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Design a database management system to support a medical information management system. Through a network, the MIMS will link and integrate computer systems located in hospitals and doctor?s offices to existing computer systems of ancillary practitioners such as pharmacy, laboratory and radiology departments. The MIMS will provide a centralized means of electronic communication between the healthcare and the ancillary health providers allowing access to view and modify patient records and provide services through an automated centralized system. The MIMS will integrate with these existing computer systems in order to retrieve and update the patient?s electronic chart to provide information that is readily available to medical practitioners. MIMS will ensure that the patient?s test results and medical treatment history are accessible, current, and correct. The MIMS will eliminate the potential for redundant tests, unnecessary procedures, misdiagnosis, and conflicting drug interactions. The objective of the MIMS is to improve patient care and facilitate fewer mistakes resulting from miscommunication between physicians and ancillary providers. MIMS will result in a positive impact on the quality of care that medical staffs provide by improving information accessibility and improving the quality of the information obtained. The MIMS will enable medical staff to make informed decisions regarding patient care, prescribed medications, tests, and procedures. Providers will interact with MIMS via a user interface specific to their role. Through the interface, the providers will have the option of manually entering patient medical data or electronically uploading the data from their computer system. The providers will not have access to view, interact with or modify the patient information that does not pertain to their level of service. MIMS will link these networks though a centralized database which will store the patient?s medical information. The healthcare providers can order tests and prescriptions through the system. The electronic prescription feature will authenticate the prescribing doctor?s signature and automatically route the prescription to the patient?s network pharmacy of choice. Whenever a healthcare provider orders a test or prescription for a patient, the chosen ancillary provider is notified by the MIMS that a test or prescription is needed. Once the ancillary provider completes the test or fills the prescription, the results are entered into MIMS and the patient records are immediately updated and accessible by the healthcare provider. The MIMS will inform the healthcare provider that the test results are available or that a prescription has been filled. The system will manage the following patient information: ? Patient General Information ? Past Diagnosis ? Past Procedures ? Prescribed Medications ? Prescribed Lab Tests ? Prescriptions Filled ? Laboratory Test Results ? Preferred Pharmacy ? Primary Care Physician Information ? Prescribing Physician Contact Information ? Doctor?s Notes and Comments Computerized medical records will require authentication in order to access patient accounts based upon their authorization level and role. To aid in security and to provide non-repudiation, an audit log will be maintained detailing all access to MIMS. The security process will protect patient medical information and healthcare provider systems and ensure compliance with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). The completion date has been set for January 2011.


This site contains RELAX-NG templates for radiology structured reports. CAUTION! This site is highly volatile. Please note that ALL CONTENT on this site is subject to change.

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Facebook application to build an online community of radiology physicians.,


radiology image viewer in autohotkey,

CARiS for Community Imaging Clinics

CARis-CIC is an open source Radiology Information System (RIS) targeted towards community imaging clinics. It is a re-write of an existing open source project MARiS-OF,


An XML framework for creation and distribution of structured (sometimes referred to as "synoptic") medical diagnostic reports, in particular pathology and radiology reports. The framework consists of the following components: a modular and extensible set of base document schemas (implemented as Relax NG) that allow description of the section structure and the recurring information items pertaining to a medical domain; a mechanism for extending the base schemas to accommodate more specialized information content pertaining to various combinations of diagnostic method and body site; a pattern for adding rules-based constraints on the report schemas generated from (1) and (2), using Schematron as the implementation language; a method for converting (1) + (2) into XML Schema or (1) + (2) + (3) into exemplary instances, either of which may be used in XForms, PDF Forms, etc. environments as the binding target for visual forms; a set of semantic extraction transforms implemented in XSLT and linked to the schemas by means of GRDDL, suitable for mapping compliant documents into any standard terminology or (especially) RDF/OWL ontology.

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radiology image viewer in autohotkey


O3-RWS is the Radiology Workstation of the Open Three ( O3 ) Consortium. O3-RWS is an Open Source, IHE based, Internationalized, Modular and Portable Image Display. Bins, sources and CVS on www.o3consortium.eu


RadPy is a project to simplify analysis of data used in medical physics with an emphasis on radiation therapy. The project is open source and all code will be released under either the GNU General Public License v3 or the GNU Lesser General Public License. As of right now, there are two design goals for RadPy. 1. The creation of a standard format for the storage of data where none currently exists. 2. A tool for the visualization and analysis of data.

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