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Example All words: Simple PHP Agenda


nodejs pubsubhubbub client,


Plugin for wordpress which enables the blog owner to publish their posts on a xmpp pubsub node. This way, anyone subscribed to this same node will be notified through Jabber when a new post is published. It enables also to do the same with comments on separated xmpp pubsub nodes, so that readers can also subscribe and get notified about new comments of a specific post.


a publish-subscribe pattern implementation for pymongo,


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TinyDDS is an open-source and standards-based publish/subscribe middleware for wireless sensor networks. Compliant with the Object Management Group (OMG)?s Data Distribution Service (DDS) specification, TinyDDS is designed and implemented generic enough to aid in developing a wide range of event detection and data collection applications. TinyDDS is currently implemented in nesC, a dialect of the C language, for the TinyOS platform as well as in Java for the SunSPOT platform.

pubsub tinyos dds


pyrostream is an open source python library which aids development of tools for consuming FireEagle's XMPP pubsub feed

browserplus's bp-pubsub

BrowserPlus Publish/Subscribe service (implemented in C++),


Tapit is a Dancing Game built using express, Redis pubsub and socket.io!,


An implementation of the Autobahn WebSockets RPC/PubSub: WebSocket Application Messaging Protocol (WAMP) for WebSocket.IO or Engine.IO


Topic-based Javascript PubSub for vanilla, jQuery and Underscore,

Postman JS

Postman is a small JavaScript messaging API. This is slightly more advanced than traditional pub/ sub APIs by allowing you to receive messages that have been published in the past.

pubsub javascript coffeescript messagebus


Poll redis for key expiration and fire a key expired pubsub message,


websocket-router is a websocket pubsub server based on node-websocket-server and Tunguska


Demo: Enfocus, Shoreleave's PubSub and Remotes,


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Using XMPP PubSub to distribute NZBs,


XMPP4R pubsub testing tools,


Local publish-subscribe mechanism so multiple browsers / web pages can talk to one another with BrowserPlus.

Pub-Sub Perftest

A generic, vendor-independent open-source application to determine the performance of a pub-sub infrastructure.


Using HTML, CSS, JQuery, Strophe.js, XMPP and PubSub to share a presentation.,