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Flash card application with 1600+ words for English/German. Requires pygtk Runs on Linux and Nokia IT from command line It is possible to run on windows if GTK is installed.

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The main purposeTo implement 4 and 5 labs and improve agile programming skills. TeamTsoy Anna, Elfimova Anna, Karmazina Galina Scrum-LeaderIstomin Andrej NotesThis project started on the 31st of October 2009.



It is a set of programs(with documents) for beginner of computer scientist learning algorithm and data structure, described in Python, hoping to help CS students making better understanding about what academic lecture tells(theory), how to use it on computer(coding) and why you learn that(problem solving). It's also a set of Python programs for everyone who needs to solve algorithm and data structure problems. Many frequently used algorithm and data structure are wrapped, well, maybe not that efficient. Of course, there is always something which varies among different applications, and can hardly be abstracted and wrapped very well, just look into its framework as reference. All programs are selected from classical textbooks used in universities, Chinese and abroad, including How To Think Like A Computer Scientist, Introduction To Algorithm, A Practical Introduction To Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis, even The Art Of Computer Programming. This project aiming to finish 10 of these books before 1.0 edition. But in the beginning, it starts from algorithm and data structure lecture of Peking University.

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Message from the owner(s) (February 3, 2009) This project has been reviewed and archived because it has seen no activity in the last 6 months. If you disagree with this assessment, please contact me at auditor@dev.java.net. If the project has been abandoned and you are interested in taking ownership, please contact the community manager at communitymanager@dev.java.net. Archived projects can be moved back to current status (and into their original communities) if activity resumes in the project. - Sonya Barry, java.net Staff Engineer

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Sort and binary tree algorithm for education,


Shi-k-shaa (Sanskrit: Education) is an Open Source School Management System for a K12 level school with many functionalities. Platform independent, written in PHP, XML and has been tested on Apache and PostgreSQL. It uses ADOdb database abstraction layer to connect to any database.

owl soap rdf php xml soa


Multi-contents using 3d scanning for education

education 3d infant scanning multicontents


NU TesterAdvantagesThe idea behind the Tester libraries was to introduce a new testing framework that satisfied the abilities of JUnit, but enabled instructors less overhead when introducing test cases. The primary complaint was that it was not possible to introduce JUnit when working with Objects, unless the students already had a proficient knowledge of Object equality, class hierarchies, and null. Because that knowledge is limited, at best, an alternative solution was born with the Tester library. When using NU Tester, students write test cases within methods that take a single argument, a Tester. It would resemble something like: boolean testStrings(Tester t){ String wes = "Wes"; return t.checkExpect(wes, "Wes"); }This example would be analogous to an "assertEquals" call inside of a JUnit test case. The primary differences that one would see between these two examples is that the Tester uses the console for reporting, and does not have any custom interface for IDE's. Please see the Wiki for continued examples. In DevelopmentThe Tester library is separated in two separate releases: Prima and Avanti. Prima is primarily meant to be used by those unfamiliar with how to write test cases, or if they are a novice in Java (or programming in general). Avanti has the advantage over Prima of including supplemental libraries that allow for code coverage analysis, and the writing of more complex test scenarios. The idea between the two levels was to reduce overhead to those who might be new to writing test cases. SourceThe source code is currently published freely through this google-code hosting site. Any user may checkout the code, but only project members are currently allowed to commit changes to the code-base. The framework is supported and developed by a small team of individuals at Northeastern University. Our temporary website can be found at: Javalib

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This will be a web 2.0 app that allows users to produce educational lessons and organize those lessons into courses. Other users will be free to consume these courses.



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A Quiz engine written in perl. Users are given a random selection of questions taken from a list of questions stored in a database. Users can then review their answers, and try again using another random set of questions. Questions can be multiple choice, checkbox, text or number based. The text allows for regular expression checking of the answer and the number allows for numerical ranges. The quiz is administered through a web front end, and can be incorporated into an existing web site design using html templates. An off-line feature (which can be disabled), allows the users to print off a list of questions which can be completed off-line or shared with friends.

web online question generator offline e-learning education perl quiz


A simple realtime ray tracer with some advanced features written for educational purposes.

education digitalmars realtime raytracing


This is a tool for simulating, visualizing and transforming a variety of theoretical machines including DFAs, NFAs, PGFAs, GFAs and grammers , written in Csharp ..

csharp education autoamta languagetheorie


PeerAcademy is an education platform based on the doctrine of Peer-to-Peer learning.


Store dev work for education.,


The BS Eagle Project

BS Eagle Project is an open source black-oil simulator. The goal of this project is to provide a free access to the modern oil simulator to study new methods of simulation. The project has a modular architecture and open to modifications and extensions.

python black-oil-simulation research education oil physics science frameworks c++


= click on the tab wiki = to dive in the ascent pool all the project group members are requested contribute atleast ten lines a day kake friends, why don't we think of ascent itself as a project????? and i welcome you all to be member of this project and contribute in writing here. for any queries mail me at ascentengineers@gmail.com ph: +919349101566, or +914954013776 share - learn - evolve it is an unconference ie. let's meet, share our ideas, learn from friends and evolve into better beings on friday, the 18th of april, 08 at ascent. all are welcome. a few of the topics we are going to discuss are wavelets gps interfacing neuro fuzzy systems image processing embeded systems etc.... keep posting your comments

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We attempt to build a webserver to interpret basic HTTP protocols, all in the name of education. #1 Initial Implementation - DonePart A: Implement a "Web Server"Done Part B: Parse HTTP request from browserDone #2 contentType functionDone #3 Test WebserverDone #4 Add support for more contentTypesGif -Done Jpeg -Done Pdf - Done ico - Done flv - Done mp3 - Done zip - Done By James Prompanya & David Hwang, Spring 2009


We attempt to build a webserver to interpret basic HTTP protocols, all in the name of education. #1 Initial Implementation - DonePart A: Implement a "Web Server"Done Part B: Parse HTTP request from browserDone #2 contentType functionDone #3 Test WebserverDone #4 Add support for more contentTypesGif -Done Jpeg -Done Pdf - Done ico - Done flv - Done mp3 - Done zip - Done By James Prompanya & David Hwang, Spring 2009


We attempt to build a webserver to interpret basic HTTP protocols, all in the name of education. #1 Initial Implementation - DonePart A: Implement a "Web Server"Done Part B: Parse HTTP request from browserDone #2 contentType functionDone #3 Test WebserverDone #4 Add support for more contentTypesGif -Done Jpeg -Done Pdf - Done ico - Done flv - Done mp3 - Done zip - Done By James Prompanya & David Hwang, Spring 2009