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Free Magento extension to run speed tests on your store. Simulate multiple customers in multiple geographic locations globally.


Usage Usage: ./geoipgen [OPTION]... [COUNTRYCODE]... IPv4 network tool for generating geotargeted IP addresses. Features: Random or sorted order, unique or repeating ips, skips broadcast addresses, uses MaxMind GeoLite Country database. Target: COUNTRYCODE One or more country codes, delimited by spaces Use 'all' to target all country codes Use -l to see the list -n NUM Exits after NUM IPs Unique or repeating: -u, --unique Return each IP in the countries once only (default) --repeat IPs can repeat with random order Order: -s, --sorted Order is sorted, ascending --random Order is random (default) --less-random Order is random seeming, returns each IP only Provides significant performance gain when used with 'all' countrycodes Other: -h Help This message -l, --list-countries List countries and their country codes -c DIRECTORY Location of GeoIPCountryWhois.csv database Default locations: ./, /home/dc/.geoipgen/, /usr/local/share/ -V, --version Print version information. This version is 0.3 ` Examples: geoipgen nz Each IP in New Zealand in a random order without repeating geoipgen nz au Each IP in New Zealand and Australia in a random order without repeating geoipgen --repeat -n 100 cn hk mn tw mo jp kr kp 100 random IPv4 addresses in Far East Asia. It's faster to produce non-unique IPs with --repeat geoipgen all Produce each IP in the world, once only, in a random order. Defaults to use less-random for lower memory overhead. NotesUses the Max-Mind Free Open Source Geo-Lite Country database (www.maxmind.com). It's slower the first time you generate a set of countries, the countrycode map files are created and saved in #{$OURDIR}. After the first time, the countrycode map is reused. It's faster to use --repeat than to make a Bitfield to store whether each IP has been produced. There is another geoIP database here http://software77.net/cgi-bin/ip-country/geo-ip.pl How to dns resolve a countryThis can aid in testing the accuracy of the Max-Mind location data by finding the presence of ip blocks that are potentially allocated to the wrong country. For example, if hostnames ending in .sk are found in a specific IP range belonging to New Zealand then that indicates the IP range allocation is incorrect. For faster dns resolving, use an asynchronous resolver like adns. Install GNU adns Download and follow instructions from http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~ian/adns/ or sudo apt-get install libadns1-bin Pipe IPs to adnsresfilter and only output resolved IPs ./geoipgen nz | adnsresfilter -w -a | egrep "\[.*\]" Example Output 125-238-151-47.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz[] 161-65-114-241.ip.fx.net.nz[] c0.d0.33.static.xlhost.com[] 203-114-177-78.dsl.sta.inspire.net.nz[] ds7a04.cc.waikato.ac.nz[]CreditsAuthored by Andrew Horton (urbanadventurer) horton.nz at-nospam gmail.com Thanks to Max-Mind for making their Geo-Lite Country database freely available. Thanks to Peter Cooper for the use Bit Field Bitfield is MIT Licensed, (c) 2007 Peter Cooper (http://www.petercooper.co.uk/).

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free U Driver

free udriver

Documents retoration platform in CLisp

Documents restoration program in Common Lisp.It's a test platform for documents restoration's research.RestorDoc uses McCLIM, the free CLIM implementation and modules (ie. algorithms) can be inserted interactively to the interface.


Want to join this project? Just send email to me. or twitter me blog implemented by python and can be hosted on google appengine Now you can access the Demo at: http://blog.cpedia.net You can try all the features at: http://cpedialog.cpedia.net (just login with your google account, then you can try all the features including the background functions.) Updates: Google change the translate site, please upgrade to RC2 2.0 to fix the permlink generator error.. Wiki Updates: What's new in coming version 2.0 How to install cpedialog on appengine How to integrate picasaweb album with cpedialog ScreenshotsMain Page Login with OpenID/Google Account Google profiles integration Google Books integration Access picasaweb albums View albums with cooliris Add/Edit Blog Insert/Upload Images System configuraion Page/Menu Admin Picasaweb Albums Admin Feeds Management Uploaded Images Admin Cache Management Features:blogAll the configurations can be set in the background. User-defined menus and pages. Blog comment anti-spam support through reCAPTCHA. using yui grid, so it's very easy to change or extend the page layout. auto-generate permalink url through translating the blog title by google. tags for the blog entry and del.icio.us tags support. rich content editor by yui rich editor. Ajax implemented by simplejson & yui Connection Manager. (Such as inline editable table.) Upload images file to bigTable in yui rich editor. Uploaded images, tags, archives, albums management. Menu & pages management. AuthSub Session Token and System cache management. Feeds management and can be shown on the right side of page. What's new in this version? 1. OpenID integration, now user can register in the site, also can login with Google account and OpenID. 2. Google analytics 3. Google profile 4. Google books library 5. Upgrade YUI to latest version and fix some bug especially in the system configuration. 6. YUI Grid refactor. 7. Image auto resize 8. Google search upgrade 9. Integrate cooliris with the albums 10. Css refactor 11. Menu style refactor 12. Will roll out layout management feature soon. albumsaccess the picasaweb albums through gdata API. authSub implemented by decorating the python method.

