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Dynamo is a simple CMS that enable you to build a website in minutes. It is also very easy to administer and to create content which makes it a good choice for starting a website.

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Customer: Dylan Hand (handd)What world problem are you concerned about?The wastefulness of residential and commercial power consumers. According to the New York Times, about 56% of all energy produced in the United States is wasted. 20% of the energy we use at home and at work is wasted 1. This is unacceptable. Why is this problem important?Wasting energy = wasting(time + money + resources + our precious environment). The end user wastes money on each electricity bill, resources are wasted in creating the power, and since much of our power is not yet generated sustainably, wasting power means harming the environment at absolutely no benefit. What aspect of this problem seems particularly important to you?Two aspects are important. Firstly, it is important to help people not only realize how much power they are consuming, but also make it more convenient for them to make responsible choices regarding their power consumption. Secondly, vampire power (power consumed by electronics in ?standby? mode) consumes an estimated 200-400 terawatts per year 2. To be clear, this is all power consumed by electronics that are not being used, but are simply plugged in. How could a new software system help to solve this aspect of the problem?Today, most people live their lives consuming power with little thinking. When the power bill comes, they pay it. No big deal. Having computer software manage our in-home power would open the door to countless possibilities. Most simply, there could be a monitor located in plain sight that displayed the current power use, how much the user is spending per unit time, which devices are consuming power, etc. This information could just as easily be displayed through software on a personal computer. Better yet, the whole power grid could be controlled by software. Imagine turning off the TV you accidentally left on from your iPhone. Those funny looking light timers we use to deter burglars could be eliminated with a few lines of code. Vampire power could be greatly decreased by using software to automatically cut power to the devices that aren?t using it. Why do you think that this idea will make a big impact on the world?This use of software will make a large impact on the world not only because it promotes efficient, responsible use of energy, but also because it is desirable and convenient. Even as we strive to make power more (or even completely) sustainable, there is no sense in wasting any of it. This software could save time, money, resources, and most importantly our planet. At the same time, it would improve everyday living by making power management easy and effortless. What sources did you use in writing this Vision Statement?1 Bill Marsh, ?Wasted Energy?, New York Times, April 6, 2008 2 ?Vampire Power?, Grinning Planet, October, 2007

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Absolut Engine, a news publishing system once, more of content management system (CMS) today, aims to be a simple and flexible PHP framework. With introduction of modules in v1.70 and a rewrite in v1.72 everything seems to be on way to stable and efficient PHP framework. This is CMS with XHTML 1.0 Strict valid output, using PHP/MySQL, clean URLs/friendly URLs, SEO (search engine optimization) enabled CMS.

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TM Map Organizer

Set of php scripts that provide a Web interface to manage Trackmania Forever dedicated server with advanced maps and playlists management.


A flexible Content Management System for the .NET platform.,

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A library of font management, which allows you to flexibly combine different fonts to display text


Applications for Glider Pilots and ClubsOpenSoaring is open source, and contributions are very much welcome from fellow pilots and club members. We aim at web tools covering all areas where soaring can benefit from quality software. The first target is to cover flight storage, visualization and analysis. Next we aim at scheduling and fleet management for clubs. After that we hope to also add applications for weather visualization and thermal analysis. DocumentationCheck which applications are available and what you can do with them in the Users Guide. Getting HelpWhen the documentation is not enough, and even the FAQ was of no help, search for answers or ask for help at our Users Forum. Any other comments or suggestions are also very much welcome. ContributeBeing open source this project is a shared effort among glider pilots. If you have programming skills and some spare time, then join our Developers Forum, i'm sure there will be something for you. Check the Developers Guide and our code repository for more details.

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This project aims to create a robust management system for uploading and editing images, video, and animations. Much of the interface is driven by Flash/Flex, while the server side processing relies on C#, ASP.NET 3.5, and MySQL.

