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In a fast moving world where the customers are now well acknowledged of certain facts then they were before, companies need to provide faster and agile solutions, and better tools to relay well needed information that can hold of certain value to the customers. Call centers provide exactly that to the companies, a centralized method of communicating their business with the targeted customers. Like any tool that a company uses it does not come free of cost, there are more than one variable attached to it. With the up gradation of technology, tools as such also need to synchronize with the demand. Even the best of human resource cannot produce optimum result unless they are provided with better tools to fit the requirement of desired effort which then could either enhance or sustain the determination of company's optimum result. The constituency of such tools although should be so that the prerogative of each to share the advancement and enhancement in technology with equal opportunity is kept intact. This particular document addresses the software called Uber-Dialer, which aims at providing automated and well versed call center applicative solutions that cater to the cumulative problems of the business and customer world. It provides an ultimate one-stop solution, all the commonly required essential technologies that can maneuver call centers? required responses with utmost ease and flexibility.

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An Asterisk configuration/dial plan manager written Object Pascal (FreePascal/Freevision). Supports multiple trunks and call groups. This is a multi-Tenant system requiring very little configuration to have a fully working PBX system.


Linux kernel modules for SEIROS TI24 PCI boardUsing with Zaptel and Asterisk Opensource PBX


Audio Wiki is a phone-based collaboration platform for those areas of the world where the internet is unavailable.

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Cytrun Linux Server VoIP-PBX

Cytrun Linux Server VoIP-PBX is a Brazilian security and server oriented distribution based on Slackware Linux. It includes Asterisk, LIDS, Snort, Web, Email, SQL, SSH, DHCP and DNS servers, and a Webmin based remote administration interface.


Open Source PBX,


Some scripts (AGI,Dial Plan...) for Asterisk PBX

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AsteriskNotifcationClient is an OS X Application which displays a message when it is notified by a Asterisk PBX. It searches the local address book and if no contact was found the database for swiss telephone numbers: tel.search.ch To be able to display call notifications you must install growl: http://growl.info/ Your Asterisk PBX must be running «Notify application module for the Asterisk PBX» It is open source and can be downloaded here: http://www.mezzo.net/asterisk/app_notify.html To build this app you need Xcode version 3.1 or greater. To run the app you need OS X 10.5 Leopard or greater. To test the app without a Astersik PBX please use the ruby script called udpserver.rb just type this in your command line: ruby udpserver.rb 00070707 00070707 is the calling number

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Bietet vorbereitetn Klassen für den Zugriff auf die Funktionen der PBX-API,


IntroductionAsteriskCTIIn my idea AsteriskCTI should be basically a multi-platform ?easy to use? client/ server CTI solution integrated with the Open Source Digium?s Asterisk PBX Server. C.T.I. is an acronym of Computer Telephony Integration: so a CTI is a software that makes possible to transfer from the telephone interface to the client PC a set of useful informations like calling party telephone number, digits grabbed by IVRs and so on. This information should be made available to a client software for database queries and/or other usage. Actually, the advent of Web 2.0 technologies has to reflect on the concept of CTI: today a lot of back-office softwares runs like web pages into browsers, and thus the most important innovation that a new CTI platform can carry is the web integration. Call Data generated on the PBX logic should be passed to a middle-ware able to perform the most disparate operations such as execute an external application or open a browser, allowing to transfer them the variables as telephone parameters. This new model make possible to build callcenter logic without the knowledge of complex API manageable only with advanced C/C++ skills, like TAPI. Finally, this application should be available and runnable, client and server, on all (or almost all) modern operating systems: to achieve this objective I?ve selected, after trying various solutions (like mono/.net on GTK), to use the QT toolkit and ? by consequence - C++ language. QT seems to be very easy to learn, very quick and stable, really multiplatform and now also with a multiplatform IDE. The same sources can be ported from Win32 to Linux just by compiling and packaging them. DevelopmentProject documentation is avaiable as PDF and OpenOffice odt source in the SVN Area. Take a moment to read it The project requires the following skills: C++ / Qt for AsteriskCTI Client and AsteriskCTI Server PHP 5.x for AsteriskCTI Configurator web frontend Actually the development effort is made on the Server part. Help UsLike all opensource projects, also this needs developers to grow quick and stable. Some video tutorials and suggests about development environment are avaiable. Take a look and begin develop right now!

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Briker IPPBX simplifies life by auto-magically convert PC into a full-featured PBX with IP communication services built-in. Briker IPPBX delivered as (yet-another) Linux Distribution. It's a Free and Open Source Software. Briker IPPBX contains several application managers, they are: Briker IPPBX Core, IPPBX Administration, Billing Administration and Server Administration. Our not-so-secret ingredient used to build Briker IPPBX are: L.A.M.P platform, Asterisk 1.4, FreePBX 2.4, A2Billing 1.3.2 and Briker IPPBX Manager.

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This is basically an administrative back-end for the Asterisk PBX. An administrator will be able to view call detail records, add remove users and set access permissions on calls for the system.

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Astmon is a group of people geared towards plotting essential data about your Asterisk open-source PBX Platform. It currently consists of a very flexible PHP class for manager controllability and statistics, and also a version2 to the res_snmp which will feature an SNMP OID for just about anything you can think of (and easy to add!) The plugin is written for cacti, but of course, you can use any monitoring tool that can use a php script for a data source (almost all of them) or plot SNMP OIDs (which are all well documented, making OID searching a breeze.) We look forward to bringing you all this and getting contributors on board. -The Astmon Team.

