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Azer's code archive.,

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simple django wiki based on django-markupfield,


study python,

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Django Gubbins is a collection of useful snippets for enhancing or replacing functionality within Django.


This project exists to make defining template tags in Django kickass,


written in python with django,

python recommendation django web


Simple utilization of CherryPy to create a WSGI HTTP handler for Django. This is perfect for use with an Nginx reverse proxy, but could be used by itself or in other deployments.

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Full Featured S3 Backend,


Djata is a REST API for Django, with extensible views, formatters, and parsers.,


Sistema de gerenciamento de oficinasSistema criado para gerenciar as oficinas oferecidas pelo Núcleo Comunicação Digital feito com django (1). Python e DjangoA versão de desenvolvimento do django esta sendo utilizada. Toda documentação sobre a instalação do django é encontrada no site oficial (2). O framework django funciona com qualquer versão do python a partir da 2.3. Banco de dadosÉ possível usar qualquer banco de dados permitido pelo django (leia 3). Para usar o default é necessário ter instalado o banco de dados MySQL e que um usuário seja criado: mysql>grant all -> on db_oficina_ecd.* -> to ncd identified by '1dois3'; Obs.: Para usar um usuário já existente altere as variáveis DATABASE_NAME e DATABASE_PASSWORD no arquivo settings.py ExecutandoPara usar o sistema, na pasta [local-de-instalação]/oficinas-ncd/oficina_ecd/ execute ./manage.py syncdb e ./manage.py runserver: usuario@maquina:[local-de-instalação]/oficinas-ncd/oficina_ecd$ python manage.py syncdb usuario@maquina:[local-de-instalação]/oficinas-ncd/oficina_ecd$ python manage.py runserver Validating models... 0 errors found Django version 0.97-pre-SVN-7363, using settings 'oficina_ecd.settings' Development server is running at Quit the server with CONTROL-C. Acesse utilizando um browser pelo endereço . Contato: Comunicação Digital martins.vinicius@gmail.com vinicius@comunicacaodigital.org


An application designed for mapping XML to Django Models.,


Django based module for managing the administrative tasks of a Mormon Elders Quorum or High Priest Group


a shopping cart by Django

cart shopping django


A Django project for creating and maintaining shortUrls.,


Django package for simplicity embed open graph (og:) layout in templates for different objects


A django application that contains a class for admin interface to render a text field as beautiful Imperavi WYSIWYG editor http://redactorjs.com/


Tsuchinoco is Groupware for Local Work Group Function that is scheduled to put it Bug Tracking Scheduler Wikibase Project management

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A port of Simon Willison's ratelimitcache http://simonwillison.net/2009/Jan/7/ratelimitcache/ to use with Django on Google App Engine: ratelimitcache.py Basic usage (max 20 requests every 3 minutes): from ratelimitcache import ratelimit @ratelimit(minutes = 3, requests = 20) def myview(request): # ... return HttpResponse('...')Protecting a login form, i.e rate limit on IP address and attempted username: from ratelimitcache import ratelimit_post @ratelimit_post(minutes = 3, requests = 10, key_field = 'username') def login(request): # ... return HttpResponse('...')

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This project is eventually going to contain a collection of several useful tools and application for use with Django. Currently the project contains the following apps: Nav A comprehensive menu management system that provides functionality to store a menu hierarchy in a database and use said hierarchy to generate dynamic menus based on url of the current request. Features include: Menu item grouping so that you can store different items for use on a horizontal and vertical menu. Template tags allowing you to insert a menu group anywhere in your template (in one of several formats i.e. ul/li combinations, div/div combinations, or any other of your choosing). Absolute menu items - an item that refers to a single explicit url. Named URL menu items - an item that refers to a named url from the a urls.py file. Model menu items - a set of items that are the result of a query. This combines with a url name for generating the items. Integration with django.contrib.sites if it is installed (although it works fine without it). The ability to restrict access to menu items to ensure that they are seen only when appropriate, this includes anon, auth and staff as well as any Permission objects that are available. This project has been tested against Django 1.0.X and Django 1.1

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