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Open Source javamonday is a free, public directory of Free and Open Source Software and the contributors who create and maintain it. Open Source javamonday Code is a publicly available, free code search site that indexes most of the projects in Open Source javamonday.

Open Source javamonday is editable by everyone, like a wiki. All are welcome to join and add new projects, and to make corrections to existing project pages. This public review helps to make Open Source javamonday one of the largest, most accurate, and up-to-date FOSS software directories available. We encourage contributors to join Open Source javamonday and claim their commits on existing projects and add projects not yet on Open Source javamonday, to assemble a complete profile of all their FOSS code contributions.

Open Source javamonday is not a forge — it does not host projects and code. Open Source javamonday is a directory, a community, and analytics and search services. By connecting to project source code repositories, analyzing both the code’s history and ongoing updates, and attributing those updates to specific contributors, Open Source javamonday can provide reports about the composition and activity of project code bases, and aggregate this data to track the changing demographics of the FOSS world.