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What does it do?During a standard Magic draft a calling judge has to keep track of time, the number of cards called and the direction of the draft. All those things can be confusing sometimes and this applications helps judges by automatizing the whole project. How to use?Either use online version, either download it in advance. If you choose to download it in advance, please come back here once in a while to check for new version releases. If you know how to use feeds, you can take the feed of updates and add it to your RSS/Atom reader. Credits and involvementI am Denis Sokolov (homepage) and I created this application myself. Want to help? There are many ways you can help: Spread the word Report bugs, request features, discuss Help to write texts both here and in the application Translate the application Help code the application

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Add magic comments to your ruby files,


Lime is a Javascript framework created in 2005. Further development was deemed unnecessary due to the superiority and magic of jQuery. It contains a few interesting unique features such as AJAX HTTP event handlers, a built in debugging console that makes heavy use of introspection, and a mechanism for one-time "requiring" and importing of Javascript components. For historical purposes you can still view an online demo here

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Projeto Final: Magic - The final Duel,

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Fork of http://code.google.com/p/has-magic-columns/,


Allow easy integration of external scripts for Magic/eDeveloper

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Utilities to extract and manipulate Django Fixtures.,


The magic folder listener Songbird extension.,


??8??????1. ??8??????????. 2. ????????,?????YES?NO???. 3. ??8??????????. 4. ????????,???????????. 5. ?????Flash?????Widget. ????: PHP, Actionscript ???: Mysql ????:http://code.google.com/p/jeemon-magic-8-ball/downloads/list

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CMS based on cakePHP

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This file implements extensions for (Emacs) outline(-minor)-mode.,


MIME Magic Based On Apache's mod_mime_magic,


Le but est de créer un jeu PHP tour par tour reprenant les concepts du jeu de cartes Magic the gathering.


Merb Slice for application security/authentication,


The ArtEngine is set forth as a project to blur the line between digital and physical art. We intent to make magic at the interface of these two worlds by enabling rhapsodies in auditory, visual, and tactile media. language -> process -> artifact


Welcome to foilforest Source Project Web PageAs Magic: The Gathering collectors and vendors our goal is to provide our clients with every card they need to build decks and add to their personal collection. The website will feature a search engine that will allow users to browse our complete Magic: The Gathering card database, a deck builder so that players can create powerful decks from any card available, and an encrypted checkout system that will allow for secure purchases.


EJS cleans the HTML out of your JavaScript with client side templates. After EJS gets its rubber gloves on dirty code, you'll feel organized and uncluttered. Home Getting Started Guide NBA Demo How-to Screencast DescriptionEJS is essentially a port of Masatoshi Seki's erb.rb in the Ruby Core. It operates in the same way that PHP, ERB, or any of the other embedded language interpreters work, except where all existing preprocessing engines execute on the server-side, EJS is intended to run within the web browser. This allows client-side code to process JavaScript-based web templates for insertion into the current page without consulting the server. EJS uses or % as its magic tags. Like most other frameworks of its type, tags cause all code within them to be executed, and the addition of an equals sign () causes the enclosed code to be evaluated and the toString representation of the result appended to the document. Typical UseEJS templates can be loaded within a page or a separate file. Once the EJS template is loaded, it is passed data used to render template. The result of the render is typically used to update HTML on the page. ExampleWith this example, we will create and load a template that displays a list of cleaning supplies. First, lets create a template file that iterates through a list of supplies: Supplies Next, we create an object to hold those supplies: var my_supplies = {supplies: ['mop', 'broom', 'duster']}Finally, we load the template, render it with the supply object, and update an HTML element with the results. var result = new EJS({url: 'templates/supplies.ejs'}).render(my_supplies); document.getElementById('supply_list').innerHTML = resultView HelpersEJS includes view helpers to make building repetitive HTML snippets easier. The view helpers are very similar to Ruby on Rails ActionView helpers. ExampleThe following builds a form that adds cleaning supplies. Error HandlingUsing a special version of JSLint, EJS can provide nice error handling when you are developing your templates. By including ejs_fulljslint similar to EJS will error with a line number if there is a syntax error.

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geckoterm aims to be an xterm compatible terminal emulator layered on top of the mozilla gecko rendering engine as opposed to the the X11 graphics system. geckoterm adds to xterm the ability to display multimedia objects using the gecko rendering engine by extending the xterm protocol with support for MIME, while also maintaining backwards compatibility with the traditional text-based terminal paradigm. cat foo.html will display inline HTML cat foo.jpg will display a jpeg image Enhanced console applications will be able to read and write stdin/stdout much like a CGI program, and mime magic will add backwards support to traditional console tools. Existing web technologies such as MIME Multipart push will allow shell programs to replace their displayed mime objects, for example a disk usage or memory display console application could show an SVG bar graph that is updated every 5 seconds. geckoterm will eventually be integrated with bash completion so that completions can display clickable html fragments. Traditional commands such as 'ls' will be able to be enhanced to output HTML with customizable CSS style sheets so that the user has fine control over the style of directory listings... The scope for improvements to this age old paradigm is endless...


Scalarium's EBS cookbook with added magic,


Está aplicación le permite transferir llamadas desde android. Para Android v1.5 Está probado para el móvil HTC Magic de Vodafone España. Requisitos: - Android v1.5 - Astro, para instalar el paquete - Permitir instalar aplicaciones desconocidas (la próxima versión esperamos subirla en Market, por ahora es para salir del paso) - Quitar los permisos para instalar las aplicaciones desconocidas, una vez instalado este software Permisos: Este programa requiere de permisos para hacer llamadas salientes. En concreto, el programa lanza una llamada al número 4, para poder realizar la transferencia de la llamada Funcionamiento: Una vez instalada la aplicación, debemos poner un acceso directo en el escritorio del móvil. Cuando recibamos la llamada y estemos hablando con la persona a la que deseamos transferir la llamada, para realizar la operación seguimos los siguientes pasos: - Pulsar el botón de la Casa (icono con el dibujo de la Casa), para ir al Escritorio - Abrir la Aplicación de Transferir. Tras está operación, nuestra llamada habrá sido transferida. El código fuente no está disponible, ya que el desarrollo real está en una idea. Quiero agradecer el desarrollo de está aplicación a Descom (http://www.descom.es).

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