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The introduction of Network Address Translation (NAT) devices into the Internet, while serving many important functions, has added complexity and variability to the behavior of networks. Testing network applications to behave properly when using NAT devices with different behaviors is a challenge for developers. This project aims to develop a tool which can be used by developers to easily emulate the behaviors present in NAT devices in a simple, user-mode application. This project is the offshoot of my Masters project at the College of William and Mary. More information on that can be found at the original project link to the right. In its current form, the project only handles UDP data, but it has been designed to be expandable to cover other protocols. The code requires the use of iptables to intercept packets and is therefore limited to Linux.

emulation rfc4787 nat


Protowalk is a tool that has been created to allow for developers, QA testers, and security testers to identify weakness in both known and unknown network protocols which use TCP/UDP for transport. Protowalk acts as a man-in-the-middle between a Client-Server or Server-Server communication and record all transactions made, then can actively hijack stateful connections or (re-initiate stateless connections) and perform a variety of different tests including: Buffer Overflow Testing Replay Attacks Data Manipulation / Randomization (Fuzzing)Protowalk stores all packet data in a text file and is encrypted using Twofish with a random 128-bit IV and 256-bit session key. This tool is currently in the ALPHA stage of development. This tool developed by Frank Gardner

nFusion Nova PVR Server

What is this?The open-source, plain & simple no-fluff nFusion PVR recorder for Windows, MacOS, Linux and XBMC. Comments, questions, love letters? email me! Windows version (nfpvrwin)This is the version most of you Windows users will probably be using. Simply download the latest nfpvrwin package. It's as simple as this: Console based version (nfpvr)The console based version runs on Windows, Linux and MacOS. You can either download a pre-compiled binary or compile it yourself. Using the pre-compiled binaries (only Windows for now)This version if for the pro-users who want more control over the server. Download the latest nfpvr binary package (only Windows binaries are provided for now). Extract and run nfpvr. nfpvr 0.0.5, run "nfpvr --help" for help Bound to UDP port 50


Utility to tunnel TCP connections over UDP.,

tcpoverudp network utility tcp tool tunnel udp


There's a lot of stuff here. Lately I've been writing a lot of code to manipulate collections, iterables, arrays, etc. There is a collection of stream decorators that simplify the use of buffered I/O and other stream related tasks. For example, a DelimitedInputStream wraps another stream, but considers itself closed once a certain token appears. There is a set of networking classes that simplify listening on a TCP/UDP port and transmitting UDP packets. There are also utility classes for manipulating bits and bytes. The BitReader and BitWriter classes allow 1 bit at a time I/O. Bytes is a collection of byte/byte stream manipulation functions. Hex2Bytes converts a hexadecimal string into a byte array. There are currently no external dependencies unless you want to run the tests, in which case you'll need JUnit. MavenWe have a Maven repository. Add this to your pom's repositories element: n-utils http://www.noahsloan.com/snapshot and this to dependencies: com.noahsloan n-utils 1.0-SNAPSHOT Snapshots'Whenever I change something' snapshots are available here.

tcp udp utils collections networking streams java hex io bytes


manages sending and receiving UDP packets,


NitroIP is a flexible network stack (TCP/IP) library implementation for Nintendo DS. The wireless (WLAN) 802.11b capability of the Nintendo DS is used as its main communication medium. The stack is designed to run efficiently and with a low RAM footprint. NitroIP will be available under the terms of the GNU General Public License, Version 2, for either permanent use or for evaluation prior to obtaining a commercial license. For a commercial, non-GPL license please contact the project owner to discuss possible license terms.

nintendo ds 80211 nintendods nitroip wlan nds ip network stack wireless tcp nitro udp


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socialnetworking proxy tunnel gfw psiphon censorship ssl encrypted


Simple multiplayer shooter based on UDP protocol, using opengl and qt for gui.,

qt opengl cpp

SocketTest - Test My Socket

SocketTest - powerful and small software tool for socket testing. It can create both TCP and UDP client or server. It can be used to test any server or client that uses TCP or UDP protocol to communicate.


A pair of client and servers implementing a ICMP like ping protocol over TCP or UDP. The client generates random junk data and performs checksum tests on response data. The server just responds to the client with the data that was sent. The client will alert if the connections is timed out, the packets are coming out of order, or the checksums dont match. Can transmit any size bytes at any interval. The ServerUsage: ./PingServer [] Options: -h, --help show this help message and exit -s SERVER, --server=SERVER Server hostname or IP to ping -P PROTO, --protocol=PROTO Protocol, either TCP/UDP -p PORT, --port=PORT Port to bind server toThe ClientUsage: ./PingClient [] Options: -h, --help show this help message and exit -s SERVER, --server=SERVER Server hostname or IP to ping -P PROTO, --protocol=PROTO Protocol, either TCP/UDP -t TIMEOUT, --timeout=TIMEOUT Timeout in seconds to wait for response -n NUM, --num=NUM Number of pings to send, max 256 -p PORT, --port=PORT Port to send ping requests -b BYTES, --bytes=BYTES Number of bytes to ping with, should be a relatively small multiple of 8

udp tcp ping python socket


This is a Winsock Packet Editor with an easy to use plugin framework to expand its uses and analyze packets over the TCP(and UDP) protocol under Windows' Winsock library Plugins can be written in C/C++/Python and even X86 assembly. Basic functions will be to analyze Sent and Recieved packets via hooks into the executable that the program resides in. The main application runs from a dll which is injected with the supplied commandline loader/injector.

packeteditor winsockpacketeditor


Netcast is a tool for single-source, multiple-destination, synchronous data transmission using multicasting udp stream for data and tcp connections for synchronization & control data. Certificate based authorization & encryption is planned.


MultiCopy is a UDP multicast copy tool that allows fast highly reliable transfer of large datasets from one machine to multiple machines simultaneously on the same LAN.


PktTap is a high performance Linux network socket which is optimized for use by packet monitoring applications. It offers a simple API similar to pcap, supports efficient filtering of UDP and TCP traffic, and provides flexible packet buffer management.


OMRON FINS protocol ActiveX for Ethernet and RS232. Development under VB6.0, especially intended for Industrial Automation Applications. Started by the blogger of http://indanotes.blogspot.com

communication udp pc omron plc ocx fins activex ethernet

Modbus for Java

A high-performance and ease-of-use implementation of the Modbus protocol written in Java by Serotonin Software. Supports ASCII, RTU, TCP, and UDP transports as slave or master, automatic request partitioning and response data type parsing.


Sabidamente sabemos que o protocolo UDP, não se preocupa em nenhum momento com a garantia de transporte dos dados pela rede. Através desse projeto, queremos implementar a questão de verificação de bits, perda e retransmissão de pacotes juntamente com timeout!


A simple UDP based voice chat program,


Tunnels TCP data over UDP packets. Previous was called udptunnel. Renamed because of another udptunnel project on the internet.

tunnel tcp ipv6 windows udp sockets linux solaris network