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Electronics Lab PH's code library



crsimcrsim is a simulator project for cr81p200.,

pic simulator c


Esta es la segunda versión de la Tesis Denominada DISEÑO E IMPLEMENTACION DE UN SISTEMA DE DETECCION DE AGUA SUBTERRANEA Aqui se realizan mejoras con respecto al tamaño de la plaqueta, cambios de los valores de los componentes, posición de los dispositivos que emiten calor, las señales de corriente y voltaje ya no estan como pinhead sino que van directamente al pic, ademas como el conector de puerto usb va separado de la plaqueta, los pads del conector usb se hacen mas grandes para mejorar el proceso de soldadura en ellos.

sounding sev usb


Firmware for Open-Robot's PIC18F4520 Open Source controller board. Additional documentation can be found at http://www.abotics.com/open_robot.htm

open-robot educational pic


SVAPI is a stereovision library developed for a low cost stereovision system, created for my final career project "Sistema estereoscòpic de baix cost" (Low cost stereoscopic system) at the Universitat de les Illes Balears (UIB) (Spain).

stereovision webcams svapi vision lowcost computer stereo webcam stereoscopic


Important Infothis repository is deprecated -- the source has changed place to sourceforge The project015 has been renamed to Robosuitcase. The old site www.015.ch is no longer online. Additional information and the full text as HTML Site should soon be aviable on the Robosuitcase website. Till then you can get the PDF version of it here. AbstractIn this assignment an obstacle avoidance algorithm for the robotic suitcase Robosuitcase will be developed. After an introduction into the underlying theories and an analysis of the status-quo of the project, appropriate sensors will be searched and built in. Based on this an obstacle avoidance algorithm will be developed and implemented. With a series of tests the functionality of the obstacle avoidance algorithm will be verified and the used strategies will be optimized. RobosuitcaseThe Robosuitcase program provides the functionality for the tasks mentioned above. Robosuitcase In ActionFor interested people videos from the testruns of the Robosuitcase have been published on youTube. PressArticle in the Facts Magazine. RentalIf you want the Robosuitcase or other robots for advertising or representational use, see the rent a robot site.

autonomous-behavior pic-programming obstacle-avoidance java ultrsonic-sensors robotics sensor-motor-coupling


Open USB FXS is a project that aims to deliver and offer to the community an open-hardware/open-software FXS board. The target mass-scale manufacturing cost would be in the order of $10.00, this low-cost being a critical overall design factor. The board will communicate to a host using USB. It is expected that the board will be possible to utilize by VoIP software such as Asterisk, when appropriate device drivers are built. The board is built around two chips: a Silabs 3210, that implements all telephony functions, and a PIC (a 18F2550 for the time) that interfaces between the 3210 and the USB and implements the board's routine tasks, like passing around PCM I/O data. All the intelligence lies on the PC side, which drives the board by setting registers on the 3210 and performs audio I/O.

voip si3210 fxs openhardware picusb


Java project comunication with LCD and pic by serial.,

serial pic java


APM is a wireless battery monitoring interface. This project contains the hardware and the embedded software.

wireless embedded firmware battery monitoring electronics microchip pic


A universal algebraic user defined assembler (for microcontrollers etc....). This version is written in C# by using monodevelop 2.0.

pic assembler avr c algebraicassembler algebraic


C reference for pic microcontrolers.

18f electronic c microcontroler pic


Johnny 5 project,

robot pic


Objetivo : Realizar un programa que muestre algunas de las características del Modo protegido de los microprocesadores de Intel. El trabajo consta de un diskete booteable con GRUB instalado, el cual debe obtener de disco una imagen binaria que será el programa que corra en Modo protegido. Dicho programa deberá contener lo siguiente: a) Shell: El sistema debe proveer al usuario de un shell, para poder ejecutar comandos. b) INT 80h: Crear las primitivas read() y write() para centralizar la lectura y la escritura de los dispositivos. Dichas primitivas deben invocar la INT 80h. c) Modificación de la GDT: Mediante línea de comando se podrá agregar a la GDT segmentos en forma dinámica. Los parámetros que puede cargar el usuario son: Dirección base, limite, DPL y tipo del segmento. d) Manejo de excepciones: El sistema deberá poder ejecutar las 32 rutinas de atención de Excepción sin solaparse con las interrupciones de hardware del PIC.



elektronik devreleri ve PIC uygulamalar?m

proje elektronik pic


Dirty things: 1) Proto board; 2) Ugly code from a non - coders,



Codebase for the PHCC and UPHCC PIC HomeCockpit Controller Solutions for flight simulator builders.


Some basic programms concerning the PIC Micro Series starting with the PIC 16F676 written in asm and c


Description: SerTerm is a serial terminal allowing users to connect to serial ports (both real ports and USB-to-serial ports). Users have the ability to set the baud rate, send ASCII data to a serial port, and receive data from a serial port. Received data can be displayed in two formats: ASCII and 16-bit integers in hexadecimal. Origin: SerTerm was originally created to talk to XBee ZigBee modules, then updated to display 16-bit integers for use with PIC microcontroller development. Future: Although it's not as feature-rich as some other programs (RealTerm, Terminal, etc.), it continues to evolve as more features are needed by its users. Someday it will have all the features of these programs, and more. OS Compatability: Because it's programmed in JAVA, SerTerm should be able to run on many platforms. It has NOT been tested on UNIX/Linux/Mac. SerTerm has been tested on Windows XP and Vista, and works on both systems. Requirements: To run SerTerm, the Java Runtime Environment must be installed, as well as the RXTX library. To develop SerTerm, the Java SDK must be installed, as well as the RXTX library. From the RXTX main page: "RXTX is a native lib providing serial and parallel communication for the Java Development Toolkit (JDK). All deliverables are under the gnu LGPL license." Installation of the RXTX library is a simple procedure documented here: http://rxtx.qbang.org/wiki/index.php/Installation. Development: SerTerm is programmed in NetBeans due to the simplicity it lends to creating GUIs and auto-generation of code. Updates/Improvements: Users are encouraged to report bugs and request features, as well as tinker with the code themselves. If users improve the software and add features, they are encouraged to report these for the benefit of others in the community. License: This project (SerTerm) has no license. Use it as you see fit.

rxtx terminal java pic serial serterm


Se trata del diseño de un sensor de vibración inalámbrico con los siguientes dispositivos: Acelerometro Microcontrolador Modulo RS-232 inalambrico Los modulos inalambricos son transceivers, asi que son necesarios dos programas, uno para el receptor y otro para el transmisor.

pic sensor vibracion microcontrolador movimiento