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Complete implementation of SCXML in Perl using Perl, allowing user to use Perl as scripting language, rather then EcmaScript


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python-gdsii is a library that can be used to read, create, modify and save GDSII files. It supports both low-level record I/O and high level interface to GDSII libraries (databases), structures, and elements. This package also includes scripts that can be used to convert binary GDS file to a text format.

python eda gds layout library gdsii


BlogBaboon is a desktop client for editing and publishing posts on your Blogger blog. Instead of Blogger's HTML or WYSYWIG input, you get to use lightweight wiki markup. Instead of Blogger's unconvincing preview, you get to see exactly how your post will look. BlogBaboon may suit you if: You write long thought-out pieces that generally take days to write and revise. Code snippets and the like are common enough that having to manually HTML-escape is annoying. You believe that lightweight markup is superior to any attempt at WYSIWYG you've ever used. You sometimes find it hard to see your post through all the heavyweight HTML markup. BlogBaboon may not suit you if: You like editing HMTL or like Blogger's WYSIWYG interface. (If you're happy, stick with it!) You like WYSYWIG editing, but not Blogger's implementation. (Try something like Google Sites or Writely?) You write very short posts. (Try Twitter, or stick with the blogger.com web interface?) There's a more complete description of BlogBaboon's features and goals. There's also a to-do list.

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Provides VB.NET My Namespace equivalent classes for C#,

csharp net20


Willkommen auf unserer Projekt PageHier noch eine Vorstellung mit allen Infos die wichtig sind: Das Team besteht zur Zeit nur aus mir (Nirual) da das Projekt einige Zeit offline war. Nun kommen wir zurück mit Evolution Cores V2. Evolution Cores ist ein WoW (World of Warcraft) Emulator auf der Basis von Arcemu ( http://arcemu.org/ ). Wir bieten Scripts, Addons, Tools, Datenbanken etc. an. Die Release der ersten Core wird am 01.03.09 hier erscheinen! Um immer auf dem neusten Stand zu sein kannst du uns auf Twitter adden

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A tool developed as part of a project for the class "Empirical Research Methods for CS" at the University of Maryland.

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Morpho allows you to create and manage your data, and to share it with others. It was created to provide an easy-to-use, cross-platform application for accessing and manipulating metadata and data (both locally and on the network). Morpho allows ecologists to create metadata, (i.e. describe their data in a standardized format), and create a catalog of data & metadata upon which to query, edit and view data collections. In addition, It also provides the means to access network servers, in order to query, view and retrieve all relevant, public ecological data!

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wxMUN is a tool for managing Model United Nations debates. It capacities include, but are not limited to, managing committee members and speakers' lists as well as voting procedures.


openBarter is a database schema defining primitives of a barter market. It is also an extension of the postgreSQL database. It implements the economic mechanisms of a regular market and allows cyclic exchange between more than two partners (buyer and seller) in a single transaction. Even if competition is performed between bids (exchange proposals) , it does not require any central monetary standard to quantify the value exchanged and express prices to be compared. The database finds possible relations between bids and submit draft agreements for approval by owners. When agreements are accepted by partners, the property of related values is exchanged between partners.

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