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Serveurs news/mail sous windows 9x/2k/xp. Hamster-Fr est une version améliorée de Hamster-classic avec un véritable serveur SMTP. Hamster-Ys est une version client-serveur plus adaptée au fonctionnement en service et à l'administration à distance.


What is GlooDB?GlooDB is an object oriented database. It provides a flat persitency stack away from the traditional approach: object relational mapper, jdbc, relational database. Why use GlooDB?GlooDB exposes an 100% java API, from basic CRUD operation to complex querying, transaction control, physical organization of the data or even administration. This contrasts to with the RDBMS / ORM approach where the programmer has to use heterogeneous APIs: jdbc, ORM (hibernate, JPA), SQL, database schemas and more. The GlooDB API was designed to support the natural life cycle of any software application. Its API is suited for both embedded or enterprise applications, allowing application to grow as needed. Further on, persistent data can be easily versioned using java packaging. That transforms data migration from a deployment nightmare a non-event.

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PowerShell IT Admin web portal powered by ASP.NET, Ajax, Silverlight,

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Tools to run a martial arts school (dojo) - will be united to a full suite of administration tools. Current ideas are: training management and statistics manage your dojo's members electronically manage member fees and payment information manage graduation fees/ status manage and book payment of trainers visualize your dojo's success :-) Webpage of the project is http://edojo.org Have fun and may the force be with you.

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Web-based Xen administration console,


For use by the college administration, or the person responsible for setting the schedule of classes for a college or university. The key issues are to find conflicts in the schedule, display a schedule for a classroom or for a professor. Also it is necessary to produce reports based on a schedule. One of the newer difficulties in scheduling is the overlapping semesters. Colleges are starting classes in staggered semesters of varying lengths to meet the demands of the enrolling students. Finding conflicts by hand, and using the resources efficiently became a lot more difficult.

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A set of tools to be used in the administration of a LAN party. Mainly developed for the PolyLAN event at the EPFL in lausanne Switzerland.

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This is a modification (MOD) for the forum software, phpBB, which allows administrators to configure "multi-mods" and topic prefixes in the Administration Control Panel (ACP). These multi-mods allow moderations to perform multiple moderation tasks more easily and in less time. The prefix functionality (which adds a configurable colored word or phrase to the beginning of a topic's title) can be used separately or in conjunction with the multi-mods.

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PeoplePress is a lightweight business directory application. Need a clean, simple way to host a database of people and businesses on your site? This is the tool for you. A Brief HistoryPeoplePress grew out of the needs of BendTech.com, a loose affiliation of technical professionals in Central Oregon. One of the goals of BendTech is to help organize the grassroots efforts by individuals and businesses in the area who are trying to grow the local technology industry, many of whom said the biggest problem they had was knowing what resources were available. In order to address this problem, BendTech decided to (quickly) build a simple, easy-to-use, member-maintained business directory. Hence, PeoplePress. Why mention this? Well, you'll notice that PeoplePress is currently heavily BendTech branded. This isn't that hard to change, but does require tweaking some PHP and CSS. We'll address this in future releases. FeaturesPeoplePress has the following features: Simple UI - Users should just "get it", with little if any instruction required User Maintained - Users can create, edit, and delete entries w/ no moderation or intervention required by the site administrators. Spam Detection - Includes Akismet spam filtering support - just provide your WordPress API key to enable! Lite Authentication - Users are not required to register or login, which makes participation in the directory trivially easy. Password Protected Entries - Users password protect their entries to prevent unauthorized changes. Google Maps Integration - Provides a google map of all entries in the database with a valid address. Easy Administration - A master password allows site administrators to edit and remove any entry if needed. Not a feature, but worth calling out: "Secure-ish" - Passwords are stored MD5 encoded in the database, but they are sent as cleartext over HTTP. Which means this isn't this most secure product in the world... but you get what you pay for. Anyone interested in fixing this is welcome to submit code patches.

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Free open source code in Perl forum software and bulletin board system, multi lingual, multi theme, SQL driven, highly customisable, the ideal community solution for any web site, unlimited nested forums,Smileys, Visual html editor, BBCode Editor, RSS syndication, Syntax highlighting, banner system, private messages, site builder, content management, easy installation and administration and much more to list. Boardawy Main Features Summary SQL database driven 100%. Unlimited categories. Unlimited forums. Multi - lingual. Multi - theme. Private messages system. Full user accounts manager. Advanced search tools. Images and files uploads. Content Management System. Advanced user permissions. Many Sorting options. Admin Accounts Manager. Fully integrated banner system. User registration confirmation. Database management. HTML template based. User Visual html editor. Admin Visual html editor. Custom functions. External programs integration. Unlimited mailing lists. Easy setup wizard. Very customizable. Hundreds of options.

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Applications and scripts that I use on a daily basis to manage my computers and server.

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Modulo is a simple tools that allow easy developpement and deployement of Modules. A Module is a simple, lightweight, re-usable software components. A platform hosts the different modules, and provides deployement and administration features.