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Document Management System (scanner -> appengine blobs),


Process management in Alfred with top and kill.,


Process management in Alfred with top and kill.,


Process management in Alfred with top and kill.,


Process management in Alfred with top and kill.,


Want to join this project? Just send email to me. or twitter me blog implemented by python and can be hosted on google appengine Now you can access the Demo at: http://blog.cpedia.net You can try all the features at: http://cpedialog.cpedia.net (just login with your google account, then you can try all the features including the background functions.) Updates: Google change the translate site, please upgrade to RC2 2.0 to fix the permlink generator error.. Wiki Updates: What's new in coming version 2.0 How to install cpedialog on appengine How to integrate picasaweb album with cpedialog ScreenshotsMain Page Login with OpenID/Google Account Google profiles integration Google Books integration Access picasaweb albums View albums with cooliris Add/Edit Blog Insert/Upload Images System configuraion Page/Menu Admin Picasaweb Albums Admin Feeds Management Uploaded Images Admin Cache Management Features:blogAll the configurations can be set in the background. User-defined menus and pages. Blog comment anti-spam support through reCAPTCHA. using yui grid, so it's very easy to change or extend the page layout. auto-generate permalink url through translating the blog title by google. tags for the blog entry and del.icio.us tags support. rich content editor by yui rich editor. Ajax implemented by simplejson & yui Connection Manager. (Such as inline editable table.) Upload images file to bigTable in yui rich editor. Uploaded images, tags, archives, albums management. Menu & pages management. AuthSub Session Token and System cache management. Feeds management and can be shown on the right side of page. What's new in this version? 1. OpenID integration, now user can register in the site, also can login with Google account and OpenID. 2. Google analytics 3. Google profile 4. Google books library 5. Upgrade YUI to latest version and fix some bug especially in the system configuration. 6. YUI Grid refactor. 7. Image auto resize 8. Google search upgrade 9. Integrate cooliris with the albums 10. Css refactor 11. Menu style refactor 12. Will roll out layout management feature soon. albumsaccess the picasaweb albums through gdata API. authSub implemented by decorating the python method.

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This is a symfony based project which includes some tiny tools when I manage a team. For example, manage team weekly report.

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This is a symfony based project which includes some tiny tools when I manage a team. For example, manage team weekly report.

management weeklyreport php symfony


2009-08-19 Back from vacation. Added Download tool to Jamake. This completes minimal set of "must" tools for software build instrument and moves Jamake very close to release, which is planed for the end of August, 2009 jamake is about developing convenience, better code visibility, debugging and easier integration Currently available Tools and Features: help target method java tool javac tool zip tool jar tool javadoc tool exec tool stopwatch tool current directory setting and stack-poping indented printouts capability to call other classes and targets date version tool directory and file management tools Source Link prints (allows jump into the source from prints output) generic and uniformed tools options file filtering management mechanism eclipse template project for easy start with jamake file download tool 2009-07-20 Jamake code example import java.io.File; import java.util.jar.Attributes.Name; import estereos.jamake.JamakeTools; import estereos.jamake.factories.FileFactory; import estereos.jamake.factories.ToolsFactory; public class Build extends JamakeTools { /** * Real Jamake Build Target */ public void build(String[] sArgs) { print(">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"); ToolsFactory.setToolsVerbose(true); String sProjectName = FileFactory.getCurDirFile().getName(); printSourceLink(); javac.setSource("1.4"); javac.setTarget("1.4"); javac.setDestination("./jamake/classes"); // javac.setVerbose(); javac.setClasspath(listFiles("./", "jar")); javac.run("./src"); timer.splitwatch("Compilation"); javadoc.setDestination("./jamake/classes/javadoc"); javadoc.run("./src"); timer.splitwatch("Javadoc"); jar.setBasePath("./jamake/classes"); jar.setDestFile("./jamake/jars/" + sProjectName + "-" + sDateStamp + ".jar"); jar.setLevel(jar.I_LEVEL_BEST_COMPRESSION); jar.setManifestAttr(Name.CLASS_PATH, "javadoc"); jar.setManifestAttr(Name.IMPLEMENTATION_TITLE, sProjectName); jar.run(); timer.splitwatch("Binary packaging"); zip.setBasePath("./src"); zip.setIncludeParent(true); zip.setDestFile("./jamake/jars/" + sProjectName + "-src-" + sDateStamp + ".zip"); zip.setLevel(jar.I_LEVEL_BEST_COMPRESSION); zip.setSort(true); zip.addExclude(".*/\\..*"); zip.run(); timer.splitwatch("Sources packaging"); print("<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< time, it is my home project. It is on pre-design stage now. I would be happy to hear ideas, suggestions or even critics. I know that this is not a first such attempt to build such tool (pjmake for example), but who knows, may be this time we will succeed...


project management system for small graphic studio (php/MySQL)

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Dynamic Plugins Manager is a plugins management library,which is developed by C# and running on windows system with dot net framework.



Online Property management is opensource project for orpoerty management companies.