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ErlMail provides email client and server facilities for Erlang. Currently ErlMail covers the pop3(s) and imap(s) protocols.

erlang email library


Programma per la simulazione della gestione dei processi e della memoria di un elaboratore.


Navigation Home - Getting the basic sample running RichMap - A richer example using geo-faces components Geo-faces is now seeking Contributors Here is a Presentation about the vision for Geo-Faces http://docs.google.com/Presentation?id=dgbnvrhd_140f4xpb4g3 Here is the Google Groups for development http://groups.google.com/group/geo-faces-dev?hl=en Introduction Geo-faces is a set of JSF components that you can use to add an OpenLayers map into an existing JSF application taking a server-centric approach. It is built using the RichFaces CDK. Geo-Faces are a free and open source JavaServer Faces (JSF) components library for incorporating modern mapping interfaces into Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) applications. Its purpose is to provide common and reusable map interfaces compo

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A pair of Git hooks, plus some other scripts, that let you deploy projects using git push.

sdot News

sdotNews is a slashdot/squishdot like product, that lets you categorize your News in a hierarchical way.

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KAE.query uses a simple (yet powerful) plugin architecture based heavily on jQuery, without the necessity to load the entire jQuery library. The emphasis with KAE.query is to be both light-weight and fast, relying on user-created plugins for all functionality. The KAE.query.highlight plugin is officially supported, and allows for syntax highlighting on any element.

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Rails for Parser3



MNRT implements (demonstrates) several techniques to realize fast global illumination for dynamic scenes on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) using CUDA. A GPU-based kd-tree was implemented to accelerate both ray tracing and photon mapping.


What is LaTeXSnapLaTeXSnap is a free, open-source, Windows application that renders LaTeX equations as PNG images so they are ready to use in Windows applications, such as Microsoft PowerPoint. RequirementsMicrosoft Windows XP or Vista MiKTeX The MiKTeX bin folder in your PATH. This should be done automatically by the MiKTeX setup program. (You can check this by running dvipng in a Command Prompt. You should see a listing of options for this command. If, instead, you see dvipng is not recognized as an internal or external command, then you need to add the MiKTeX bin folder to your path). .NET Framework 3.5 UsageEnter an equation. Select a resolution (300 dpi is the default). Click Run LaTeX. Go to PowerPoint (or Word) and click Edit -> Paste

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