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Provide a simple GUI tool for doing subversion backup. Based on Adobe Flex 2 (flash 9) for the UI and will use Adobe Apollo for the runtime. First release will focus mainly on providing a GUI to the SVN command line tools for Windows/Mac/Linux, and after depending on needs this can evolve in different way (for ex: a web interface for server-side backup). This project will start as soon a public alpha/beta for Apollo will appear AND will support exe access.

actionscript gui backup svn apollo flex subversion as3 flash windows


Go minecraft server,


jacksmudI have wanted to write a MUD server for a while now, and now I am! Various notes and things will be held here RequirementsPython SQLObject pyparsing Twisted

python mud


An implementation of a Remote Swing Protocol based on TCP. This protocol allows clients to download and show Swing elements from a server and handles the listeners involved without any need from the developers to think about the messaging.

java remote protocol swing


This tool is intended to read condor_q and condor_status and if needed some other commands, to generate an HTML file with the statistcs of jobs queue and cluster usage, after you can make it available by a web server, so you and your users can know more easy and quick who's using your cluster and how. If you don't know what condor is, you can visit http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/

perl condor


Lightweight HTML / JavaScript grid designed with Twitter Bootstrap in mind for dynamic server loaded and client embedded data.


The pentaho411 project shall contain all of the companion assets for each blog article published at pentaho411.blogspot.com. Assets shall include: OpenAdventureWorks OLTP DDL scripts OpenAdventureWorks DW DDL scripts Pentaho Data Integration job scripts Pentaho Data Integration transformation scripts Pentaho Report files Pentaho xaction files Pentaho BI Platform configuration files Mondrian schema files Pentaho Metadata files LDIF file for Apache Directory Server ...and probably more.

business-intelligence database datawarehouse pentaho oltp

j0sh's rubberducky

An asynchronous RTMP stack and streaming server.,


Simple Crud Software - For PHP Learn! Example for PHP MVC application with Design Patterns - DAO, TO, Factory, MVC REQUERIMENTS: PHP5.1 or great MySQL 4.1 or great CONFIGURE: Please open the file: /dao/DB.php and set the DATABASE information to your connection //database user private $user = "root"; //database pass private $pass = ""; //database host private $host = "localhost"; //database name private $db = "test"; Tested on APACHE 2.2 server in Fedora Core Linux 10 and PHP 5.2 For the MySQL database execute the install.sql script. FEATURES FOR THIS RELEASE: MVC Format Implementing of DAO and TO Patterns Implementation of Factory Patterns to the database information Implementation of Singleton pattern for database connection Implementation of Dispatch class FOR More information and support, favor contact-me

factory dao crud example mysql simple mvc php to

benadida's helios

an open-source, open-audit, web-based voting system -- DEPRECATED, use helios-server


It is an implementation of the Exchange ActiveSync server protocol. This protocol will allow complete synchronisation of the iPhone / Android with groupware servers like Blue Mind.



sql-chumpIntroductionThis is a program to manage databases using SQL statements. It lets you connect to a MySQL or SQL Server databases, run a query and view the results. Installationget the code and check your dependencies screen shots logon to a mysql server via ssh tunnel running just the selected part of a query Fin

mysql sql sqlserver database odbc


Web File Manager is a Java & GWT based web project. WFM help you to access you to your files in your computer at home. This project is a part of bigger thing that I call "Server at all home"

web filemanager java

TM Map Organizer

Set of php scripts that provide a Web interface to manage Trackmania Forever dedicated server with advanced maps and playlists management.


spin up browserify demos real easy,


CallistoX is a plugin for Callisto Chat Server. It will add over 100 commands to your chatroom.


An Automatic Update Library for .net ApplicationsThe library provides a simple secure means for checking a remote web server for application updates. Details of the available updates can be displayed to the user. An installer program is then downloaded, verified and run. See the Getting Started guide for details. Below is the signing and configuration tool:

winforms auto-update systemwindowsforms autoupdate net vbnet csharp update


This project aims to create a robust management system for uploading and editing images, video, and animations. Much of the interface is driven by Flash/Flex, while the server side processing relies on C#, ASP.NET 3.5, and MySQL.

images aspnet csharp contentmanagement flash video flex

e-Mail Server Maven Plugin

A Maven plugin that launches a mail server to support automated integration tests executed within the Maven build life-cycle.

email java maven-plugin integration-testing


A server-side git hook script for checking PHP, JavaScript and CSS code styling using PHP_CodeSniffer.