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Tetrissimus is an open source 'Tetris' alike game totally written in DHTML (JavaScript, CSS and HTML) that uses keyboard. This cross-platform and cross-browser game was tested under BeOS, Linux, NetBSD, OpenBSD, FreeBSD, Windows and others.

js open javascript html 2d online dhtml puzzle tetris browser classic free beos game


A solution to Magento's lack of store-based permissions for backend users in the community edition. This project is intended to develop a backend for Magento that will allow restriction by website for backend users. An example of this is several 'retailers' each managing their own website while sharing the inventory and product line of a master Magento installation. Each 'retailer' would need to be able to set their own prices and manage content of their website while being restricted from changing the other websites associated with the Magento installation. What this entails can be seen in the project requirements. For those wanting a quick and slightly messy work around, the older SOAP based version is in downloads. At this point, however, the extension is more functional. See the Wiki for the preliminary Project Requirements SVN is working now; to test the module, you only need to copy the app folder to your Magento installation directory. Avoid testing in production environments unless you really know what you are doing! Extension is now in downloads. Notice: This module is close to completion. If I don't wind up getting enough help with this soon, I will likely release it as a commercial package on Magento Connect rather than a free one. Linking a user to a store requires knowing what the store_id is. Unless you've erased a store, the ID should match the order of creation (i.e. 1st is 1, 2nd is 2). If you have deleted a store, you can find the ID number in the magento database under the core_website table. Current Status: The module right now can: Too much to list anymore. If you want to know, look through the change log under Source



loware, nata il 7 Dicembre del 2006, si prefissa come una casa di software adatto a chi non ha un computer molto potente ma vorrebbe comunque usarlo al meglio. LoWare (acronimo di LowSoftware) non è solo un casa di software, ma è anche una casa che certifica il software adatto ai vecchi PC o ai nuovi pc che sono lenti. LoWare è stata fondata da Lorenzo Balzi e Gianfranco Dilorenzo

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I know I will have nothing on any of the other more popular frameworks out there, and I do owe some credit to the others for help they have given me along the way. The others are excellent as I have used them myself, but found that the code got harder as they upgraded more... and more PHP was needed instead of just using CSS, and images to create a Wordpress theme. If you are looking for the perfect all out with many options framework please check out some of the others. If you want to use CSS and XHTML or even easily convert a static HTML / XHTML site to Wordpress.. Then check out my framework. I am designing it to be as basic as possible, and very functional as well as being SEO friendly. This Blank-Wordpress framework is meant to cater to the more "simple" users looking to obtain a blank slate and style using CSS, while not having to worry much at all about any PHP code. Everything under the hood will be set to work, and updated to ensure it works with all future Wordpress releases. For this you will need to know some basic CSS to get going, but I will provide support and examples to get you started. Framework includes an archives page template, and some other basic items. Sidebar is hard-coded but can easily be changed to a 2 sidebar right, left, centered content... or any way you wish. Feel free to ask questions as they come up.

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Goal The goal of this project is to develop a library of weather related utilities written in Java. This project is eagerly seeking any contributions or support. There are more web data repositories and formats to parse into Java objects, there is code to be ported from Perl, and whatever else you can think. Current Code The current Java code can grab weather observations and forecasts for 3,000 locations around the world. These are called METAR observations and forecasts and are available for free from the U.S. National Weather Service. Most locations are in the U.S., but there are probably 10-20% of the locations around the world. There is also beginning support for converting temperatures between F, C, and K units.


