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Drupal ERP

Enough to run a small business. Sort of like Quickbooks/Myob, but with customisability through extensible modules. Franchises (allows a customer to be "owned" by a particular user). Job tracking Quoting/Estimates Invoices Purchase Orders Receive Payments Stock Tracking over multiple stores. Item import from CSV/Xls files (perl/xls2csv) Timesheets PDF generation of invoices for email Referrer cards system to reward clients Quote -> Invoice, Invoice -> Purchase Order, Invoice -> Receive Payments, Purchase Order -> Receive Stock functionality. Stores SMS notifications

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Trading robot DSL

Domain specific language for automated trading (robot) using opentick-ruby (for realtime quotes) and ib-ruby (for orders)



Expert advisor for Metatrader 4 - Order management by charting objects (trendlines, horizontal lines, ...)This EA is based on a partner project - Universal TraderEA does not trade automatically according to a chosen strategy, but rather manages your orders automatically, according to a trendline and horizontal line objects. This allow you to trade according to a trendlines, but does not force you to sit down and watch a chart. It is planned to implement following functionality: open orders (limit, stop) close orders (target profit, stoploss)value stoploss trailing management of multiple orders by unique ID management of orders by object description keywords any other ... Here is an example of such a graphical trading:

metatrader trading expertadvisor trendline


Design a database management system to support a medical information management system. Through a network, the MIMS will link and integrate computer systems located in hospitals and doctor?s offices to existing computer systems of ancillary practitioners such as pharmacy, laboratory and radiology departments. The MIMS will provide a centralized means of electronic communication between the healthcare and the ancillary health providers allowing access to view and modify patient records and provide services through an automated centralized system. The MIMS will integrate with these existing computer systems in order to retrieve and update the patient?s electronic chart to provide information that is readily available to medical practitioners. MIMS will ensure that the patient?s test results and medical treatment history are accessible, current, and correct. The MIMS will eliminate the potential for redundant tests, unnecessary procedures, misdiagnosis, and conflicting drug interactions. The objective of the MIMS is to improve patient care and facilitate fewer mistakes resulting from miscommunication between physicians and ancillary providers. MIMS will result in a positive impact on the quality of care that medical staffs provide by improving information accessibility and improving the quality of the information obtained. The MIMS will enable medical staff to make informed decisions regarding patient care, prescribed medications, tests, and procedures. Providers will interact with MIMS via a user interface specific to their role. Through the interface, the providers will have the option of manually entering patient medical data or electronically uploading the data from their computer system. The providers will not have access to view, interact with or modify the patient information that does not pertain to their level of service. MIMS will link these networks though a centralized database which will store the patient?s medical information. The healthcare providers can order tests and prescriptions through the system. The electronic prescription feature will authenticate the prescribing doctor?s signature and automatically route the prescription to the patient?s network pharmacy of choice. Whenever a healthcare provider orders a test or prescription for a patient, the chosen ancillary provider is notified by the MIMS that a test or prescription is needed. Once the ancillary provider completes the test or fills the prescription, the results are entered into MIMS and the patient records are immediately updated and accessible by the healthcare provider. The MIMS will inform the healthcare provider that the test results are available or that a prescription has been filled. The system will manage the following patient information: ? Patient General Information ? Past Diagnosis ? Past Procedures ? Prescribed Medications ? Prescribed Lab Tests ? Prescriptions Filled ? Laboratory Test Results ? Preferred Pharmacy ? Primary Care Physician Information ? Prescribing Physician Contact Information ? Doctor?s Notes and Comments Computerized medical records will require authentication in order to access patient accounts based upon their authorization level and role. To aid in security and to provide non-repudiation, an audit log will be maintained detailing all access to MIMS. The security process will protect patient medical information and healthcare provider systems and ensure compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The completion date has been set for January 2011.


