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Absolut Engine, a news publishing system once, more of content management system (CMS) today, aims to be a simple and flexible PHP framework. With introduction of modules in v1.70 and a rewrite in v1.72 everything seems to be on way to stable and efficient PHP framework. This is CMS with XHTML 1.0 Strict valid output, using PHP/MySQL, clean URLs/friendly URLs, SEO (search engine optimization) enabled CMS.

seo css htaccess xhtml php newspublishing framework mysql cms webstandards


Perl module to make URLs for Gravatar/Libravatar images from an email address or an OpenID URL. Includes support for HTTPS.

perl gravatar avatar libravatar


Cache response to be polite.,


Applications for Glider Pilots and ClubsOpenSoaring is open source, and contributions are very much welcome from fellow pilots and club members. We aim at web tools covering all areas where soaring can benefit from quality software. The first target is to cover flight storage, visualization and analysis. Next we aim at scheduling and fleet management for clubs. After that we hope to also add applications for weather visualization and thermal analysis. DocumentationCheck which applications are available and what you can do with them in the Users Guide. Getting HelpWhen the documentation is not enough, and even the FAQ was of no help, search for answers or ask for help at our Users Forum. Any other comments or suggestions are also very much welcome. ContributeBeing open source this project is a shared effort among glider pilots. If you have programming skills and some spare time, then join our Developers Forum, i'm sure there will be something for you. Check the Developers Guide and our code repository for more details.

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This project is created with one sole purpose in mind. To let home PCs be able to read and write on extreme large text files. Computer hard drive space has rocket in the recent years, but RAM size has stayed more or less on the same level. I have over 1TB of hdd, 4GB of RAM. Yet I am unable to edit a 100+MB text without my computer hanging. Yes Notepad theoretically can handle 2GB, but everything has to be loaded in RAM or pagefile, which slows down the process. A over 100MB file will take 5+minutes on a modern PC. A few core objectives: Read file size up to what Int64 supports or OS supports No wait on loading, no wait on scrolling/reading Search and replace Some additional nice to have features No wait while writing Modular plugin

textedit notepad giant large


Want to join this project? Just send email to me. or twitter me blog implemented by python and can be hosted on google appengine Now you can access the Demo at: http://blog.cpedia.net You can try all the features at: http://cpedialog.cpedia.net (just login with your google account, then you can try all the features including the background functions.) Updates: Google change the translate site, please upgrade to RC2 2.0 to fix the permlink generator error.. Wiki Updates: What's new in coming version 2.0 How to install cpedialog on appengine How to integrate picasaweb album with cpedialog ScreenshotsMain Page Login with OpenID/Google Account Google profiles integration Google Books integration Access picasaweb albums View albums with cooliris Add/Edit Blog Insert/Upload Images System configuraion Page/Menu Admin Picasaweb Albums Admin Feeds Management Uploaded Images Admin Cache Management Features:blogAll the configurations can be set in the background. User-defined menus and pages. Blog comment anti-spam support through reCAPTCHA. using yui grid, so it's very easy to change or extend the page layout. auto-generate permalink url through translating the blog title by google. tags for the blog entry and del.icio.us tags support. rich content editor by yui rich editor. Ajax implemented by simplejson & yui Connection Manager. (Such as inline editable table.) Upload images file to bigTable in yui rich editor. Uploaded images, tags, archives, albums management. Menu & pages management. AuthSub Session Token and System cache management. Feeds management and can be shown on the right side of page. What's new in this version? 1. OpenID integration, now user can register in the site, also can login with Google account and OpenID. 2. Google analytics 3. Google profile 4. Google books library 5. Upgrade YUI to latest version and fix some bug especially in the system configuration. 6. YUI Grid refactor. 7. Image auto resize 8. Google search upgrade 9. Integrate cooliris with the albums 10. Css refactor 11. Menu style refactor 12. Will roll out layout management feature soon. albumsaccess the picasaweb albums through gdata API. authSub implemented by decorating the python method.

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Shows where your domains rank in Google search results.,

gadget xml javascript


Shows where your domains rank in Google search results.,

gadget xml javascript


Open source .NET library which provides advanced client API to use Sphinx search server services. It can be used from C#, VB.Net etc. More information about Sphinx search engine available at http://www.sphinxsearch.com/ Key benefitsSupports latest Sphinx beta versions (up to 0.9.9-rc2) ADO.NET-like public interface Strongly typed object model, all type conversions is encapsulated internally, all attribute types is supported Licensed under LGPL 3 Requirements.NET Framework 2.0 or higher for binary DLL. .NET Framework 3.x to change/compile sources.

sphinx net api client


myAgent will provide an easy transition from the real estate search that most consumers currently follow to a virtual relationship with an agent (or agents) to the eventual face-to-face encounter. The virtual relationship is a save and easy step for the consumer and allows for the initial intrapersonal building to develop with little time/effort commitment from either party. To make this a valuable step for the consumer, they will need to get a more customized view of the available listings in their area or steps required to sell their current home. The value to the agent comes from useful tools in scheduling their time, better understanding the consumer?s needs and a low time/effort interaction.


Review Scraper is the ideal app to download App Store reviews on a global scale. Developers can easily track what people are saying about their apps and see how it ranks in all the App Store countries. ? Search for apps using a familiar interface. ? Translate app reviews into your native language (language support is limited to what the Google Translation API supports). ? Downloaded app reviews are saved and can be easily deleted. This app was created due to my own need and an effort to learn Obj-C and Interface Builder. I have no doubt this app and the codebase can be improved ten-fold, please contribute! Video of the app: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJ-WiuYEKrk Review Scraper is now available from Cydia. Add http://didev-studios.com/cydia to your sources. Donations are appreciated.

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This Perl module implements an IRC bot to retrieve informations on tickets from an RT server. Bah, look at the POD, it'll be more explicit :)


A simple interface for calling SQL functions from PostgreSQL PL/Perl,

Monitter for DNN

Monitter for DNN allows you to easily display a real-time feed of twitter search results on your website. This is a great solution for tracking conferences or technologies where a keyword search can find all relevant Twitter posts.

module dnn


This is a simple PHP system to keep track of rig check. You can define the fields, rigs, and then search by date.


The complete search engine API in Ruby,


This site will allow users to search and find spots to flyfishing in the San Bernardino mountains of southern California

trout flyfishing outdoors fishing


Search the UK for a business, company or an organization on Bizwiki | The UK Business Wiki

searchtool bizwikisearch bizwiki bizwikisearchbox bizwikisearchgadget bizwikigadget searchgadget bizwikisearchtool searchbizwiki


Invariant cargo files for Benchmark::Perl::Formance,