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Absolut Engine, a news publishing system once, more of content management system (CMS) today, aims to be a simple and flexible PHP framework. With introduction of modules in v1.70 and a rewrite in v1.72 everything seems to be on way to stable and efficient PHP framework. This is CMS with XHTML 1.0 Strict valid output, using PHP/MySQL, clean URLs/friendly URLs, SEO (search engine optimization) enabled CMS.

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I know I will have nothing on any of the other more popular frameworks out there, and I do owe some credit to the others for help they have given me along the way. The others are excellent as I have used them myself, but found that the code got harder as they upgraded more... and more PHP was needed instead of just using CSS, and images to create a Wordpress theme. If you are looking for the perfect all out with many options framework please check out some of the others. If you want to use CSS and XHTML or even easily convert a static HTML / XHTML site to Wordpress.. Then check out my framework. I am designing it to be as basic as possible, and very functional as well as being SEO friendly. This Blank-Wordpress framework is meant to cater to the more "simple" users looking to obtain a blank slate and style using CSS, while not having to worry much at all about any PHP code. Everything under the hood will be set to work, and updated to ensure it works with all future Wordpress releases. For this you will need to know some basic CSS to get going, but I will provide support and examples to get you started. Framework includes an archives page template, and some other basic items. Sidebar is hard-coded but can easily be changed to a 2 sidebar right, left, centered content... or any way you wish. Feel free to ask questions as they come up.

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I created this plugin as a hodgepodge of different methods that i have found useful over the course of developing Rails Apps. I packaged it up as one plugin because most of the methods have nothing to do with each other, but they are very useful. you can view the description of the plugin at: http://blog.djdossiers.com/articles/2007/03/31/new-rails-plugin-jakes-toolbox

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This is based on the SMF php sitemap for google from Davilac. It is modified to work with the pretty urls mod.

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All the benefits of link_to_remote, but SEO-friendly because it makes your links crawlable by bots.


API ??? ?????? ? ?????? ?????? SAPE.ru ???? ??????????? ?????? ?????? ? ???????? ????????, ????????? ???. ???????? ????? ???? Copyright (c) 2007 Zsolt Szász ????????? ?? ???? ????? vasyl dot stashuk at gmail dot com ??? http://vasyas.blogspot.com/ ??? ????????????1. ?????? ?? ????????? Downloads ????????? ?????? (?????? ??? ?????????? javasape-0.1.jar) ?????? ?? ? CLASSPATH ??????? 2. ?????????? ???????????, ???? ? ??? ?? ???. ??????? Javasape ?? log4j ? servlet-api, ??? ??? ?????? ????? ? ??? ??? ??? ????. ??????? ????? ???? ? ????????? ?????????? ? ?????????, ????????, ??????????? Maven, ??? ??????????? ????????? ??????? ? ????? ? ???. 3. ??? ???????? ????????????????? ????? ????????? ??????????: public static void main(String[] args) { BasicConfigurator.configure(); String sapeUser = "sape-user-id"; Sape sape = new Sape(sapeUser, "localhost", 1000, 10); sape.debug = true; SapePageLinks pageLinks = sape.getPageLinks("/", null); System.out.println(pageLinks.render()); }(?????? sape-user-id ????? ?????????? ???? id ? SAPE, ???????) ??? ??????? ??? ?????? ?????? ???-?? ????? ??? ????????, ??? ??????? ? SAPE ???????? 4. ????? ???????? ? ?????????, ????? - ??????? ???? ?????????? ??? ?????????? ????????? ?????? Sape. - ?? ?????? ?????? ???????? ???? ??? ????? Sape.getPageLinks, ????????? ??? ?????? ????????? ?? HttpServletRequest - ? ?????? ?????? ? ???????? ????????? ???????? ?????? SapePageLinks.render, ????????? ?????? ?????????? ?????? ??? ???????????. ????????? ????? ?????? ???? ??? ??????????, ????? ???????? ??? ?????????? ??????. ? Velocity, ????????, ??? ???????? ???: ???????? ??????? ? ?????????? ?????????: Sape sape = new Sape("sape-user-id", "www.megasite.com", 1000, 5 * 60); ... context.put("sape", sape.getPageLinks(request.getRequestURI(), request.getCookies()));? ? ??????? ???????? $sape.render() ???? ????? ???????????? ?? ????????? ? ????????????? ?????? ?????????? - ?????? ??? ??????.

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??web2.0 ??AS,PHP,java?? Wordpress themesPhilNa PhilNa????????wordpress??.???????.?????????. ???????????????function.?????????????.??????.???????SEO???.??????. ???? PhilNa2 ???? How do I join this project? E_mail me or post a comment.

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Glossword - Glossary Compiler

Glossword is a system written in PHP to create and publish online multilingual dictionary, glossary, or encyclopedia. Notable features: installation wizard, a custom alphabetic toolbar, history of editing for terms, delayed postings, SEF support and SEO enhancements, visual themes, a multicolumn listing of terms, export/import dictionaries in XML and CSV format, built-in search and cache engines, a multifunctional feedback form with CAPTCHA, UTF-8 encoding, XHTML 1.1.


