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Lanyrd's MySQL to PostgreSQL conversion script,


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This project aims to make it easy to maintain MySQL database versions across different code setups. As for now, Mygrate integrates tightly with Mercurial. Other VCS's will be added soon. Requirements: Python 2.5 (should also work with earlier versions) Creating shortcutFor Unix-based systems: download and run the setup file. For manual installation, checkout the project, then create a file /usr/bin/mygrate: #! /bin/sh exec /path/to/mygrate.py "$@"For Windows systems: copy bin\mygrate.exe to %WINDOWSROOT%\system32\: UsageFrom now on you can enter mygrate commands from your command line. Start with: mygrate initNote: on Windows, you will probably have to manually edit the paths in .mygrate/main.conf to mysql and mysqldump executables. Enter your database details and start tracking changes you make to the database (to compare with previous status, use "mygrate status" and "mygrate diff"). When you're finished, use mygrate commit "This is my first commit"to commit changes to a migration file. You can add the migration files into your version control system (if you are using Mercurial, this will be done automatically). After pushing your changes to a remote host, type at remote: mygrate updateTo update MySQL status to latest revision. In Mercurial, you can do this by adding a hook: changegroup = mygrate update >&2Note: this is yet a very unstable release. Use at your own risk and please report bugs. Thanks!

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Absolut Engine, a news publishing system once, more of content management system (CMS) today, aims to be a simple and flexible PHP framework. With introduction of modules in v1.70 and a rewrite in v1.72 everything seems to be on way to stable and efficient PHP framework. This is CMS with XHTML 1.0 Strict valid output, using PHP/MySQL, clean URLs/friendly URLs, SEO (search engine optimization) enabled CMS.

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mysql Database with java GUI interface,



Simple Crud Software - For PHP Learn! Example for PHP MVC application with Design Patterns - DAO, TO, Factory, MVC REQUERIMENTS: PHP5.1 or great MySQL 4.1 or great CONFIGURE: Please open the file: /dao/DB.php and set the DATABASE information to your connection //database user private $user = "root"; //database pass private $pass = ""; //database host private $host = "localhost"; //database name private $db = "test"; Tested on APACHE 2.2 server in Fedora Core Linux 10 and PHP 5.2 For the MySQL database execute the install.sql script. FEATURES FOR THIS RELEASE: MVC Format Implementing of DAO and TO Patterns Implementation of Factory Patterns to the database information Implementation of Singleton pattern for database connection Implementation of Dispatch class FOR More information and support, favor contact-me

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??????????? Discuz??PHP??????????????->?????->????(???????)->?????????? ?????????????????Web2.0?? BBS??????????Blog???????????????????????????????? ??????=>forum-thread ?????=>tag ??????=>blog ??????=>SNS ????????=>Message ??????????wave??????? ???????????????? ?????????=>Group/?/Wave??private blip????? ????????=>???? ????????=>??????? -???/???(MVC?) -Web2.0?(???????????) -?????? PHP 5.x MySQL 5.x(??) UCenter ThinkPHP jQuery 1.3.x jQueryUI (????) QueryPath (????)

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sql-chumpIntroductionThis is a program to manage databases using SQL statements. It lets you connect to a MySQL or SQL Server databases, run a query and view the results. Installationget the code and check your dependencies screen shots logon to a mysql server via ssh tunnel running just the selected part of a query Fin

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SharpMapper is a library for mapping objects into Relational DB tables. To Use SharpMapper you must decorate the classes(or structs) that you want to persist with the Table and Field attributes. Then, use The SharpMapper class Methods that provide basic function for CRUD. Sharpmapper doesn't implement advanced mapping of Hash and List like Nhibernate bt you can alway write them with some code:D

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This project aims to create a robust management system for uploading and editing images, video, and animations. Much of the interface is driven by Flash/Flex, while the server side processing relies on C#, ASP.NET 3.5, and MySQL.

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project management system for small graphic studio (php/MySQL)

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Tanal is a Unix daemon that captures traffic packet size, source, destination, and times and saves this data into a native Postgres or ODBC database in near real time, from which traffic reports may be made. It does not save the actual data or headers. It works on ethX or cooked devices like ppp0. It uses Postgres embedded SQL or libodbc++ to insert the data, the pcap library to capture traffic, and pthreads to capure and write at the same time. Pcap filters can be specified on the command line. Logs go to syslog. Under development are tools an analyse this traffic to determine the type based on flows, not packet inspection.

