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This is a theme used on my personal blog.,

theme wordpress


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Advanced theme for Awesome WM,


A theme for the JumpJet Drupal distribution,


A theme for the JumpJet Drupal distribution,


I know I will have nothing on any of the other more popular frameworks out there, and I do owe some credit to the others for help they have given me along the way. The others are excellent as I have used them myself, but found that the code got harder as they upgraded more... and more PHP was needed instead of just using CSS, and images to create a Wordpress theme. If you are looking for the perfect all out with many options framework please check out some of the others. If you want to use CSS and XHTML or even easily convert a static HTML / XHTML site to Wordpress.. Then check out my framework. I am designing it to be as basic as possible, and very functional as well as being SEO friendly. This Blank-Wordpress framework is meant to cater to the more "simple" users looking to obtain a blank slate and style using CSS, while not having to worry much at all about any PHP code. Everything under the hood will be set to work, and updated to ensure it works with all future Wordpress releases. For this you will need to know some basic CSS to get going, but I will provide support and examples to get you started. Framework includes an archives page template, and some other basic items. Sidebar is hard-coded but can easily be changed to a 2 sidebar right, left, centered content... or any way you wish. Feel free to ask questions as they come up.

wordpress empty blank framework theme css


A CSS theme for styling subreddits in Reddit.com,


Personal Google Theme for Midwater

personalized theme


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Sample theme for the iGoogle.,



I'm just using this to test out an iGoogle theme,


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Infinite Red's ir_black vim theme packaged to work with Tim Pope's pathogen plugin.


??????WordPress theme,?????????????

php wordpress theme


google farm theme



A Bootstrap Theme with a Very Small Footprint,


Chào các b?n! Wordpress ngày càng tr? nê ph? bi?n trên toàn th? gi?i và t? ra là m?t n?n t?ng blog m?nh m? và m?m d?o nh?t, ??c bi?t là sau b?n nâng c?p 2.7 v?i nh?ng thay ??i ?áng giá v? nhi?u m?t. Hutek ?ã bi?t ??n Wordpress và vi?t blog c?ng ?ã khá lâu nh?ng c?ng ch?a có ???c ?óng góp gì nhi?u cho c?ng ??ng Wordpress (trong khi h?c ???c r?t nhi?u t? các Wordpress blogger), chính vì v?y v?i v?n hi?u bi?t và lòng ?am mê v?i WP, Hutek c?ng xin ???c gi?i thi?u v?i các b?n m?t theme do mình t? thi?t k? l?y tên là Hutek Webzine Theme này ???c thi?t k? theo phong cách magazine ( m?t trong nh?ng phong cách ?ang ngày càng tr? nên ph? bi?n) và ?? h?a mang d?u ?n c?a Apple v?i nh?ng ???ng bo góc m?m m?i. M?t ?i?m mình c?ng mu?n chia s? v?i các b?n là theme này ???c thi?t k? d?a trên m?t grid (l??i) nên các b?n có th? nh?n th?y s? ngay hàng th?ng l?i trong theme, trong th?i gian t?i mình s? có bài vi?t nói k? h?n v? quá trình hình thành ý t??ng và thi?t k? nên Hutek Webzine.

magazine-theme hutek-webzine wordpress


iGoogle Theme for a Night in Sea,

Pretty Good Base Theme Orchard Theme

Almost everything is taken from the core and The Theme Machine shape templates and stylesheets (credit goes to the Orchard Team!), refactored, reorganized and enhanced.