A free, open source personal media server written in C# and available on all platforms thanks to the Mono framework. GPL3 Licensed.


wilson-cms is a free cms,use java.,

free java cms


FPS Creator EngineYou can use this code to recompile the FPS Creator game engine, and modify the code to add your own features. You will need a free copy of Dark Basic Professional (www.thegamecreators.com) installed before you can load and compile the source files.

fps gamemaking maker build modding creator


Some Free mini-software iD's warehouse

ftp software free


An idea is to have an offline two-way synchronization tool, where any of the backup copies can be modified independently. This is especially useful if you have several USB hard disks, and sometimes you add/remove/edit files on this drive, sometimes on that one... From time to time, you connect two drives at the same time, synchronize the folders (directories) and continue with usual things. You now have the latest versions in both places! If you edited the same file in both places, you get both versions in both places - it is up to you to resolve the conflict. No data is lost! What generally happened to me several times is to delete or rename a file/folder on drive A, but do not do it on drive B and C. Later on (3 months later) when I synchronize these files, I get duplicate files, or get again once deleted files. In short, it helps you keep multiple copies organized. Under the hood, git-sync uses an extremely stable and reliable Git version control system - the version control system created and used in Linux Kernel development. This means that the script only wraps the existing and very well tested git functinality for detecting and resolving conflicts. What comes for free (with git) is the ability to recover old versions of the files! :) And this means ANY previous version, practically instantly!

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W.A.S.T.E - Next GenIn this project several coders and fans of WASTE will try to get the project back up on its feet. Feel free to jump in and help. - The original project The original project is hosted sourceforge and was developed by Sh4rk. Since the development of the project has come to a halt for a few years now, a few of us have decided to start working on it again. Original website: http://waste.sourceforge.net

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This project's aim is to create software to allow Linux users to easily convert their music files to MP3. This is important because many portable music players either don't support any formats other than MP3, or don't support the other formats well enough to be usable. Currently, the software is a simple command line utility that converts from M4A files (such as the DRM-free tracks that can be purchased from iTunes) to MP3 files. I hope that this software will eventually evolve into a fully-featured music converter with a solid GUI.

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mymemcalc is a command-line utility for basic reporting on Memcached Performance for groups of memcached servers. Sample Output:%> ./mymemcalc frontend Statistics For: frontend Memcache Hit Ratio: 98.45% Total Hits: 403343322 Total Misses: 6319630 Memcache Fill Ratio: 30.59% Total Bytes: 9663676416 Used Bytes: 2956557684 $> ./mymemcalc --quiet frontend Statistics For: frontend Memcache Hit Ratio: 98.45% Memcache Fill Ratio: 30.59% System RequirementsRequired Perl Modules: Pod::Usage Getopt::Long XML::Simple Cache::Memcached Usage Notes: You must change the first line of the program to reflect your Perl installation Sample Usage:%> ./mymemcalc.pl --help Usage: mymemcalc [options] pool Options: --config= The config file to use --help Display this help and exit. --print-defaults Print the program argument list and exit. --quiet Do not output total set/get numbers. --version Output version information and exit. pool The pool (as defined in the config file) for which to calculate statistics defaults are: ATTRIBUTE VALUE -------------------------- ------------------ config /etc/mymemcalc.cnf help FALSE print-defaults FALSE quiet FALSE version FALSE Package ContentsRELEASE_HISTORY: Change log for all current & past versions mymemcalc.cnf.example: Sample configuration file mymemcalc: The executable perl script Change Log v0.0.1 (Current Version)0.0.2 - 07 July 2008 * Added the --quiet command-line option to not display raw numbers * Output now also includes Memcache Fill Ratio 0.0.1 - 05 July 2008 * Initial ReleaseProject RoadmapAllow multiple pools to be queried at once Automatically check for updates Contact/FeedbackFeel free to email me ryan.a.lowe at gmail.com with bug reports or feature requests. Other Projectsomnimysql - http://code.google.com/p/omnimysql mysqldoc - http://code.google.com/p/mysqldoc



Have u ever wanted to have all of ure pictures on the web?? 1 Gig of picasaweb is not enough for u?? Now i got more than 30 Gigs of pictures stored on picasaweb.... How to browse this pictures?? How to share with ure friends?? Here comes the solution: Phooto. My tiny app will create for u static HTML files with the links and thumbnails of ure pictures in order by DATE!!! So feel free to use my program (change the code if u want to...)

picasaweb picasa phooto


This project contains the source code for all of David's current talks at the No Fluff Just Stuff (NFJS) software symposium. Feel free to use the code in any way you please, but please retain any comments at the top of source files. Thanks, and I hope you find the code useful.

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