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Class php pour accéder à mysql Java script Communication en json

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A MySQL database of the complete works of William Shakespeare,


Sistema de gerenciamento de oficinasSistema criado para gerenciar as oficinas oferecidas pelo Núcleo Comunicação Digital feito com django (1). Python e DjangoA versão de desenvolvimento do django esta sendo utilizada. Toda documentação sobre a instalação do django é encontrada no site oficial (2). O framework django funciona com qualquer versão do python a partir da 2.3. Banco de dadosÉ possível usar qualquer banco de dados permitido pelo django (leia 3). Para usar o default é necessário ter instalado o banco de dados MySQL e que um usuário seja criado: mysql>grant all -> on db_oficina_ecd.* -> to ncd identified by '1dois3'; Obs.: Para usar um usuário já existente altere as variáveis DATABASE_NAME e DATABASE_PASSWORD no arquivo settings.py ExecutandoPara usar o sistema, na pasta [local-de-instalação]/oficinas-ncd/oficina_ecd/ execute ./manage.py syncdb e ./manage.py runserver: usuario@maquina:[local-de-instalação]/oficinas-ncd/oficina_ecd$ python manage.py syncdb usuario@maquina:[local-de-instalação]/oficinas-ncd/oficina_ecd$ python manage.py runserver Validating models... 0 errors found Django version 0.97-pre-SVN-7363, using settings 'oficina_ecd.settings' Development server is running at Quit the server with CONTROL-C. Acesse utilizando um browser pelo endereço . Contato: Comunicação Digital martins.vinicius@gmail.com vinicius@comunicacaodigital.org


Database-backed Door Access Control System Hardware and Software HardwareThis project provides schematics, single-sided PCB artwork, and firmware for an inexpensive HID Clock-And-Data to RS232 converter board. SoftwareHost-side software written in Java is provided to support multiple doors and interface with a MySQL database. The system has been tested with HID ProxPoint Plus 6008BGB00 readers and HID 26-bit format cards and keyfobs. DocumentationPlease see the Wiki pages on this site for documentation of the system. ContributingWe welcome any quality code contribution -- please get in touch if you would like to add an enhancement to the system. Thanks to Onestop Media Group for providing the resources to get this project started.

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The goal is to create a webshop for home use. In other words, no fancy back-end, no support for credit cards etc. Part of the problem this web-shop is going to solve is when there is only one of a given item, and that item cannot get selected more than once, unless given customer removes it from the shopping cart, or a timer is expired. The project will be done in PHP, MySQL and the Yii Framework.

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MySQL log analyzer and profiler. Extracts the most popular queries grouping them by their normalized form and shows the statistics for each group. Helps developers to recognize most frequently run queries to be able to optimize overall db performance.


PhotoBox is an application letting you share you photo anytime anywhere. Everyone can capture a photo from on device camera in the mobile phone. After reviewing it, if you?re feeling ok about the photo taken, simply upload it to the server, and your photo will be saved into the database. All photos in the server uploaded by you, me, him, her or whoever are shown together in a web page, and accessible via either a WAP browser or any standard desktop browser, the layout of the page tries the best to accommodate the screen size, say a mobile will get less pictures and small ones, whereas a desktop will have a view of more picture and big ones. Sharing things among friends is a social fact getting more and more important, you are able to share your photo capture just few seconds ago or other alreay exsiting ones to all your dear friends, the application has the ability to send SMS to any mobile phone number you want, the SMS contains an unique link pointing to the photo online, so what?s your amigo has to do is simply to give a click and go. Feel existing now, I bet ya :) This project is for course ID2216/UMT Developing Mobile Applications @KTH For more information, please visit http://www.isk.kth.se/~sikeh/photobox/

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smtlaissezfaire's lafcadio

Lafcadio is an object-relational mapping framework for Ruby. It currently supports MySQL; in the future it will support a wide range of databases. (Written by Francis Hwang. A csv mirror.)