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Project aims to develop full-blown API for accessing all the features on Synble. Currently we have a draft version of the first API specification available.


What does it do?During a standard Magic draft a calling judge has to keep track of time, the number of cards called and the direction of the draft. All those things can be confusing sometimes and this applications helps judges by automatizing the whole project. How to use?Either use online version, either download it in advance. If you choose to download it in advance, please come back here once in a while to check for new version releases. If you know how to use feeds, you can take the feed of updates and add it to your RSS/Atom reader. Credits and involvementI am Denis Sokolov (homepage) and I created this application myself. Want to help? There are many ways you can help: Spread the word Report bugs, request features, discuss Help to write texts both here and in the application Translate the application Help code the application

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XQGrammarANTLR grammar for XQuery with Update, Scripting and Full TextThis is a project to build and maintain ANTLR 3 grammar and generated Java parser for XQuery with Update, Scripting and Full Text extensions. It implements the following W3C recommendations : XQuery 1.0 Recommendation / 23 January 2007 XQuery Update Facility 1.0 Candidate Recommendation / 09 June 2009 XQuery Scripting Extension 1.0 Working Draft / 3 December 2008 with added fix for bug #6852 from W3C public Bugzilla XQuery Full Text 1.0Candidate Recommendation / 28 January 2010 XQuery 1.1Working Draft / 15 December 2009 with added fix for bug #8694 from W3C public Bugzilla. Generated parser passes 100% of published W3C test suites.

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TLS EAP EXTENSION PACKAGETransport Layer Security Extended Authentication Protocol FrameworkMade available by Paul Roit and Gregory KalashnikoffBased on OpenSSL projectInitiated as an academic workshop project in the field of computer security, instructed by Prof. Ran Canetti and Rani Hod of the Tel-Aviv University and guided by Yaron Sheffer of CheckPoint Software Technologies LTD complies to rfc 2246 rfc 3546 and the draft for TEE Documentation summary at: TLS EAP Extension documentation

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A Django application that contains a widget to render a form field as a CKEditor editor. Features: Use as a form widget or with a view. Auto-save drafts. Automatically delete the draft. Automatically Clean HTML code. Can be output in plain text. Integration with django-filebrowser(recommended). NOTE: Now moved to http://github.com/freeren/django-ckeditor/ (Upcoming releases)

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An artificial intelligence project for Washington University in St. Louis class CSE 511A Fall 2009. The goal of the software is to handle the draft and other actions available to the user to maximize the user's earnings in the league.

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Iowa State University, Com S 472 project: NewsPet SummaryNewsPet is a news-reader web application that categorizes RSS news items using a trainable engine. GoalsThe application monitors a configurable set of RSS feeds for each user. For each news item retrieved, the application will place a link to it into one of several user-specified categories, depending on text content. There will always be a "trash" category that serves as the category for otherwise uncategorized items. The user is able to view each category's set of news items via a web interface. The user is able to re-categorize news items, (which serves as providing performance feedback to the application). (Application overview): Architecture sketches ApproachDesignCategorizationFor each read news item, a vector of per-category probabilities is retrieved from a Naive Bayes classifier. The most probable category is then assigned to the item, provided it meets some lower bound (depending on the number of categories). FeedbackFor every item in every category, there will be the ability to say that the article is accurately categorized and the system should be more confident in accepting documents like this one, or that the article should be categorized differently. LogisticsFor the main categorization portion of the application, we are utilizing a Naive Bayes classifier, (in particular, we are using Mallet as a library in our application). We are using Java for the classification and classifier training services, and Django, a python web framework, as our front end web-based UI. Informa is used as an RSS retriever and parser. TestingWe have tested the classification logic of our application with data from the Reuters 21578 collection. ReportThe most recent draft of the report for this project can be viewed here. Presentation slides are viewable here.

