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daffodil's smd

SM Desktop exterimental,


Graphical client that sends files over TCP from windows computers to Wii consoles, originaly written by Henke37, with initial code and icon from dasda.


Evernote SDK for C++,


Geometric algorithms library for the VFX industry,


OpenC2Pas is a C/C++/BCB to Object Pascal (Delphi/Kylix) translator. It's just a time saver, for now: do not expect any complete and exhaustive conversion, but it can convert a big portion of code for you.

Wget GUI tool Kiwi

This is download porgram with wget. It is GUI tool for wget. It have method which is to export batch-file or scriptfile. It easily make wget command. It only support Korean menu and English menu.

SC2 Worker Rush Bot

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gcin's Debian packaging workspace,


Development process for programming in C/C++.,

iit2008008's float16

The DFS Assignment of the Group IT 01 - 10,


play game in chinese chess. play with human and AI. read the chess record. ??? lerosua' blog

c chess gtkmm games


experimental personal project, past project, etc,


>>Nyx3d<< will be game engine writen using C++ and OpenGL. It will be open source... So let's start


The introduction of Network Address Translation (NAT) devices into the Internet, while serving many important functions, has added complexity and variability to the behavior of networks. Testing network applications to behave properly when using NAT devices with different behaviors is a challenge for developers. This project aims to develop a tool which can be used by developers to easily emulate the behaviors present in NAT devices in a simple, user-mode application. This project is the offshoot of my Masters project at the College of William and Mary. More information on that can be found at the original project link to the right. In its current form, the project only handles UDP data, but it has been designed to be expandable to cover other protocols. The code requires the use of iptables to intercept packets and is therefore limited to Linux.

emulation rfc4787 nat


Pegasus is a lightweight open-source framework for Cocoa Touch that lets you design and implement UIKit user interfaces in XML.


DescriptionShootmii is a 2 players game. Each player controls a tank and must destroy his opponent. He can get bonuses by shooting those moving in the sky. Controls Button Description Moves the cursor Moves the tank to the left / Rotates left a guided missile Moves the tank to the right / Rotates right a guided missile Rises the cannon Lower the cannon Hold : Increase shooting power, Release : Shoot the missile Uses your bonus if you have one Debug mode Exit the game Bonuses Look Name Description The heart recover your life The false heart lower your life The fury potion increase your fury jauge The guided missile guided using left and right The homing missile locks and follows your enemy The crosshair shows the trajectory of your ammo The force shield protects your tank Screenshots Things to be done before the 1.0 release TODO Item Completion (%) Sound manager 100 Shooting sound 100 Explosion sounds 100 Tank movement sound 0 Sun cycle 100 Wind 0 Smoke behind the ammo 100 Better heat, strength, movement settings 0 Bonus implementation with one bonus : homing missile, every 30 seconds to 1 minute, an option can appear on screen 100 Damage implementation 0 GUI with popups 50 Rumble manager 0 Timers and TimerManager 100 Better use of the wiimote 25 Tank has to move back when hit 100 CreditsGRRLib 4.1.0 LibOGC 1.8.0 FreeTypeGX 0.2.3 freetype 2.3.7 metaphrasis 0.1.0

homebrew wii tank game


/proc/pid/maps for processes not owned by you can no longer be read, but using some simple heuristics, it's possible to reconstruct the maps by sampling kstkeip. kstkeip is a very low granularity counter, few processes worth attacking are compute bound for long periods of time. With the very few unique samples that can be acquired, it's not immediately obvious whether this information leak is useful or not (note that due to the way linkers typically use PT_LOAD, data will be mapped immediately adjacent to text). Fuzzy Aslr is a Proof of Concept implementation that attempts to "reconstruct" the address space layout of a process you don't own via kstkeip. Thanks to x86 being a variable width architecture, by recursively disassembling the target binary and all DT_NEEDED dependencies and recording the instruction boundaries it encounters, we're able to build up a fingerprint of each section of code that will be mapped. Surprisingly, just a few (6 or so) samples of kstskeip from the same mapping is enough to uniquely fingerprint most code. See ExampleUsage for more information. Julien Tinnes and I described this technique and demonstrated this tool at CanSecWest 2009, slides are available here.


cplus util tools,

c util


UIScrollView subclass that reuses its tile views,


Currently discussing how to develop a media library. Google Sites wiki for project: http://sites.google.com/site/cs340project1/