Lost Colonies of Guernsey PBEM ClientBeing set on the idea Of getting to Atlantis, You have discovered of course Only the Ship of Fools is Making the voyage this year.. - WH Auden, 'Atlantis' The Project has relocated to GitHubGo there now! Version 0.8White testing lines removed. Basic repair functionality added. Switched to universal shell call mechanism for video playing. Multi-line messages. Read me first!The client was written specifically for the .NET framework and hence should work perfectly on WinXP and Vista. After some tweaking and re-writing I've got it working reasonably well on the Mono framework (if you are playing on Linux or OS/X you will need to download and install Mono - unzip to a folder and from the bash prompt 'mono LcogClient.exe'). The client is perfectly functional on Mono but the appearance may vary depending on specific system variables. I've noticed the screen drawing can be a bit slow and you may get some flickering. Then again you may not, your mileage will vary depending on your setup. The main difference between the versions is that on Windows the combat videos are directly integrated into the client. For Linux it just does a shell call for MPlayer and on Mac a call for QuickTime. If you would like a specific function call let me know and I can knock it up for you. You will need to edit the XML config file with your factionID and password to be able to download turn reports etc. Version 0.7.5Included ship images provided by Jimbo. Mac build which calls Quicktime for viewing VCR's. Version 0.7Damage now displayed as gradient-coloured bar. Transfer form bugs fixed. Build form tidied up, won't let you build past your energy store. VCR's sorted in turn order and menu form shows when you have VCRS for that turn. Ships now show as larger circle rather than triangle on map when orbiting a planet. Version 0.6Download off-loaded on to another thread and progress now displayed due to Jim's ever growing report size. Cycle buttons added to main form to enable you to cycle thro' your own ship/planets. Some bigger buttons added for old man Jeff. Version 0.5CARE - change to .config file, ensure targetRadius is set! move/intercept merged into contextual shift+left click, i prefer to previous. nice big button put in for old man Jeff. Version 0.4log showing if order upload is successful or not. intercept order now implemented. you can now move to the same position as a ship (currently crashes) instead of just planet. re-jigged the build form yet again to solve linux woes ? you?ll have to test. key displayed on initial load of playing form ? gives icon keys + command instructions. uses agreed diplomacy attribute on faction node. Version 0.3Started optimising the presentation code to work better under Mono in Linux and OS/X. Hopefully fixed transfer bugs. Application now interacts with website - gets reports + uploads orders via HTTP POST! Set your details in the config file. Version 0.2Application is now re-sizeable (not entirely sure this will work in OS/X or Linux but I've started doing a conversion in Mono which should resolve all the bugs. Waypoints show, Transfers now should be fixed, distance calculations properly work with wrap-around map (better than host then;) Version 0.1Lost Colonies Of Guernsey (lcog) is a Play By EMail (pbem) game. This is a client for the game written in C# for the .NET 2.0+ framework. A port to mono will be forthcoming for Linux and OS/X users. If the game crashes please send me the generated log file. Please bear in mind the below todo list, your issue might be known. Please feel free to make suggestions about functionality or provide images, decent icons are hard to come by. NOTE: You need to have playerfile.xml and report.xml in the same directory to run the application. Yes I will make this nicer in 0.2;) Steve Andrews salin.org 26/02/2009


Manage Customer,supplier resource and orders online


CMS Krez

This is CMS for managing orders in cafe.,


This project is for use by Eastern Washington University Computer Science faculty for quarterly book orders.

ewu fbos cscd350


Final eProject semester 4 HDSE(Hue-Aptech) Name of eProject: Advertising Agency EProject description: The Advertising Agency Department people generally maintain the details of the advertisements through the paper work, because of which several discrepancies take place like missing of the information, data mismatch due to the mixing up of data, etc. Due to the occurrence of these discrepancies, they are losing the orders and attention of the customers. For placing the order the customer must come to the Office or need to send through the post along with the money order. Once the advertisement and the payment for the advertisement is received the advertisement will be approved and will be advertised as per the customer specifications and requirements.

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Build a resilient and robust distributed application that supports a simple order and fulfilment process for a chain of franchise video stores. The video chain has shops and warehouses located across the country; and also has a central office that provides common services to the rest of the organisation. Customers can search for and order videos over the Internet, or go to their local store to browse and place orders for videos. Each store will run its own copy of the order process for handling locally-placed orders. Each warehouse will run its own copy of the delivery process to look after delivery requests it receives, and its own copy of the stock process to keep track of the goods it has on its shelves. Orders will be placed using a local store ordering system and result in delivery requests being sent to an appropriate warehouses which then will then send the ordered goods directly to the customer.

