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FluentETL - Data automation made easy for coders

Automate data transfers with a few lines of code. Replace SSIS with concise yet powerful .NET code. Much simpler and easier to learn than Rhino ETL, yet flexible enough to use just about any data source.


Distributed home automation server written in java.



User Acceptance Testing Automation with a DSL for Web ApplicationsIn short, Tuluat aims its users to be able to write English-like statements to test a website. Project will be using mainly .NET Framework technologies. How It's Done?Nothings done yet. But it will be done like this: Users enter to a Windows application (Tuluat), their english-like statements (Tuluat DSL - TuDSL) which is in fact describes a user acceptance test for a website. Then again by using Tuluat they execute their tests and see results. Which Technology and How?Project will have a Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) based user interface for administering and running TuDSL tests. TuDSL tests will be parsed and transform into Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) using Irony. Irony is choosen for simplicity and despite lack of documentation its ease to use. We want to focus on our DSL's evolution and functionality, more than how we describe it. At later stages of development if we would think our TuDSL is mature enough and we didn't satisfy with Irony, we can consider changing it with another tool. By using AST we will generate a C# code utilizing Watin API. Generated C# code will be an in memory string. We will feed this string to our runner libraries and create an in memory assembly for each test (or for a scenario composed of more than one test), and run on the fly. To store users' TuDSL scripts we plan to use SQLite with NHibernate. Been There, Done That?After putting this idea out, we found out that its not an original idea, and already thought and implemented by others like Torkel Ödegaard. As much as we respect to implementers, we dont care either. This is a learning project for us, and we hope to develop our external DSL creation skills.

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Parallels Virtual AutomationOverviewParallels Virtual Automation, formerly Parallels Infrastructure Manager, is the industry?s first comprehensive management solution that streamlines operations and reduces complexity of managing physical and virtual servers ? including both containers and virtual machines. Through self-service and automation, administrator?s can lower costs and efficiently manage their infrastructure from anywhere. Parallels Virtual Automation manages both Parallels Virtuozzo Containers and Parallels Server under a single, unified management console. The result is a reduction in support and management costs through the automation of the virtual server lifecycle and user management. XML APIThe XML API available through Parallels Virtual Automation consists of interfaces to the Parallels Virtuozzo Containers and Parallels Server management functions. An interface provides calls (similar to functions or methods in traditional programming languages) that allow to interact with Parallels Virtuozzo Containers or Parallels Server software. Using the XML API, you can build reliable tools for remote management and monitoring of your physical and virtual servers.

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ojosilva's baseliner

Release management automation toolkit,


A collection of modules for the Jahia xCM platform, which enables various Document Management capabilities, like format conversion, thumbnail generation, flash preview, document automation using rules etc.

Internet Automator

IA is a simple modular CLI automator for specific tasks,

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It's a runescape automation bot which is scriptable throught java scripts. The bot's core is based upon reflection and no injection!

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Ruby scripts for Microsoft Office automation,


digiwu automation systems


RPG Helper is a tool for helping role-playing gamers on Google Wave. It is designed with D&D 4e in mind, but could be extended for a variety of systems. This gadget shall include the following components: - A dice roller (Phase 1) - A power automation system (Phase 2) - A layered map/mini editor (Phase 3)



Command line utility that uses COM Automation to strip password protection from an Excel file.


SemaQTO /si'm?kyutio?/ is a scriptable test automation solution suite to run test cases against simple Unix console programs. Basic work cycle is to define input and expected output for each test case. Then SemaQTO runs the program (ie. launched from Makefile) with the given input and checks that the output matches what is expected. Finally user is presented with a easy to read report. Additionally different kind of report formats can be generated, ie. XML or HTML. Architectural diagram:

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Quality Assurance Rules And Plugins (Qarap)

Qarap help test automation people create easier to maintain test scripts by providing rules and plugins for Microsoft web test (or Performance test as Microsoft call it)

SharePoint Action Framework (SAF) - extend Features, MSBuild or StsAdm.

The SharePoint Action Framework is an extension to the SharePoint Feature framework, Stsadm or MSBuild. This is achived with Actions which are commands allowing automation of SharePoint (e.g. CreateWeb, AddUser, ImportList). Also possible to thread multiple Actions together.


It's a Rails app designed for easy automation of the newspaper's online presence,

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Business Process Automation (BPA)

BPA is a project initiative to develop an ERP which will integrate with work flow of an organization. It is build on the concept that all business process is initiated through a request and it is processed in organizational hierarchy.


Simple library which aims to simplify late binding calls with C# Make simple late binding calls using a fluent interface: IObjectOperation myObject = BindingFactory.CreateObjectBinding("CoreAssembly", "CExecutionManager"); int size = myObject.Property("CommandExecuter").Get() .Method("Execute").AddParameter("GET SIZE").Invoke();Please check the Usage page for the help on using this library. A deeply description of the 1. version of the library is available at CodeProject: Late Binding Helper Library in CodeProject

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