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AynchronousNow you can make any method in one of your models asynchronous. For example, class TestRecord < ActiveRecord::Base after_save :an_alert def an_alert logger.info 'We could now asynchronously send an email to tons of people with this alert.' end asynchronous :an_alert end That's it, just install the plugin, add a 'QueuedMethods' table (follow my migration script), and add the 'asynchronous :symbol' part below where you declare the method you are making asynchronous. I've included a migration script in the db folder to use for the QueuedMethods table. To process your queue just set up a cron job using the script runner: 'script/runner 'MethodQueue.process' -e production' This is still in its first draft, but working under the conditions shown in the tests. Please feel free though to hack at it an make it better. I think it's a pretty useful tool. But a couple things I don't like: 1) What's the standard way these days to create a table a plugin depends on? Probably not in the install.rb in case there is a name conflict? 2) The 'asynchronous' part has to be declared below the method declaration. Is there anyway to make it agnostic of the method declaration location? TestingIf you want to test, you need to have a test table for the test model setup in the database. I included a mysql.sql file to create that table in the test/fixtures dir. Then you can just run 'rake', in your RAILS_PROJ/vendor/plugins/asynchronous. Major ThanksChris Eppstein provided a great patch that got rid of race condition the original plugin had. This makes it truly useful for most jobs people need something like this for. Thanks man! -Nate http://www.inklingmarkets.com

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Opensource implementation of the efficient xml interchange (EXI), a W3C working-draft. EXI is a format for encoding XML at the infoset level. The exi-encoded format of xml is much more compact and efficiently parsed.

Multi-column firefox extension

Firefox extension to apply Mozilla's implementation of draft CSS3 Multi-column layout (-moz-column-count) to selected portions of sites chosen by user


An implementation of the snell-merge-patch draft for JSON.,


CXF supports SOAP over JMS, but it does not meet the current draft specification defined at (http://www.w3.org/TR/soapjms/) and instead uses some proprietary formats, headers, URL formats, etc. This project would update the SOAP/JMS support in CXF to be completely specification compliant. Upon sucessful completion of the SOAP/JMS project, CXF will become one of the very first Open Source implementations of the SOAP/JMS specificiation.


Telepathy-Qt4-Yell is a Telepathy-Qt4 extension library that adds support for some Telepathy DRAFT interfaces and other things that could not land in Telepathy-Qt4 itself due to API/ABI stability rules.


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Temporary repo for the draft Web Animations spec and who knows, maybe some tests, presentations, prototypes, cake recipes etc.


Virtio draft specification,


Jaxup is an XML update engine written in Java to work againsta variety of XML based object models such as DOM,dom4j and JDOM. It supports the xupdate standard draft and will support other xml update standards as they become available.


Office-o-tronA web application that accepts ODF or OOXML packages and validates the XML within, returning a summary report. The source is licensed under the Mozilla Public License v1.1. See it working for this online validator. Office-o-tron is also used by the Officeshots project. Version 0.5.0Is the latest release: Major refactoring to allow for physical validation phase Bit-level ZIP inspection (and first error reporting) Version 0.4.0Changes: ZIP functionality re-worked to use Info-ZIP Updated ODF Pt 1 schema to current (CD04) draft for draft ODF 1.2 submissions Version 0.3.2Changes: Bug fix for leading slash ambiguity in OPC part references Re-licenced to use the MPL 1.1 Version 0.3.0Changes: Support for OOXML validation (ISO/IEC 29500:2008 "Transitional" only) Version 0.2.0Changes: Support for POSTed ODF documents (see here for more details) Better validation reporting Version 0.1.1Changes: More gracefully failure in the face of unexpected resources being submitted for validation A report of the meta:generator value for submitted ODF documents Support for ID/IDREF integrity checking Support for enforced validation of ODF adocuments gainst the ODF International Standard (ISO/IEC 26300) More nicely formatted validation reports

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Secolaman aims to be an easy to use, multi-purpose, communication layer for ad'hoc wireless networks. Using metadata as a base to share and search resources over the network. Secolaman is at pre-alpha stage. The implementation will be pure Java. A first draft of the API will be soon available for comments...

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First draft project of learning Orkut Development Activity