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Launcher Plus

An improved launcher for Blizzard's World of Warcraft


Gruesome is a online 2D team shooter with a ruby + c server and flash client. It lets you join the game and start killing your colleagues and friends within mere seconds.


NotewiseWorking with your knowledge and ideas is the most important thing you do: every other task, no matter how urgent, is ultimately supplemental. Notewise is a next-generation tool that lets you capture and refine your personal knowledge as it accumulates, and keeps it safe for easy retrieval. From little scraps of information to rich insights into complex domains, with Notewise you can always remember what you once knew. DemoTry notewise out at http://beta.notewise.com/tutorial. To InstallTo run notewise on your own server, check it out trunk of svn, and then see Notewise/README for installation instructions. Discussion Grouphttp://groups.google.com/group/notewise

ajax knowledge javascript perl knowledgemanagement


Compose a group of GIF images into animation,


This project is where I maintain my additions and modifications to Praat , an excellent free program for phonetic processing.

phonetics praat


V4l2capture is a CLI software to grab images from a v4l2 image device.

camera image video4linux capture video4linux2 c uvc video_capture v4l2


Demo of the TestPilot integration testing pattern,


This project aims to aid in building a Debian, by now, unstable live distro with installers for hdd and usb devices. It works upon squashfs, unionfs and initramfs-tools.

live debian boot cd usb dvd


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chacha13's runningmate

runningmate.ph is positioning itself to be the most comprehensive web portal that is decided to the sport of running here in the philippines. It will help promote the sports via our very own social network.