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eGW pbx

eGW-pbx is a eGroupware Module to configure and use Asterisk PBX.,


This is the Adhearsion app I use for my own phone system. At the moment it's pretty useless to people other than me.


VOIXAR es el nombre de un CD auto-instalable de Asterisk PBX (La plataforma mas famosa de implementaciones para VoIP), basado en la distribucion etch de Debian/Linux!El objetivo es embeber en un solo CD de instalacion las mas recientes integraciones, aplicaciones y desarrollos de codigo libre para Asterisk. Manteniendo una construccion robusta, utilizando el minimo espacio posible de disco, y logrando la mayor perfornance entre todas las funcionalidades adheridas. La construccion del CD auto-instalable esta lograda mediante el uso de los paquetes de Debian "simple-cdd" "debootstrap" y "debian-cd", entre otros. VOIXAR is the project name of an auto-instalable Asterisk PBX CD (the most famous VoIP freecode Application Server) , based in etch Debian/Linux distribution!The objetive is embeed in one CD of installation the most recents Asterisk Integrations, Developments, and Applications of free code. Maintaining the most robust construction, the minimal disk espace of installation, and the major performance as possible. The construction of this cd is based in debian packages like "simple-cdd" "debootstrap" and "debian-cd" Como puedo participar del Poryecto VOIXAR?- Bajando el CD de instalacion de esta pagina, e instalandolo siguiendo los pasos del manual... Si solo soy un Usuario sin experiencia en programacion que puedo hacer?- Reportanos las fallas que encuentres, y todo lo que no encuentres que te gustaria que el CD contenga, en la seccion de Inconvenientes (Issues) Si soy un programador/diseñador como puedo ayudar en este proyecto?- De la misma manera que un usuario convencional, instalandolo en tu Server y probando sus funcionalidades (dentro de tus posibilidades). Participando activamente de la notificacion y/o solucion de los diferentes inconvenientes o mejoras (Issues) y proponiendo nuevas funcionalidades para adherir a este CD, nuevos programas, o nuevos "paquetes". Donde encuentro el Codigo Fuente del Proyecto VOIXAR?- En breve se subira a esta web el Arbol de Aplicaciones de Codigo Libre que en su conjunto conforman el Proyecto VOIXAR... solo unos dias de paciencia! Como realizo las modificaciones que yo crea convenientes en las conficuraciones o en las aplicaciones VOIXAR, y de esa manera poder ser un desarrollador mas de este proyecto?- Una vez instalado VOIXAR en tu Server, y adherido el reporte de la Reforma o Mejora que quieras hacer, sube al "Issue" correspondiente el o los archivos que has adherido/modificado, recordando siempre detallar el arbol COMPLETO donde se ubica/n dicho/s archivo/s (ej: /var/lib/asterisk/.....) en la Instalacion. Como adhiero mi Codigo Reformado al cd VOIXAR?-Lamentablemente, solo disponemos de 100 megas de espacio para desarrollar en esta web. Por esa razon SOLO hemos subido las aplicaciones ya integradas al mismo que nos interesa mejorar/desarrollar en su carpeta correspondiente. La construccion del CD de VOIXAR es una tarea tediosa y pasible de muchos herrores (como podran encontrar en internet aquellos que busquen informacion acerca de la utilizacion del paquete "simple-cdd", y la modificacion posterior de la imagen). O sea que cada vez que se desarrolle una mejora para integrar al CD los administradores nos encargaremos de adherirla a la imagen .iso a la brevedad. De todas formas, si alguno quiere hacerlo por su cuenta, en breve se encontrara disponibe en nuestro WIKI una guia de como compilar la imagen de un nuevo VOIXAR CD, para aquellos que quieran meterse en el mundo de hacer CD´s autoinstalables para Debian/Linux.

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Plugin to click dial numbers directly form the Apple AddressBook with the pbxnsip PBX.

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The new breed of Open PBXs/Switches such as Asterisk, FreeSwitch, Yate, etc.. are pushing the boundaries of Open Source Telephony. The Sangoma Signal Media Gateway (SMG) is designed to to extend the current Open PBX architecture to support scalable multi system architectures for high capacity media gateway applications, using Craig Southeren's Woomera TDM protocol, Mike Muellers ss7box/ISUP and Sangoma's TDM API. An added benefit of SMG architecture is the ability to integrate GPL and NON-GPL code in order to achieve desired solution without violating the GPL licensing. The ultimate goal of this architecture is to rapidly produce high quality telephony products by combining existing GPL and Non-GPL telephony technologies.

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Eumex x04PC

Linux device driver and userspace tools to support configuration and internet access with the ISDN-PBX brands "Deutsche Telekom Eumex x04", "DeTeWe OpenCom 20-40", "DeTeWe TA33 USB" and "EuraCom 140 USB"


This package includes the following features of OPN-PBX OPN-PBX is Swiss-Made by FreePBX.ch Copyright 2007 - FreePBX 2.2.2+ integration - fop_panel 0.27+ integration - iaxmodem with Hylafax integration - ARI integration for Userinterface - translated from English into German, Italian and France - qos integrated (automatic trafficcontrol per channel) - many bugfix and some usefull PBX-Addons - All Modules are well testet and Cert. by www.OpenNet.ch - All plus componetmodules are under GNU GPLv3 For all features see http://www.FreePBX.ch Optional hard-/software support: - ISDN BRI and PRI cards in ptmp/ptp/NT/TE Mode - Analog cards from ZAPTEL in ptp/FXS/FXO Mode - AVM ISDN Card in ptmp TE Mode - SIP-Account - IAX-Account Sales and Commercial Support available at www.FreePBX.ch

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