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daffodil's smd

SM Desktop exterimental,


Graphical client that sends files over TCP from windows computers to Wii consoles, originaly written by Henke37, with initial code and icon from dasda.


sary is a suffix array library and tools.,


Mame for OS X,


OpenC2Pas is a C/C++/BCB to Object Pascal (Delphi/Kylix) translator. It's just a time saver, for now: do not expect any complete and exhaustive conversion, but it can convert a big portion of code for you.

AI - Bots

AI Bots is a programmer's game in which players write programs to control virtual bots which fight each other in an arena. This involves going after various objects in the arena as well as shooting down other bots.


Spin-out from mbstring module.,


A video input plugin for Quartz Composer using the QTKit Capture framework,


A panel displaying the current status, including uploading, cancel if needed, waiting response, and upload finish.

SC2 Worker Rush Bot

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gcin's Debian packaging workspace,


An experimental language designed to test dynamic code refactoring, modified inheriance, multi-teired object design and integrated meta-programming. The initial compiler will be implemented in Python/PLY and will generate code that runs on the Parrot virtual machine.

Best practices in .NET

NMA is a collection of knowledges that I learned from my co-worker and Internet. It's built on Domain Driven Design theories. I used Struture Map, Fluent NHibernate, Service Locator, Automapper in the core layer and used ASP.NET MVC 2 for the UI. It's developed in VS 2010 C#4.0.

rsms's tc

Tokyo Cabinet Python bindings ? In need of a new maintainer,


Development process for programming in C/C++.,

igorsobreira's playground

A place to develop for fun and learn,


Usage Usage: ./geoipgen [OPTION]... [COUNTRYCODE]... IPv4 network tool for generating geotargeted IP addresses. Features: Random or sorted order, unique or repeating ips, skips broadcast addresses, uses MaxMind GeoLite Country database. Target: COUNTRYCODE One or more country codes, delimited by spaces Use 'all' to target all country codes Use -l to see the list -n NUM Exits after NUM IPs Unique or repeating: -u, --unique Return each IP in the countries once only (default) --repeat IPs can repeat with random order Order: -s, --sorted Order is sorted, ascending --random Order is random (default) --less-random Order is random seeming, returns each IP only Provides significant performance gain when used with 'all' countrycodes Other: -h Help This message -l, --list-countries List countries and their country codes -c DIRECTORY Location of GeoIPCountryWhois.csv database Default locations: ./, /home/dc/.geoipgen/, /usr/local/share/ -V, --version Print version information. This version is 0.3 ` Examples: geoipgen nz Each IP in New Zealand in a random order without repeating geoipgen nz au Each IP in New Zealand and Australia in a random order without repeating geoipgen --repeat -n 100 cn hk mn tw mo jp kr kp 100 random IPv4 addresses in Far East Asia. It's faster to produce non-unique IPs with --repeat geoipgen all Produce each IP in the world, once only, in a random order. Defaults to use less-random for lower memory overhead. NotesUses the Max-Mind Free Open Source Geo-Lite Country database (www.maxmind.com). It's slower the first time you generate a set of countries, the countrycode map files are created and saved in #{$OURDIR}. After the first time, the countrycode map is reused. It's faster to use --repeat than to make a Bitfield to store whether each IP has been produced. There is another geoIP database here http://software77.net/cgi-bin/ip-country/geo-ip.pl How to dns resolve a countryThis can aid in testing the accuracy of the Max-Mind location data by finding the presence of ip blocks that are potentially allocated to the wrong country. For example, if hostnames ending in .sk are found in a specific IP range belonging to New Zealand then that indicates the IP range allocation is incorrect. For faster dns resolving, use an asynchronous resolver like adns. Install GNU adns Download and follow instructions from http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~ian/adns/ or sudo apt-get install libadns1-bin Pipe IPs to adnsresfilter and only output resolved IPs ./geoipgen nz | adnsresfilter -w -a | egrep "\[.*\]" Example Output 125-238-151-47.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz[] 161-65-114-241.ip.fx.net.nz[] c0.d0.33.static.xlhost.com[] 203-114-177-78.dsl.sta.inspire.net.nz[] ds7a04.cc.waikato.ac.nz[]CreditsAuthored by Andrew Horton (urbanadventurer) horton.nz at-nospam gmail.com Thanks to Max-Mind for making their Geo-Lite Country database freely available. Thanks to Peter Cooper for the use Bit Field Bitfield is MIT Licensed, (c) 2007 Peter Cooper (http://www.petercooper.co.uk/).

geoipcountry generator global countries ipv4 world geoip scanner scan network morningstarsecurity security maxmind nmap scanning

j0sh's rubberducky

An asynchronous RTMP stack and streaming server.,


play game in chinese chess. play with human and AI. read the chess record. ??? lerosua' blog

c chess gtkmm games

The Gedcom parser library

The Gedcom parser library is a C library that provides an API to applications to parse and process arbitrary genealogy files in the standard gedcom format.