORE RUNNING THE SCRIPT. WHEN DONE IN THE WHOLE OSX SYSTEM, IT'S LIKELY TO PRODUCE SOFTWARE INCOMPATIBILITIES. SUMMARY: In theory, small is good, everything small performs better. An atomic reaction provides more power than a chemical reaction, a nano material will produce an indestructible fabric. So do in software, small applications runs faster, with less consumed memory, and more instances possible. This method of optimization reduces the file size of metadata files through pre-formatting and trimming. INTRODUCTION: XML Optimization is a set of method that reformat the XML metadata for use with XML stream. The process is used in websites to minimize network bandwidth consumption and increase the memory space for the applications who store them locally. XML metadata is used throughout modern OS & Desktops today. (Mac OS X, GNOME/KDE). By Optimizing the XML metadata that those applications use, the application who parse them will require less memory usage, and less time parsing the document, thus improving speed and responsiveness of the applications that use those documents. By XML Optimization, the metadata will be preformatted, by removing the whitespace between the tags, and compacting the whole XML content into a single line, without making any changes in the data inside the tags. The process will make the file much smaller, giving increased memory space, and increased ease for the xml parser to read it. INSTRUCTIONS: Download xml-optimizer.sh script Edit and change the "$start_path" where it would search the XML files. Run the file by typing "sh ./xml-optimizer.sh"

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Este é um projeto criado para fins de testes com framework symfony. O jobeet é um tutorial do próprio symfony. Este repositório servirá para controle de versões dos programas do projeto de testes.

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Russian: Open Source Набор инструментов, который помогает в пакетной обработке fb2-файлов на диске: Валидатор (где в файле есть ошибки – строка, позиция и описание), Сортировка и перемещение, Работа с Архивами (упаковка и Распаковка), Работа с копиями – поиск одинаковых книг, более новых, устаревших (Дубликатор), Корректировка «битых» fb2-файлов и многое другое. Пока работает только часть инструментов. Установка: 1. Требуется .Net Framework 2.0 или выше. Если .Net Framework - с руссификатором, то сообщения об ошибках валидности файла будут на русском. 2. Распаковать архив с программой в нужное место. 3.Для запаковки в rar-архив нужен установленный WinRar.

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