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Program is a wrapper between xOSD and PyDCOP libraries. The program is a light-weight daemon, which displays OSD simultaneously to the infra-red remote controlling. The program uses DCOP and xOSD pythonic wrappers. It registers public functions in the DCOP server, therefore displayosd becomes to be able to catch signals from the irkick (irkick is an application-gateway from lirc to DCOP) and output several information into the display as OSD.

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EnglishA file-based guest book and does not use a MySQL database. Easy installation and customization. It removes HTML. Includes visible/invisible mode for messages. Edit and delete users messages. A guestbook that is templated, easily modified to fit your site's design. TürkçeMySQL gerektirmeyen, verilere metin dosyasına kaydeden PHP ziyaretçi defteridir. Kurulumu kolay ve özelleştirilebilir. Mesajda HTML kodlarını temizler(bazıları hariç). Onaylanmamış mesajlar istenirse gösterilmez. Gönderilen mesajlar değişltirilebilir ya da silinebilir. Şablon kullanımı vardır. Web sayfanıza uygun düzenlemeler yapılabilir.

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Based on an Atmel Atmega32,

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O programa, uma agenda telefonica feito em php-gtk2 ultima versao , a 2.0.1 Para garavar os registros usa o banco sqlite, sendo de facil manuseio e entendimento.. Aceito sugestoes, mudanças sao bem vindas. Muito obrigado..

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OpenGL Interfacer

OpenGL Interfacer has one major goal in mind. To provide easy and rapid developement of feature rich OpenGL interfaces. Like GUI's. It is currently under heavy development. It will feature a complete cross-platform base, and example source.


The project aims to allow users to control various programs on their PC using their cellphone via Bluetooth using customizable J2ME application. The goal is to support as many cell phones as possible without bonding with specific model or manufacturer. The project consists of 2 components: btlirc daemon emulates LIRC protocol allowing any LIRC-enabled applications (MPlayer, XMMS, etc.) to be remote controlled. If the application don't have LIRC-capabilities, you can use irexec or irxevent to send DCOP messages to KDE applications (Amarok, digiKam, etc.) or even simulating real keyboard key press or release LIRC Remote J2ME application connects via Bluetooth to btlirc daemon and sends keypress. It is standard MIDP 2.0 application so it shoudl work on any mobile phone with Java and JSR 082 support. It is tested on Nokia 6021 but should work with any Series 40 or Series 60 phone. See Comapatability page for more details First time here? Check out Getting Started page. Have problems? Drop me a line at svilen.ivanov@gmail.com

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Sublime Text 2 package for converting CSS hexadecimal colors into RGBA.,


MooRemote makes remote procedure calls (RPC) with MooTools as easy as possible. You simply call your registered php functions and classes from within Javascript with mooRemote.yourRegisteredFunction(param1, param2, ...)the return value of your PHP functions/methods is automatically passed to your callback function in Javascript. Any echo'ed string in PHP is evalueated as javascript in your page. What you needJust a PHP 5 webserver with enabled json module (default as of 5.2) and Mootools >= 1.2dev. Demohttp://kassens.uttx.net/mooremote/demo.php Documentationhttp://kassens.uttx.net/mooremote/docs/

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An abstraction and normalization layer around various Geo::Coder modules,