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Follow Trac's wiki formatting, the tool read a file written in wiki codes, and then output text formats (HTML) for WordPress. In particular, it also saves the hyper-links that users has typed. Therefore, users save time of typing the hyper-links afterward. By the way, I did this project to practice test-driven development. Every function was done after writing the related test codes.

helper python blog wiki


Created with the Google Mashup Editor.






Created with the Google Mashup Editor.



Free Magento extension to run speed tests on your store. Simulate multiple customers in multiple geographic locations globally.


a tool for cli command validation, using telnet.,



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XQGrammarANTLR grammar for XQuery with Update, Scripting and Full TextThis is a project to build and maintain ANTLR 3 grammar and generated Java parser for XQuery with Update, Scripting and Full Text extensions. It implements the following W3C recommendations : XQuery 1.0 Recommendation / 23 January 2007 XQuery Update Facility 1.0 Candidate Recommendation / 09 June 2009 XQuery Scripting Extension 1.0 Working Draft / 3 December 2008 with added fix for bug #6852 from W3C public Bugzilla XQuery Full Text 1.0Candidate Recommendation / 28 January 2010 XQuery 1.1Working Draft / 15 December 2009 with added fix for bug #8694 from W3C public Bugzilla. Generated parser passes 100% of published W3C test suites.

grammar antlr parser full text scripting xquery generator update


An experimental language designed to test dynamic code refactoring, modified inheriance, multi-teired object design and integrated meta-programming. The initial compiler will be implemented in Python/PLY and will generate code that runs on the Parrot virtual machine.


Almio's test home page


This is a test gadget for orkut.


Elevator Simulator

An experiment in paired-programming to simulate elevator behaviour. Development is done entirely in Java. The finished product will provide a framework for additional simulations and some ability to test different elevator behaviours.

Documents retoration platform in CLisp

Documents restoration program in Common Lisp.It's a test platform for documents restoration's research.RestorDoc uses McCLIM, the free CLIM implementation and modules (ie. algorithms) can be inserted interactively to the interface.


Prueba de todo esto, nothing to see here, move around,

prueba test


it is usefull to be usefully usefull until wer uselessly useful then that is what this wo;; test


Rails plugin to make testing Rails on test/spec easier.,


Skimpy is a tool for generating HTML visual, PNG visual, and WAVE audio representations for strings which people can understand but which web robots and other computer programs will have difficulty understanding. Skimpy is an example of a Captcha: an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart".

cgitoolslibraries speech graphics


a test java game api inclusive games,


This project allows you to quickly test AR demos to see what works and what doesn't with or without a webcam.