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ifriqiya ERP and CRM

Ifriqiya is a free ERP and CRM solution. It is intended to serve wholesale business with 3-50 users. It covers all the business process from partners, orders and supply chain management to accounting and performance analysis.


FAchart is a replay analysis tool for supreme commander forged alliance. It provides APM/CPM graphs, build orders, and command useage breakdowns.


Admin can manage shops, foods, people, orders Admin can change order status from "not paid" to "paid" Other people can select a food from a shop, and order it.

php meal order


First proof of concept developed for an enterpreneur. A Sales, Orders & Stock management.


Need to build a POS Fronted for you Zen Cart Online Shop? The POS services for Zen Cart take care of the server side logic for you! The POS Services are a standalone solution for a variety of sales related tasks such as: booking orders listing recent orders and products handling prices and currencies In combination with a services gateway such as AMFPHP, the services can be accessed via XML, JSON and AMF.

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it all begins here (2009-7-7) The game is inspired by the original Powermonger. I liked that game. I think of all the games i played over the years this is one of best. For the time when it came out i was simply amazing. So while i want to keep the general feel of that game, like the indirect interaction or the carrier pigeons delivering orders to your underlings, I want to utilize todays computers. So for instance there will be one big world instead of several smaller areas. Every person and maybe also every animal will be driven by a AI script. In fact the first goal is to create a living world, the conquering part will come later.

linux cplusplus opengl windows game


A Shopify API application for printing out orders with customizable Liquid templates.


Add Product SKUs or Names column to the Magento Orders Grid,


Some manufacture companies need a web based system to track their orders. This simple project is designed for that. It will eventually become a sort of CRM system.


Falkon aims to enable the rapid and efficient execution of many tasks on large compute clusters. Falkon integrates (1) multi-level scheduling to separate resource acquisition from task dispatch, and (2) a streamlined dispatcher. Falkon?s integration of multi-level scheduling and streamlined dispatchers delivers performance not provided by any other system. Microbenchmarks show that Falkon throughput (ranging from 100s to 1000s of tasks/sec) and scalability (to 54K executors and 2M queued tasks) are several orders of magnitude better than other systems used in production Grids. Furthermore, we have extended Falkon to include data management functionality. Scientific and data-intensive applications often require exploratory analysis on large datasets, which is often carried out on large scale distributed resources where data locality is crucial to achieve high system throughput and performance. We propose a ?data diffusion? approach that acquires resources for data analysis dynamically, schedules computations as close to data as possible, and replicates data in response to workloads. As demand increases, more resources are acquired and ?cached? to allow faster response to subsequent requests; resources are released when demand drops. This approach can provide the benefits of dedicated hardware without the associated high costs, depending on the application workloads and the performance characteristics of the underlying infrastructure. This data diffusion concept is reminiscent of cooperative Web-caching and peer-to-peer storage systems. Other data-aware scheduling approaches assume static or dedicated resources, which can be expensive and inefficient if load varies significantly. The challenges to our approach are that we need to co-allocate storage resources with computation resources in order to enable the efficient analysis of possibly terabytes of data without prior knowledge of the characteristics of application workloads. To explore the proposed data diffusion, we have extended Falkon to allow the compute resources to cache data to local disks, and perform task dispatch via a data-aware scheduler. The integration of Falkon and the Swift parallel programming system provides us with access to a large number of applications from astronomy, astro-physics, medicine, and other domains, with varying datasets, workloads, and analysis codes. Large-scale astronomy and medical applications executed under Falkon by the Swift parallel programming system achieve up to 90% reduction in end-to-end run time, relative to versions that execute tasks via separate scheduler submissions. Furthermore, data diffusion can further decrease application execution times by several factors and improve overall application scalability. Falkon Goals Reducing task dispatch time by using a streamlined dispatcher that eliminates support for features such as multiple queues, priorities, accounting, etc. Using an adaptive provisioner to acquire and/or release resources as application demand varies. Improve application performance and scalability through data diffusion and data-aware scheduling to leverage the co-located computational and storage resources offloading the shared file systems I/O with local disk I/O. For more information on the project, please see the main Falkon site at http://dev.globus.org/wiki/Incubator/Falkon.

taskfarm resource_management provisioning data_diffusion scheduling data-aware_scheduling data_caching grid data_management