Emilda is a complete Integrated Library System that features amongst others an OPAC, circulation and administration functions, Z39.50 capabilities and 100% MARC compatibility. MARC compatibility is achieved using Zebra in conjunction with MySQL.


WEB UI for Subversion Repositories Administration.,

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Projet JEE boutique en ligne applicatif administration


XBird is a light-weight XQuery processor and database system written in Java. The light-weight means reasonably fast and embeddable. FeaturesXBird introduces the following features: XQuery Processor Native XML Database Engine Embeddable Database Engine Distributed XQuery Processor Support for HTML web page scraping XBird is currently optimized for read-oriented workloads. It passes about 91% of the minimal conformance of XQuery Test Suite. DocumentsUser's Guide Quick start Database administration HTML/XML web page scraping Library dependency listing Developer's Guide Running and accessing a database server -- Client/Server API Programming with the XBird API -- XQuery processor API Distributed query processing with XBird/D XML/object binding and object persistence Still work in progress. Check wiki pages for the progress. BenefitsScalable to giga bytes. Can handle 1GB xml file with only 64MB memory. Horizontal scalability can be ensured by distirbuted XQuery processing. Non-viral open source XQuery implementation. MPL/LGPL'd processor restricts a certain embedded use. SupportWe will answer end-user questions through Google Groups. Google Groups has no-email delivery option. Please submit bug reports and feature requests to Issue Tracking. You can vote to your desired features by appending stars. Code review through svn browser is also welcome. Anyone also can post comments to the source codes through this svn browser. AcknowledgmentThis project is sponsored in part by Information-technology Promotion Agency (IPA), Japan. YourKit is kindly supporting open source projects with its full-featured Java Profiler. YourKit, LLC is creator of innovative and intelligent tools for profiling Java and .NET applications. Take a look at YourKit's leading software products YourKit Java Profiler and YourKit .NET Profiler.

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Modular Data Management Prototype of a modular control system in PHP. Currently the functionality is limited, just a basic load all system has been set up. SMARTY Template Engine is used in this project, the main focus is to develop a simple module hook system which can be used in other projects. Eventual hopes are to have modules be controlled via SQL with an administration system for configuring, installing, uninstalling, enabling, and disabling modules.

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Welcome Admins! Let`s share our knowledge and troubleshooting tips on Solaris and SAN Storage domains here! Also, you can involve in developing our own applications on Google App Engine for simplyfying Administration and our day to day tasks! Please feel free to put forth your queries or suggestions on "http://www.unixarena.blogspot.com/". You can now publish your own articles on this blog just by mailing them to "sudhaeci.unix@blogger.com". P.S : New updates from members can be viewed at the adjacent tabs (Downloads / Wiki / Issues)

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BZFlag is a free online multiplayer cross-platform open source 3D tank battle game that is maintained by an active community of individuals distributed all around the world.. It is one of the most successful and sustained cross-platform open source games ever with an active developer, administrative, and player community. There have been more than a million downloads in the last five years alone and our user base presently consists of more than 200 players online at any time of day or night. The project has actually become more popular over the years as we continue to improve and enhance the game. BZFlag has been under active development since 1992. Our organization is presently comprised of a rather disparate group of individuals that work on BZFlag because they love the game and the community that surrounds it. There are presently 71 individuals entrusted with access to BZFlag core resources including 46 individuals that have committed source code modifications over the project's life span. Our developer base presently consists of 9 documented core developers that have made extensive contributions to the game and remained active over many years, along with about a dozen apprentice-level developers that are coming up in the ranks, and about two dozen peripheral/casual developers, extension developers, and web integration programmers. Additionally, there are several dozen trusted staffers, server operators, and graphic artists that assist in the day-to-day operations needed by the game for keeping servers up and running, providing server list services, designing artwork, providing network statistics, image hosting, web hosting, and much more. All of our project developers almost exclusively collaborate on the #bzflag Freenode IRC channel, which is the central hub for most of our development discussions, decision planning meetings, game operations, and network infrastructure administration. We operate via a benevolent dictatorship combined with a meritocracy that strives for consensus between the core developers and other involved community members. Extensive discussions are held for any changes to BZFlag that affect the game's traditional "spirit", mood of gameplay, tone of the user environment, and types of interactions possible in the game. These discussions also include considerations whenever there are new features being added such as new flags, enhanced graphics, or changes to the gameplay. We also serve as a support arm to our user community assisting them with anything from how to get started playing to providing assistance with setting up their own server or even helping them write their own new extensions to the game. From IRC, we administer network operations for the approximate 18638 registered player base and for the tens of thousands of unregistered players that engage in more than 10000 daily player sessions across more than 250 public servers. As we are a globally distributed network-oriented game, we also maintain the public server listings, provide player tracking, network statistics, global authentication, user and group management, abuse and ban controls, player conflict resolution, competitive league management, and user community support.



Ruby command line application for zone file administration on Bind DNS servers,