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JavaScript client validators

JavaScript client validatorSimilar to Microsoft ASP.Net validators1. RegEx validator2. Required field validator3. Compare validator4. Range validator


The goal of Vasco is to develop a robot which can build a map of its environment. It provides odyssey to program PIC microcontrollers and PUF (PIC USB Framework) to program USB applications on Linux hosts and PIC 18F4550 family.

nslu2 pic microchip usb programming robotics


QT based application for remote sensing image processing base on the Orfeo Toolbox library (OTB)

remotesensing image_processing otb qt c++ remote_sensing satellitedata


Bees! My God! A Tower Defense/RTS style game where the player takes command of a hive of bees, defending the queen from an array of enemies including bears, exterminators, and other insects. Current Version: 0.0 (Yeah, I know)


A GUI PostgreSQL database list tool base gtkmm and pqxx.,

libpqxx postgresql gtkmm


Java programs distributed through Internet are now suffering from program theft. It is because Java programs can be easily decomposed into reusable class files and even decompiled into source code by program users. In this paper we propose a practical method that discourages program theft by embedding Java programs with a digital watermark. Embedding a program developer’s copyright notation as a watermark in Java class files will ensure the legal ownership of class files. Our embedding method is indiscernible by program users, yet enables us to identify an illegal program that contains stolen class files. The result of the experiment to evaluate our method showed most of the watermarks embedded in class files survived two kinds of attacks that attempt to erase watermarks: an obfuscactor attack, and a decompile-recompile attack.

watermarking java


A servlet that connects the input/output streams of the org.codehaus.groovy.tools.shell.Groovysh to an AJAX page based on the JavaScript of the shellinabox project.

ajax jee groovysh shellinabox vt100 groovy

CUTS System Execution Modeling Tool

CUTS is a system execution modeling tool for (enterprise) distributed real-time and embedded systems. It enables enterprise DRE system developers and testers to validate performance properties, such as end-to-end response time, reliability, and scalability, and its impact on quality-of-service (QoS) during early phases of the software lifecycle, on the target architecture, and continuously throughout it.


simple pod viewer by ark,


"JSTUN" is a java based STUN (Simple Traversal of User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Through Network Address Translation (NAT)) implementation. STUN provides a mean for applications to discover the presence and type of firewalls or NATs between them and the public internet. Additionally, in presence of a NAT STUN can be used by applications to learn the public Internet Protocol (IP) address assigned to the NAT. So far, most of the message headers and attributes as standardized in RFC 3489 are part of "JSTUN". The current "JSTUN" version also includes a STUN-Client to discover firewalls and NATs.

stun jstun traversal java nat networking udp rfc_3489