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HomeMate is a PHP based home automation control panel. It currently interfaces with HEYU for X10 devices. It can schedule lights to turn on / off at certain times during the day, control all of your X10 lights and Appliances from the web control panel. Future additions include an “AOL AIM Bot” to control your home from an Instant messenger, condition based options for the X10 motion control and support for other devices. As it stands it’s essentially a front end for HEYU with some additional features. I am hoping to find other users to contribute to the project and take it to the next level.

php home x10 heyu automation homeautomation linux


Built for CSE 168: Rendering Algorithms class at UCSD (SP08),

opengl ucsd cse168 raytracer graphics

Migrations Trigger Support

This project will add support for triggers to ActiveRecord Migrations.,


This project contains the SVN, Wiki and project file for TPL's latest endeavor. We have created this project in the pursuit of happiness and knowledge. If you wish to contribute you can always email one of the admins. TPL Website http://www..com/ TPL Community Forums http://www..com/ IRC Chat irc://irc..com/ Current Projects ASDFBot - Bot program for ASDA possibly portable to other MMORPG's. LeetHax - You can't have these. Wiki Dox - Complete documentation on a plethora of topics. Memory Modification - Coming soon. Many more... Other interesting resources xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx


Test framwork for testing availability under DoS attacks of SIP based VoIP systems

testing availability framework dos sip attack test voip


Antville is a high performance, full featured weblog hosting software based on Helma Object Publisher, an open source web application server entirely written in Java. Antville itself is written in JavaScript and scales very well up to several thousands of weblogs. It is very easy to use while offering a lot of advanced features that make it even capable for hosting other types of websites.

java blog helma cms blogsoftware content_management hosting publishing javascript


Sistema de reserva.

reserva hotel


Twitter-like for a school project,


Open source project for creating MDM Data Integrator (ETL) solutions,

java glassfish mural


Overrides the #rand method on Array (ActiveSupport's method) to allow for a single random value or an array of random values.