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Provide a simple GUI tool for doing subversion backup. Based on Adobe Flex 2 (flash 9) for the UI and will use Adobe Apollo for the runtime. First release will focus mainly on providing a GUI to the SVN command line tools for Windows/Mac/Linux, and after depending on needs this can evolve in different way (for ex: a web interface for server-side backup). This project will start as soon a public alpha/beta for Apollo will appear AND will support exe access.

actionscript gui backup svn apollo flex subversion as3 flash windows


A Peer-to-Peer, User-Driven Web OS. Powered by grimwire/local.,

JuGe Model

JuGe (Juegos Gerenciales): JSP Web-application used to put in practice the the knowledge of marketing strategy in a simulated environment. JuGe is a tool that will help students and professionals to proove their skills in decision making.


This tool is intended to read condor_q and condor_status and if needed some other commands, to generate an HTML file with the statistcs of jobs queue and cluster usage, after you can make it available by a web server, so you and your users can know more easy and quick who's using your cluster and how. If you don't know what condor is, you can visit http://www.cs.wisc.edu/condor/

perl condor


Scrobbler is a wrapper for the audioscrobbler (last.fm) web services.,


a web javascript plugin for Travian game, worked on firefox and greasemonkey now.

travian greasemonkey


Introduction Gaming business is shaping up rapidly and that too game developed for handhelds and PDA's are more in demand as compared to earlier years. Therefore development of gaming programs was chosen for our project topic and after a fair bit of research, it is been found out that world of python is growing. Moreover the most of the hype regarding programming languages for web services is around the competition between C# and Java. But there is one language that both Microsoft and its competitors have all agreed to support in their various platforms: Python. Python has a reputation of being a scripting language like Perl. But in fact, it is a full-featured, highly advanced programming platform, with roots in LISP and Smalltalk. More and more organizations are beginning to adopt Python as the platform of choice for distributed application development, hence Python is been opted for the programming. Then the incorporation of A.I. with the game was being decided as it will be challenging and will allow us to learn and gain more knowledge as we progress towards to completion of the project.

gnoso's Chill

A framework for consuming and testing restful web services using .NET,


x:Portal is an XML-based enterprise framework that aims to be lightweight, yet powerful, by incorporating the use of reusable Java components, XML, and XSLT, but can also utilize JSP/Servlet, Turbine, Cocoon, or other Java-based web-enabled software.


worldKit is an easy to use and flexible mapping application for the Web. Light weight GIS. It's a SWF based app, configured by XML, data fed by RSS. Stand-alone use or integration in larger projects.

The Running Log

A web-based training log for serious runners. Records shoes, routes and run details. Ultimate goal is to be able to guide the serious runner to his or her goals Runs under Tomcat and Apache. Written in Java.


Jolitorask is a set of J2EE web services used to provide VoIP communications to several members. The goal is to let our users focus on the features they want for their communications by calling services and the project abstracts technical details.

asterisk java webservices j2ee voip


Block bad, possibly even malicious web crawlers (automated bots) using htaccess.


Build a common web site.

php java net linux

benadida's helios

an open-source, open-audit, web-based voting system -- DEPRECATED, use helios-server


This is a temporary project hosting page where I'll put a set of components and codes. those components will become a part of a .Net/Web 2.0 framework. TinyMCE PluginsTinyMCE is an awesome WYSIWYG html editor, the 3rd version commes with a big increase of the editor respond time, and an anhanced plugin interface. TinyMCE comes with a very basic html code editor. if you need to modify the html directly, the editor opens the code on a simple textarea. I searched over the web and found two interesting projects for html syntax highlighting CodeMirror a lightweight syntax highligh editor EditArea an advanced code editor with features like : serch/replace, line numbers, callbacks, plugins support ...etc Since I use TinyMCE in many of my projects, I decided to write two plugins to integrate those editors. EditArea integration pluginhttp://eurekaa.googlecode.com/files/editarea.zip CodeMirror integration pluginhttp://eurekaa.googlecode.com/files/codemirror.zip


Skimpy is a tool for generating HTML visual, PNG visual, and WAVE audio representations for strings which people can understand but which web robots and other computer programs will have difficulty understanding. Skimpy is an example of a Captcha: an acronym for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart".

cgitoolslibraries speech graphics


Web File Manager is a Java & GWT based web project. WFM help you to access you to your files in your computer at home. This project is a part of bigger thing that I call "Server at all home"

web filemanager java

TM Map Organizer

Set of php scripts that provide a Web interface to manage Trackmania Forever dedicated server with advanced maps and playlists management.


Applications for Glider Pilots and ClubsOpenSoaring is open source, and contributions are very much welcome from fellow pilots and club members. We aim at web tools covering all areas where soaring can benefit from quality software. The first target is to cover flight storage, visualization and analysis. Next we aim at scheduling and fleet management for clubs. After that we hope to also add applications for weather visualization and thermal analysis. DocumentationCheck which applications are available and what you can do with them in the Users Guide. Getting HelpWhen the documentation is not enough, and even the FAQ was of no help, search for answers or ask for help at our Users Forum. Any other comments or suggestions are also very much welcome. ContributeBeing open source this project is a shared effort among glider pilots. If you have programming skills and some spare time, then join our Developers Forum, i'm sure there will be something for you. Check the Developers Guide and our code repository for more details.

analysis gliding soaring flight gwt earth management maps schedule