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rugui's rugui_active_record_adapter

This is a plugin for RuGUI applications based on database. This plugin uses ActiveRecord to access the database.


This project aims to make it easy to maintain MySQL database versions across different code setups. As for now, Mygrate integrates tightly with Mercurial. Other VCS's will be added soon. Requirements: Python 2.5 (should also work with earlier versions) Creating shortcutFor Unix-based systems: download and run the setup file. For manual installation, checkout the project, then create a file /usr/bin/mygrate: #! /bin/sh exec /path/to/mygrate.py "$@"For Windows systems: copy bin\mygrate.exe to %WINDOWSROOT%\system32\: UsageFrom now on you can enter mygrate commands from your command line. Start with: mygrate initNote: on Windows, you will probably have to manually edit the paths in .mygrate/main.conf to mysql and mysqldump executables. Enter your database details and start tracking changes you make to the database (to compare with previous status, use "mygrate status" and "mygrate diff"). When you're finished, use mygrate commit "This is my first commit"to commit changes to a migration file. You can add the migration files into your version control system (if you are using Mercurial, this will be done automatically). After pushing your changes to a remote host, type at remote: mygrate updateTo update MySQL status to latest revision. In Mercurial, you can do this by adding a hook: changegroup = mygrate update >&2Note: this is yet a very unstable release. Use at your own risk and please report bugs. Thanks!

python mysql version-control mercurial


AboutThis is an attempt to create handy shell utility for tagging files. It aims at being useful and comfortable while used in composition with other tools. All tags (also known as labels) are kept in sqlite database in user's home directory, separate from files' content; it is possible to tag any type of file. One can treat it as analogous to selection utility in spatial file managers with few major differences: selections don't disappear when directory is being changed (only when they are ordered to do so) and every selection can span multiple locations in whole file system. Interestingly while working with two xterm instances side by side it can be treated as a selection tool in mc (or other Norton Commander clone) but much more powerful. Usage examplesTag files slides.pdf and summary.txt with math: $ tag -t math slides.pdf summary.txtSame as above but not using -t argument: $ tag math slides.pdf summary.txtRemove math tag, and add physics tag to slides.pdf file: $ tag -d math -t physics slides.pdfMove files tagged with music to directory Desktop/Music while preserving tags associations: $ tag -m music Desktop/MusicDeletes all associations with tag stuff (deleting this tag): $ tag -D stuffPasses all file paths tagged with stuff to ls -lda command: $ ls -lda `tag -l stuff`Comfortable way to pass all files tagged with metal and rock to xmms -e command: $ tagexec metal,rock xmms -eSame as above but using directly tag and xargs commands (not using tagexec): $ tag -L metal,rock | xargs -0 xmms -eInstallationKeep in mind that, though usable, project is very fresh and may be very buggy. $ svn checkout http://tag-util.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ tag-util $ cd tag-util $ python setup.py installIt is advisable to enable optional completion script for bash by passing --with-bash-complete argument to setup.py installation script. Default path for this script is /etc/bash_completion.d directory - one can change this path with --with-bash-complete=/path.

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ActiveRecord CallProcedure

ARCallProc is an ActiveRecord plugin to enable easy and transparent invocation of Oracle stored procedures. Following the DRY principle, developers can easily call stored procedures, even with multiple "in" and "out" parameters.



