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This repository is for Gantry related content, such as, the gantry book, talks, sample applications, etc.

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A video input plugin for Quartz Composer using the QTKit Capture framework,


Absolut Engine, a news publishing system once, more of content management system (CMS) today, aims to be a simple and flexible PHP framework. With introduction of modules in v1.70 and a rewrite in v1.72 everything seems to be on way to stable and efficient PHP framework. This is CMS with XHTML 1.0 Strict valid output, using PHP/MySQL, clean URLs/friendly URLs, SEO (search engine optimization) enabled CMS.

seo css htaccess xhtml php newspublishing framework mysql cms webstandards


open source ActionScript 2 sound framework,

gnoso's Chill

A framework for consuming and testing restful web services using .NET,


An open UIML renderer for the .Net framework.,


x:Portal is an XML-based enterprise framework that aims to be lightweight, yet powerful, by incorporating the use of reusable Java components, XML, and XSLT, but can also utilize JSP/Servlet, Turbine, Cocoon, or other Java-based web-enabled software.


LDAP-ODM is a framework for mapping LDAP directory entries to Java objects. LDAP-ODM leverages Spring-LDAP and CGLib to provide object-orientated access to LDAP directory entries. LDAP-ODM currently supports the following: LDAP metadata expressed through class-level annotations. Loading of objects by DN and querying via standard LDAP queries. Caching of mapped objects. Collections support. Please see the UserTutorial Wiki entry for example usage with Spring 2.0 and OpenLDAP.

odm ldap


Pegasus is a lightweight open-source framework for Cocoa Touch that lets you design and implement UIKit user interfaces in XML.


In order to integrate the SQLite database driver into the OSGi framework, this project will release pre-packaged bundles containing the library including appropriate fragments for each supported platform. It will also release an experimental SQLite dialect for Hibernate.

sqlite osgi

Elevator Simulator

An experiment in paired-programming to simulate elevator behaviour. Development is done entirely in Java. The finished product will provide a framework for additional simulations and some ability to test different elevator behaviours.


A Java desktop application (J2SE 5+Swing Application Framework) for automatic classification of documents against a given training set. It has been developed, and is packaged, as a Netbeans project. It uses the stemmers created with Snowball (http://snowball.tartarus.org, released under the BSD license) for text pre-processing, TF-IDF or the Bhattacharrya distance to rank the documents of the training set to the query document, and the K-NN algorithm to classify it. As of now, it only supports the classification of news from the ANSA website (http://www.ansa.it - The Italian main news agency), but the program has a modular architecture, that allows it to be extended by writing plugins for scraping the content of other websites, or other types of documents (PDF, DOC, ODT, etc...).

validation classification tf-idf cross k-nn information retrieval


This is a temporary project hosting page where I'll put a set of components and codes. those components will become a part of a .Net/Web 2.0 framework. TinyMCE PluginsTinyMCE is an awesome WYSIWYG html editor, the 3rd version commes with a big increase of the editor respond time, and an anhanced plugin interface. TinyMCE comes with a very basic html code editor. if you need to modify the html directly, the editor opens the code on a simple textarea. I searched over the web and found two interesting projects for html syntax highlighting CodeMirror a lightweight syntax highligh editor EditArea an advanced code editor with features like : serch/replace, line numbers, callbacks, plugins support ...etc Since I use TinyMCE in many of my projects, I decided to write two plugins to integrate those editors. EditArea integration pluginhttp://eurekaa.googlecode.com/files/editarea.zip CodeMirror integration pluginhttp://eurekaa.googlecode.com/files/codemirror.zip


XulUnit A simple Javascript testing framework for Firefox extension development,


evilgona projectevigona project is used to host my study projects, documents, and source codes. Thanks to google code. Quick LinksSVN Downloads

evilgona framework php javascript matlab vc


IHSA - CS 362CS 362 project to build an interactive website for IHSA zone8region4.com AboutUses Drupal 5.0 as a framework. Project MembersAlex Buchanan Weiping He Adam Clark Carlos Martinez Jonathan Barnes Chris Tharlakksson Ilya Novotny


A collection of tools for 3D simulation and game development built upon the Verse networked pipeline API. Default tools that are to be included with the distribution are: Level Modelling Application/Tool Physics Tweaking Application/Tool scriptable OpenGL simulation framework. All tools are designed to be independent of the simulation framework, but are written with the simulation framework in mind, which is built upon Horde3D, Bullet Physics, V8 Scripting Engine and OpenGL.


A simple blog framework built with GO. Uses HTML files and a JSON dict to give you more control over your content.


A simple blog framework built with GO. Uses HTML files and a JSON dict to give you more control over your content.


A simple blog framework built with GO. Uses HTML files and a JSON dict to give you more control over your content.