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Overtone is a software framework useful for modeling devices (both physical or virtual) that exist in some physical plant (such as a home, factory or campus). Its provides a common meta model that can be used for describing devices and how they relate to each other. Device models may correspond to some attached physical hardware (such as an IR transmitter, a television or a light) or to some virtual hardware that doesn't exist in the physical system (typically some sort of controller, virtual switcher or some other system level abstraction). Overtone is implemented primarily in Java, although its design does not restrict it to the Java platform. Please read the DesignPhilosophy and OvertoneModeling documenation StatusI am currently working on getting the baseline framework complete. Once it is, I will provide a release with example modules (i.e. the modules I currently use to automate my home theatre) and move to a public subversion repo. I will be adding design documentation as I produce it. I'm sure the absence of code is frustrating, but releasing it at this point won't help anyone. Here are the driver modules I'm working on, with a quick status: Lirc - A lirc to Ir Message bridge is working on linux via sockets. Should work on windows over tcp/ip, but untested there Receivers - ... Insteon - Not Started Sonos - Researching
Website Link http://code.google.com/p/overtone