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servlet,jsp,struts demo,

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Web game for bhbh.cn

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Want to join this project? Just send email to me. or twitter me blog implemented by python and can be hosted on google appengine Now you can access the Demo at: http://blog.cpedia.net You can try all the features at: http://cpedialog.cpedia.net (just login with your google account, then you can try all the features including the background functions.) Updates: Google change the translate site, please upgrade to RC2 2.0 to fix the permlink generator error.. Wiki Updates: What's new in coming version 2.0 How to install cpedialog on appengine How to integrate picasaweb album with cpedialog ScreenshotsMain Page Login with OpenID/Google Account Google profiles integration Google Books integration Access picasaweb albums View albums with cooliris Add/Edit Blog Insert/Upload Images System configuraion Page/Menu Admin Picasaweb Albums Admin Feeds Management Uploaded Images Admin Cache Management Features:blogAll the configurations can be set in the background. User-defined menus and pages. Blog comment anti-spam support through reCAPTCHA. using yui grid, so it's very easy to change or extend the page layout. auto-generate permalink url through translating the blog title by google. tags for the blog entry and del.icio.us tags support. rich content editor by yui rich editor. Ajax implemented by simplejson & yui Connection Manager. (Such as inline editable table.) Upload images file to bigTable in yui rich editor. Uploaded images, tags, archives, albums management. Menu & pages management. AuthSub Session Token and System cache management. Feeds management and can be shown on the right side of page. What's new in this version? 1. OpenID integration, now user can register in the site, also can login with Google account and OpenID. 2. Google analytics 3. Google profile 4. Google books library 5. Upgrade YUI to latest version and fix some bug especially in the system configuration. 6. YUI Grid refactor. 7. Image auto resize 8. Google search upgrade 9. Integrate cooliris with the albums 10. Css refactor 11. Menu style refactor 12. Will roll out layout management feature soon. albumsaccess the picasaweb albums through gdata API. authSub implemented by decorating the python method.

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Class php pour accéder à mysql Java script Communication en json

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basically, this is going to be an updated version of the rtgui web interface for rtorrent combined with the prototypejs ajax framework.

rtgui ajax bittorrent


2) Ajax validate,


Lime is a Javascript framework created in 2005. Further development was deemed unnecessary due to the superiority and magic of jQuery. It contains a few interesting unique features such as AJAX HTTP event handlers, a built in debugging console that makes heavy use of introspection, and a mechanism for one-time "requiring" and importing of Javascript components. For historical purposes you can still view an online demo here

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PowerShell IT Admin web portal powered by ASP.NET, Ajax, Silverlight,

aspdotnet powershell administration silverlight dashboard


What is GWT? The recent buzzword around Java world is GWT, the Google Web Toolkit. The backbone of GWT is Ajax, which is not something new. The thing makes GWT unique is its tools that makes web application development with Ajax a snap. Java developers no longer need to deal with html code(jsp code) and javascript code. Instead,they stay in their comfortable zone, writhing Java code only, for both client side and server side. GWT compiles the client side Java code to javascript, that makes your web application an Ajax application. Whenever user clicks on web page, the javascript code in the browser issues a light-weight RPC call to server and page refreshes only the part needs to. What is missing? Sounds great? Kind of. It is great from user?s point of view. It is not so great if you think of the security the current GWT implementation provides. GWT provides client side API for basic user input validation but nothing for server side. The client side API can do only basic check including mandatory check,length check and syntax check. That is enough for some but not for all applications. Some applications need more complicated validation like dependency check among input fields, a business-logic based check needs to hit database. These types of validation can?t be done in client side. Experienced developers also know that you can?t depend on client side validation and assume everything from client is valid. Because an attacker could easily bypass javascript check and submit a RPC call with invalid data. Sure enough, the individual (server side)service method can do validation itself, but it is not desirable because it puts validation burden and flow control on service. What we need here is a server side validation framework. A robust GWT application should be able to do both client side validation and server side validation. The client side validation is good because it reduces the number of the round-trip to server and improves user experience. The server side validation is great because it makes sure everything from client is valid and removes the burden from individual services. With server side validation is in place, the client side validation becomes optional. It is good to have but not have to. Design philosophy: Do not re-invent wheels. By reusing popular and proven framework, it does not need time to mature thus can be quickly adopted with confidence. Do not add complexity to the system. Learning GWT is already hard enough. Do not scare user away by adding your own complexity. Easy to use. With those in mind, jakarta commons-validator pops up immediately. If you comes from Struts world, you already knew about it. If you do not know, it is time to learn. It is the backbone of GWT server side validation framework I come up.

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AJAX gadgets to search bittorrent sites. Based on google ajax feeds api.,

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Depending upon the number of elements on a page, retrieving data from a database and populating a web page with the data can be a very tedious task. In the past, I have always used server-based technologies (PHP, Coldfusion, etc) to populate a page. After growing tired of creating the structures over and over again, I decided to create a JQuery plugin that would do the work for me. Most of the page population plugins I have seen only populate form elements. The imPagePopulate plugin will not only populate form elements, it will populate any HTML element on a page.

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Simple Content Management Engine: RIA, AJAX, no database, most simple Admin Panel


Framework inspired by asp.net technology. It allowes creation dynamic ajax web applications in php using lightweight components.

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includes installation script, admin area to edit cms, add new page feature, Nightly Builds Will be release everyday, these contain slight changes to the code, currently Adding AJAX to Admin area

samwood php mysql admin cms login

+++++++++++++++ objot ===============

Objot is a lightweight service oriented library for efficient web development, based on Java 5, Javascript, Actionscript 3, etc. Objot version 21 releasedbytecode parser and generator faster codec configure codec rules by user codes codec on Actionscript 3 encode and decode single primitive data ultralight, very fast and powerful IOC container ultralight, very fast and powerful AOP implementation file upload upload progress notification multi service parameters documents many bug fixes many minor improvements change to the GNU Lesser General Public License version 2.1 Objot version 15 releasedRenames Java package objot to objot.codec and objot.Objot to objot.codec.Codec for more clear. Supports getter and setter methods of Service Objects on Java. Supports java.sql.Clob. Much more pragma

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this ui library

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A set of tools to be used in the administration of a LAN party. Mainly developed for the PolyLAN event at the EPFL in lausanne Switzerland.

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Ajax Powered Search



community software for rentals and real states.

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Cross Browser JavaScript Library Ajax XML/XSLT Transformation,