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I'm using web.digidiamond.net to backup my personal p.c. and to server up media such as my music and movie collection. I will be playing with jQuery, CakePHP, and other related web technologies in this project.

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Re-usable code from posts at adambrett.co.uk

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CakePHP Plugin to manage Addresses,


A Todo application written for Workshops at CakeMatsuri,


SoftDeletable Behavior for CakePHP,


Cakephp Cycle helper like the rails cycle command,


CakePHP DB Schema/Model Info Plugin,


eTracks is divided in two applications. The first one is an Android based app which allows you to record GPS tracks while cycling, hiking, running... It can also take photos and add them as POIs; add descriptions at some point of the track; or even add a video recorded with the phone. Recorded tracks can be uploaded to a server, sent by mail or exported to the SD card. The second one is a web based app for sharing recorded tracks with other people developed with cakePHP. It can be used from a web browser or via web service, for example from an Android phone with the first app, which allows you to download a new track and follow it with the descriptions and photos available on the track.

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OAuth consumer component for CakePHP,


Funciones varias para proyectos no-cakephp, principalmente para tareas sencillas, validación, envío de mails, etc.

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cakephp behavior plugin for tracking who created/modified a record,


Official debugger plugin for CakePHP,


CakePHP Plugin - Add an Ajax chat to your app,


Setting up this web application on a server will give you the technical ability to host your own online cooperative. Of course, the logistics of real-world goods exchange is up to you, and the legal entities that need to exist in order to legally do so are also your responsibility. However, should anyone out there wish to do so, the West Michigan Coop would be happy to share our information, story, and documents to aid the creation of your own local food endeavor. Because of CakePHP's BSD license, I will only offer the App and PublicHTML directories. You will need to acquire CakePHP from www.cakephp.org.

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CakePHP plugin to use Redmine from CLI,


Splits grouped form inputs into separate groups or individual inputs,


CMS based on cakePHP

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Oregon City assassin game written in CakePHP.,

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Some useful utilities for CakePHP.