This plugin lets you show a different greeting message to your visitors depending on their referrer url. For example, when a Digg user clicks through from Digg, they will see a message reminding them to digg your post if they like it. Another example, when a visitor clicks through from google search they will see a message suggesting them to subscribe to your RSS feed. Having these targeted suggestions will help your blog increase exposure, loyal readership, and reader interaction so all together it should increase your page hits. V1.01 is available at http://classictutorials.com/2009/04/19/wp-greet-box-plugin-for-blogger-blogger-greet-box-is-live/ V2.0 is Live at http://classictutorials.com/2009/10/06/greet-box-for-blogger-v2-0-is-live/ Files direct Links: http://bloggergreetbox.googlecode.com/files/HideShowDiv.js http://bloggergreetbox.googlecode.com/files/TextToBeDisplayedDiv.js Steps: http://classictutorials.com/2009/10/06/greet-box-for-blogger-v2-0-is-live/ ScreenShot:

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For blogs with many entries, say 1000+, it is hard for users to find out the right blog entry when browsing. By creating a list of keywords, and create one page for each keyword, then get the righ content from your blog via Google Search API, you created good information for both users, and search engines.

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Some features: Automatically optimizes your titles for search engines Generates META tags automatically Avoids the typical duplicate content found on Wordpress blogs For Wordpress 2.3 you don't even have to look at the options, it works out-of-the-box. Just install. You can override any title and set any META description and any META keywords you want. You can fine-tune everything Backward-Compatibility with many other plugins, like Auto Meta, Ultimate Tag Warrior and others. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/

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For blogs with many entries, say 1000+, it is hard for users to find out the right blog entry when browsing. By creating a list of keywords, and create one page for each keyword, then get the righ content from your blog via Google Search API, you created good information for both users, and search engines.

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?????http://www.lisijie.org ?????http://www.lisijie.org ?????? JBLOG???PHP+MySQL????????????????????????????????????SEO??????????????HTML?????URL Rewrite(???????)????????????URL?Meta Description?????? ???? JBLOG ???????? ???(Jesse Lee) ??? ???????GNU General Public License v2 ?????license.txt?? GNU General Public License????????????????????????????????????? 0. ?????????????? 1. ???????????????????????? 2. ?????????????????????? 3. ??????????????????????? ?????? http://creativecommons.org/licenses/GPL/2.0/ ?????? 1?????PHP+MySQL?????GD? 2?????????????PHP??????? ?????? JBLOG????UTF-8?????????????????UTF-8??????editplus?dreamweaver?????????????UTF-8???????????????????? ????????? ??? 1?????????????????????????????????? 2????????????????url??????????meta description??? ??? 1????????url???meta keywords?meta description??? 2????????????? ??? 1???????????????? 2?????/??????????????????????????? ??? 1???????????? 2????????????? ??? 1??????URL Rewrite????? 3?URL??? 2???????????????????????? ??? 1?????????????????? 2?????????????????????????? JBLOG v1.5 ???? ????? 1???????????????????????? 2?????????????? 3?????????????????????????????? 4????????????????? 5????????????? 6??????????????BUG? 7???????????????????? 8??????????????????? 9???????????????? 10???????????? 11???????????????config.php????? 12???????? 13??????? 14????????/????? 15???????????? 16???????HTML?????HTML?????????? 17???????? 18???????? ????? 19???uc_??????????????? 20?????link.php????get_friendlink()????????? 21?????tag.php????get_tags()???????????????? 22???????closed.php???????? 23?????404.php????? 24?????message.php????? 25?????js??reply_comment()????????????id=post_comment_title????

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A Javascript Rendering approach for SEO / Searchable dynamic rich pages,


A minimal flash framework for setting up flash sites. The main elements are a SiteTree, PageHandler, Pages and PageParts. The SiteTree supports implementation of SWFAddress for deep linking and SEO-optimization.

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This is a Top Sites List Script by Kiru42 with ranking by in/out. SEO Optimized.

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SitemapProvider for DotNetNuke - Codeplex

Google Sitemap provider for DotNetNuke. Allows all DotNetNuke modules to participate into the Google sitemap generation for your site. Get more control on your SEO efforts!

atomiczagnut's SEO-Tools

A text analyzer for use with search engine optimization,


Direct News is an easy-to-use CMS based on php-mysql. Its real goal is the simplicity and usability, in order to be used by all.In addition to the Wysiwyg editor, navigation-management, image library and image tools, templates managment. Direct News improve your Search Engine Optimization, by rewriting the links and allowing you to describe your content as you want. Of course, Direct News can manage multiple languages websites (with chinese, russian..and others) and administration interfaces. http://www.direct-news.fr (in french)

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Gaia is an open-source front-end Flash Framework for AS3 and AS2 designed to dramatically reduce development time. Revolutionary scaffolding engine builds fully functional Flash sites in less than 10 minutes! Simple API for Navigation, Transitions, Preloading, Asset Management makes development a snap! Deep Linking achieved through seamless integration with SWFAddress SEO Scaffolding makes Search Engine Optimization as easy as pressing a button Easy enough for novices Powerful enough for experts Gaia is targeted at anyone who develops Flash sites. It provides solutions to the challenges and repeated tasks we all face with front-end Flash site development, such as navigation, transitions, preloading, asset management, site structure, deep linking and SEO. It provides speed and flexibility in your workflow and a simple API that gives you access to its powerful features. Gaia's revolutionary scaffolding engine generates all your Flash files and classes for you and gets you up and running with a fully functional site in less than 10 minutes without writing a single line of Actionscript! Gaia enables you to develop feature-rich websites with significantly less code, and comes with built-in best practices including seamless integration with SWFObject and SWFAddress. Most Flash frameworks are back-end frameworks, or require senior level coding experience to use. Gaia stands out because it focuses on front-end development. It is easy enough for novice Flash developers, yet powerful enough that advanced coders can use it without feeling limited. Gaia uses a pragmatic and agile approach, and is focused on helping you do your job without getting in your way. And, it is flexible enough to enable you to work the way you like to work without forcing you to change your style. Whether you write everything in strictly-typed AS3 or AS2 classes, hack AS1 on the timeline or anywhere in between, Gaia helps you get the job done.

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