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Zero Downtime Deploy,


Lanyrd's MySQL to PostgreSQL conversion script,


Follow Trac's wiki formatting, the tool read a file written in wiki codes, and then output text formats (HTML) for WordPress. In particular, it also saves the hyper-links that users has typed. Therefore, users save time of typing the hyper-links afterward. By the way, I did this project to practice test-driven development. Every function was done after writing the related test codes.

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A news crawler, parser and diff engine,


Azer's code archive.,

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simple django wiki based on django-markupfield,





An application to login without a browser to the PWN wireless network at Pace University.


This code functions as a sample to use the Google Data API for writing a Health specific application. What it allows you to do is to obtain a OAuth authorisation token and use this token with a 'rsa-sha1' signed GData request against the google health API to retrieve the Users medical information.

appengine gae rsa oauth gdataapi healthapi


Ajude a acabar com as enchentes de são paulo.,


Code/Project hosting platform,


jacksmudI have wanted to write a MUD server for a while now, and now I am! Various notes and things will be held here RequirementsPython SQLObject pyparsing Twisted

python mud


study python,

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Synchronize your computer with notes on moodle,


DaTtSs Client Libraries & SDK,


Django Gubbins is a collection of useful snippets for enhancing or replacing functionality within Django.


Python script to make using and configuring hostapd easier,


multiple projects and small scripts by norman koehring written in python (mostly)

python win32 windows unix linux


This project aims to make it easy to maintain MySQL database versions across different code setups. As for now, Mygrate integrates tightly with Mercurial. Other VCS's will be added soon. Requirements: Python 2.5 (should also work with earlier versions) Creating shortcutFor Unix-based systems: download and run the setup file. For manual installation, checkout the project, then create a file /usr/bin/mygrate: #! /bin/sh exec /path/to/mygrate.py "$@"For Windows systems: copy bin\mygrate.exe to %WINDOWSROOT%\system32\: UsageFrom now on you can enter mygrate commands from your command line. Start with: mygrate initNote: on Windows, you will probably have to manually edit the paths in .mygrate/main.conf to mysql and mysqldump executables. Enter your database details and start tracking changes you make to the database (to compare with previous status, use "mygrate status" and "mygrate diff"). When you're finished, use mygrate commit "This is my first commit"to commit changes to a migration file. You can add the migration files into your version control system (if you are using Mercurial, this will be done automatically). After pushing your changes to a remote host, type at remote: mygrate updateTo update MySQL status to latest revision. In Mercurial, you can do this by adding a hook: changegroup = mygrate update >&2Note: this is yet a very unstable release. Use at your own risk and please report bugs. Thanks!

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