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FuelPHP currency converter,


A gallery package for the FuelPHP framework.,


A folder structure loaded with everything to make an iOS app using Cordova (phoneGap) / Backbone.js / jQuery / FuelPHP


Authentication and authorisation package for FuelPHP - "Make your fuel burn brighter with Ethanol"®


Asset management and asset bundling package for FuelPHP,


FuelPHP is a simple, flexible, community driven PHP5 framework. FuelPHP aimes to take the best idea's from a bunch of frameworks, throw away the "not so good" stuff and create one awesome framework. It is provided under the terms of an MIT License, which means it's free to use in your personal, commercial or enterprise projects.

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Novius OS

Novius OS is a Cross-Channel Open Source content management system (CMS). Being designed as an applications platform, it helps users to easily manage all digital-communication-related data from one single interface: websites, newsletters, mobile and tablets applications, product catalogues or social media.

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