The pentaho411 project shall contain all of the companion assets for each blog article published at pentaho411.blogspot.com. Assets shall include: OpenAdventureWorks OLTP DDL scripts OpenAdventureWorks DW DDL scripts Pentaho Data Integration job scripts Pentaho Data Integration transformation scripts Pentaho Report files Pentaho xaction files Pentaho BI Platform configuration files Mondrian schema files Pentaho Metadata files LDIF file for Apache Directory Server ...and probably more.

business-intelligence database datawarehouse pentaho oltp


Usage Usage: ./geoipgen [OPTION]... [COUNTRYCODE]... IPv4 network tool for generating geotargeted IP addresses. Features: Random or sorted order, unique or repeating ips, skips broadcast addresses, uses MaxMind GeoLite Country database. Target: COUNTRYCODE One or more country codes, delimited by spaces Use 'all' to target all country codes Use -l to see the list -n NUM Exits after NUM IPs Unique or repeating: -u, --unique Return each IP in the countries once only (default) --repeat IPs can repeat with random order Order: -s, --sorted Order is sorted, ascending --random Order is random (default) --less-random Order is random seeming, returns each IP only Provides significant performance gain when used with 'all' countrycodes Other: -h Help This message -l, --list-countries List countries and their country codes -c DIRECTORY Location of GeoIPCountryWhois.csv database Default locations: ./, /home/dc/.geoipgen/, /usr/local/share/ -V, --version Print version information. This version is 0.3 ` Examples: geoipgen nz Each IP in New Zealand in a random order without repeating geoipgen nz au Each IP in New Zealand and Australia in a random order without repeating geoipgen --repeat -n 100 cn hk mn tw mo jp kr kp 100 random IPv4 addresses in Far East Asia. It's faster to produce non-unique IPs with --repeat geoipgen all Produce each IP in the world, once only, in a random order. Defaults to use less-random for lower memory overhead. NotesUses the Max-Mind Free Open Source Geo-Lite Country database (www.maxmind.com). It's slower the first time you generate a set of countries, the countrycode map files are created and saved in #{$OURDIR}. After the first time, the countrycode map is reused. It's faster to use --repeat than to make a Bitfield to store whether each IP has been produced. There is another geoIP database here http://software77.net/cgi-bin/ip-country/geo-ip.pl How to dns resolve a countryThis can aid in testing the accuracy of the Max-Mind location data by finding the presence of ip blocks that are potentially allocated to the wrong country. For example, if hostnames ending in .sk are found in a specific IP range belonging to New Zealand then that indicates the IP range allocation is incorrect. For faster dns resolving, use an asynchronous resolver like adns. Install GNU adns Download and follow instructions from http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~ian/adns/ or sudo apt-get install libadns1-bin Pipe IPs to adnsresfilter and only output resolved IPs ./geoipgen nz | adnsresfilter -w -a | egrep "\[.*\]" Example Output 125-238-151-47.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz[] 161-65-114-241.ip.fx.net.nz[] c0.d0.33.static.xlhost.com[] 203-114-177-78.dsl.sta.inspire.net.nz[] ds7a04.cc.waikato.ac.nz[]CreditsAuthored by Andrew Horton (urbanadventurer) horton.nz at-nospam gmail.com Thanks to Max-Mind for making their Geo-Lite Country database freely available. Thanks to Peter Cooper for the use Bit Field Bitfield is MIT Licensed, (c) 2007 Peter Cooper (http://www.petercooper.co.uk/).

geoipcountry generator global countries ipv4 world geoip scanner scan network morningstarsecurity security maxmind nmap scanning


mysql Database with java GUI interface,



Simple Crud Software - For PHP Learn! Example for PHP MVC application with Design Patterns - DAO, TO, Factory, MVC REQUERIMENTS: PHP5.1 or great MySQL 4.1 or great CONFIGURE: Please open the file: /dao/DB.php and set the DATABASE information to your connection //database user private $user = "root"; //database pass private $pass = ""; //database host private $host = "localhost"; //database name private $db = "test"; Tested on APACHE 2.2 server in Fedora Core Linux 10 and PHP 5.2 For the MySQL database execute the install.sql script. FEATURES FOR THIS RELEASE: MVC Format Implementing of DAO and TO Patterns Implementation of Factory Patterns to the database information Implementation of Singleton pattern for database connection Implementation of Dispatch class FOR More information and support, favor contact-me

factory dao crud example mysql simple mvc php to


In order to integrate the SQLite database driver into the OSGi framework, this project will release pre-packaged bundles containing the library including appropriate fragments for each supported platform. It will also release an experimental SQLite dialect for Hibernate.

