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What does it do?During a standard Magic draft a calling judge has to keep track of time, the number of cards called and the direction of the draft. All those things can be confusing sometimes and this applications helps judges by automatizing the whole project. How to use?Either use online version, either download it in advance. If you choose to download it in advance, please come back here once in a while to check for new version releases. If you know how to use feeds, you can take the feed of updates and add it to your RSS/Atom reader. Credits and involvementI am Denis Sokolov (homepage) and I created this application myself. Want to help? There are many ways you can help: Spread the word Report bugs, request features, discuss Help to write texts both here and in the application Translate the application Help code the application

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DCI Sample

Ports of the DDD sample application to the DCI paradigm.,

DCI Sample

Ports of the DDD sample application to the DCI paradigm.,


Pure DCI Role assignment with Scala macros.,

DCI Sample

Ports of the DDD sample application to the DCI paradigm.,


Attempting to quantify some common DCI conventions applied to Rails apps.,


Playing with DCI in Ruby,


CV ++


The DCI Account example in Ruby.


Source code is licensed through the Apache Software License 2.0, graphics under the Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 3.0 License.

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QiPki is an effort to create Java developper tools to build cryptography into applications and heading towards building a suite of packaged cryptography services. Development tries to follow principles learned from DDD, DCI, ReST and more using the Qi4j engine and framework.

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Naked Objects PHP

Naked Objects is the idea that a domain object should be able to generate its own GUI interface and its own data persistence layer based on introspection of its own data members and methods. There are two main concerns here: One is to make it easier for developers to create applications. The other is to make things easier for users by having more consistent UI elements, and by allowing them to manipulate them as they see fit. The pure Naked Objects concept as implemented has limitations. You can't directly control the UI so that limits how much you can do without changing the framework itself. It also potentially puts to much onto the user to arrange his objects efficiently. The goal for my version (and maybe a name change is in order) is get as much advantage as possible witho

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