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NXTFuzzyLogic is open fuzzy logic library created by students from Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Adam Mickiewicz University providing easy way for operating fuzzy logic controllers on Lego Mindstorms NXT. It requires LeJOS 0.85 firmware on the brick. Features: Defuzification methods: Center of gravity (COG) Center of area (COA) Rightmost maximum, leftmost maximum Aggregation functions: Product Maximum Bounded difference Membership functions: Triangular Trapezoidal Singleton Quick links: Usage SampleFuzzyLogicController LineFollower NXTFuzzyLogic API

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We aim to develop a QUAntum Computer SImulator that runs entirely in the browser. The simulator should be able to interpret a quantum language based on quantum gates and step wise show the state of the quantum register during the computation. This project is part of the Simulation Science Laboratory, WS 2009/10 at the German Research School for Simulation Sciences http://www.grs-sim.de/

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I am going to use the book Teach Yourself C++ in 21 days as the textbook companion to the video lecture series CSE 143 from the University of Washington Department of Computer Science.

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Ruby interface to Data Science Toolkit,


[Obsolete("Numenta dropped old version of algorithms")].NET C# wrapper around Numenta Web Services API (image recognition and computer vision). See http://www.numenta.com/vision/webservices.php.

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a c# library in science and anything! The owner keeps posting the classes developed, and welcomes your comments and codes.

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Created with the Google Mashup Editor.



The Gadget is for everyone who want to go for noline help in their studies.

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The streaming tool is a tool of CoFFEE (Cooperative Face2Face Educational Environment) that is available at http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/coffee-soft. It allows streaming a video (or webcam) to all the learners that are connected to the server, during a CoFFEE session. For more information about CoFFEE also consul http://www.coffee-soft.org Help and InformationStreaming Tool has been developed by Gerardo Lombardo as a prototype for the Master Thesis in Computer Science, at the ISISLab, Dipartimento di Informatica ed Applicazioni "R.M. Capocelli" (DIA) of the Università di Salerno, with the support of the LEAD team of the DIA. RequisitesWindows XP or Vista (Administrator-like Account Required) Adobe FlashPlayer (vers. 8, suggested later versions 9 or 10) with ActiveX control. FlashPlayer EASY INSTALL/UPDATE: Run this page in Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser, then click on THIS LINK: following the instructions in the page, you'll be able to complete the installation. CoFFEE ver. 3.2 or later InstallationDownload and Run the StreamingTool installer both on Controller and each Discusser During the installation follow CLOSELY these 2 crucial points: choose the SAME directory where you placed CoFFEE (default CoFFEE) choose the SAME name for the menu entry you chose (default CoFFEE) After the installation, you can check in the programs menu CoFFEE entry: there should be an entry "Additional Plugins" with the StreamingTool. There should be a short readme file and the uninstall (for the plugin). Quickstartstart CoFFEE Controller load the session named StreamingToolDemoSession when the step starts, load a movie (there is one demo movie but you can play any FLV movie) and start it all the clients will show the same movie; from the controller you can move back and forth, pause and restart.. and even seek at any position... everything is synchronized the teacher may allow students seeking video or streaming one of their webcam. HelpFiles and Other Project InfosTutorial Release/Version History Installation Issues

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Here we host all the projects we do at the MSc of Computer Science at the Free University of Bolzano.

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The BS Eagle Project

BS Eagle Project is an open source black-oil simulator. The goal of this project is to provide a free access to the modern oil simulator to study new methods of simulation. The project has a modular architecture and open to modifications and extensions.

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Viewer for Web of Science citations,


This page is going to be used as a medium of communication during Google Summer of Code 2008 (hoping my application is accepted) A full pdf version of proposal. Proposal Abstract : Computer simulations are becoming more and more popular as an excellent tool to illustrate and unravel complex phenomena from social science. The ISPOC framework face that turn by providing a convenient way of sharing, commenting and verifying computer simulation allowing a peer review process which is the essence of a progress in modern science. My project consists of three new features that will improve the service using three different perspectives. I plan to add a new functionality, increase availability to wide public and improve the ISPOC credibility among researchers. I will add a new functionality by providing a fully automatic and effortless way of uploading simulation results. These outcomes will be gathered in a public resource pool that will allow comparing, testing and presenting results in an attractive form as charts and diagrams. I will increase the availability by creating a framework that will enable easily deployment of java applets which are the most accessible form of simulation to people who are not very skilled at configuring, compiling and installing software. I will improve the credibility of the ISPOC by handling the tender question of legal rights protection by providing a tool that will make adding a license statement an obligatory yet effortless step during the simulation upload. End-users will be also provided with detailed description of what can they legally do with downloaded simulation.

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University of Massachusetts Lowell Department of Computer Science 91.462 GUI Programming II Music Composition Project


This project is for use by Eastern Washington University Computer Science faculty for quarterly book orders.

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Science related commands for Mozilla Labs' Ubiquity Firefox plugin.,

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Estimate genome size based on low-coverage shotgun sequencing,

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igp.net is a simple graph plotting application with emphasis on interactive edition. It was written during my studies at AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow. I wrote all necessary code myself, so no 3rd party libraries are required. Just be sure to have .NET Framework 2.0 and you should be good to go. NOTE See MonoSupport for instructions on how to execute igp.net on Linux. igp supports point-based data, polynomials, functions defined by arbitrary expressions, integrals, Lagrange interpolation, B-Splines, linear regression and much more. See wiki on DataTypes for more details. igp might be unintuitive at first so see BriefIntro for quick usage instructions. NumericGuide provides a short info on how the application performs certain calculations.

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Split operator for the Time Dependent Schroedinger Equation (TDSE) in a cartesian 3D space. Works as a lab for attosecond physics. The software provided is a library fro the quick and massive development of numerical simulations of the TDSE. It is based on the very simple Split Operator method in Cartesian Coordinates which involve the Fast Fourier Transform or FFT. This library depends on the http://www.fftw.org library developed at MIT under the GNU license.

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