sqlite osgi


sql-chumpIntroductionThis is a program to manage databases using SQL statements. It lets you connect to a MySQL or SQL Server databases, run a query and view the results. Installationget the code and check your dependencies screen shots logon to a mysql server via ssh tunnel running just the selected part of a query Fin

mysql sql sqlserver database odbc


Remote API model associations. Remotely lets you specify associations for your models that should be fetched from a remote API instead of the database.


Frappe is a python script which will export objects from Blender into pyg format for rendering with NVIDIA's Gelato renderer. It began life as Mario Ambrogetti's blendergelato.py, but it has evolved to support multiple shader groups, connecting shader parameters, and other additional features. Frappe is currently in testing, and has yet to have an official release. However, you are welcome to try it out, if you are willing to report bugs and/or usability problems in our "Issues" database. You can always find the most recent version under development here: Latest Frappe However, that version may be unstable. When we have an official stable release, we will put it in the Downloads section. If you are interested in helping out with Frappe development or documentation, please join the frappe-dev group, and let us know who you are and what you'd like to do!

exporter blender gelato python


This rather ambitious project is aimed to provide a spatiotemporal database written in Erlang. It may become a proof of concept for another more generic project called "erlywork". We decided to do something spatiotemporal because it is the natural way people think, because it is not widely available and because it is cool. NOTE: This project is still in conceptual phase.

future spatiotemporal relativity database erlang


This rather ambitious project is aimed to provide a spatiotemporal database written in Erlang. It may become a proof of concept for another more generic project called "erlywork". We decided to do something spatiotemporal because it is the natural way people think, because it is not widely available and because it is cool. NOTE: This project is still in conceptual phase.

future spatiotemporal relativity database erlang


Simple IP to lat/long API application using the MaxMind GeoLite database.,


Simple IP to lat/long API application using the MaxMind GeoLite database.,


A Runescape database


The ActiveRecord Adapter for the Amalgalite database,


A solution to Magento's lack of store-based permissions for backend users in the community edition. This project is intended to develop a backend for Magento that will allow restriction by website for backend users. An example of this is several 'retailers' each managing their own website while sharing the inventory and product line of a master Magento installation. Each 'retailer' would need to be able to set their own prices and manage content of their website while being restricted from changing the other websites associated with the Magento installation. What this entails can be seen in the project requirements. For those wanting a quick and slightly messy work around, the older SOAP based version is in downloads. At this point, however, the extension is more functional. See the Wiki for the preliminary Project Requirements SVN is working now; to test the module, you only need to copy the app folder to your Magento installation directory. Avoid testing in production environments unless you really know what you are doing! Extension is now in downloads. Notice: This module is close to completion. If I don't wind up getting enough help with this soon, I will likely release it as a commercial package on Magento Connect rather than a free one. Linking a user to a store requires knowing what the store_id is. Unless you've erased a store, the ID should match the order of creation (i.e. 1st is 1, 2nd is 2). If you have deleted a store, you can find the ID number in the magento database under the core_website table. Current Status: The module right now can: Too much to list anymore. If you want to know, look through the change log under Source



Tanal is a Unix daemon that captures traffic packet size, source, destination, and times and saves this data into a native Postgres or ODBC database in near real time, from which traffic reports may be made. It does not save the actual data or headers. It works on ethX or cooked devices like ppp0. It uses Postgres embedded SQL or libodbc++ to insert the data, the pcap library to capture traffic, and pthreads to capure and write at the same time. Pcap filters can be specified on the command line. Logs go to syslog. Under development are tools an analyse this traffic to determine the type based on flows, not packet inspection.

firewalls trafficanalsysis daemon bittorrent pcap postgresql linux networking mysql