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Dynamo is a simple CMS that enable you to build a website in minutes. It is also very easy to administer and to create content which makes it a good choice for starting a website.

blog management publishing system website content cms


A Java desktop application (J2SE 5+Swing Application Framework) for automatic classification of documents against a given training set. It has been developed, and is packaged, as a Netbeans project. It uses the stemmers created with Snowball (http://snowball.tartarus.org, released under the BSD license) for text pre-processing, TF-IDF or the Bhattacharrya distance to rank the documents of the training set to the query document, and the K-NN algorithm to classify it. As of now, it only supports the classification of news from the ANSA website (http://www.ansa.it - The Italian main news agency), but the program has a modular architecture, that allows it to be extended by writing plugins for scraping the content of other websites, or other types of documents (PDF, DOC, ODT, etc...).

validation classification tf-idf cross k-nn information retrieval


FaceRSS is a simple JavaServer Faces (JSF) component that allows you to display news from specified RSS url source in one configurable tag. So, you can place your favorite news on your website in a very simple way. It uses rsslib4j and therefore supports RSS version 0.9x, 1.0, and 2.0 with Dublin Core and Syndication namespaces.

rss java jsf component


Watch live visitors using your website.,


This project contains the SVN, Wiki and project file for TPL's latest endeavor. We have created this project in the pursuit of happiness and knowledge. If you wish to contribute you can always email one of the admins. TPL Website http://www..com/ TPL Community Forums http://www..com/ IRC Chat irc://irc..com/ Current Projects ASDFBot - Bot program for ASDA possibly portable to other MMORPG's. LeetHax - You can't have these. Wiki Dox - Complete documentation on a plethora of topics. Memory Modification - Coming soon. Many more... Other interesting resources xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx


http://www.gimmik.net website codes! Everything will be uploaded here.,



IHSA - CS 362CS 362 project to build an interactive website for IHSA zone8region4.com AboutUses Drupal 5.0 as a framework. Project MembersAlex Buchanan Weiping He Adam Clark Carlos Martinez Jonathan Barnes Chris Tharlakksson Ilya Novotny

Balsavimo Demo

Just another voting website with live updating votes ;-),


User Acceptance Testing Automation with a DSL for Web ApplicationsIn short, Tuluat aims its users to be able to write English-like statements to test a website. Project will be using mainly .NET Framework technologies. How It's Done?Nothings done yet. But it will be done like this: Users enter to a Windows application (Tuluat), their english-like statements (Tuluat DSL - TuDSL) which is in fact describes a user acceptance test for a website. Then again by using Tuluat they execute their tests and see results. Which Technology and How?Project will have a Windows Presentation Framework (WPF) based user interface for administering and running TuDSL tests. TuDSL tests will be parsed and transform into Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) using Irony. Irony is choosen for simplicity and despite lack of documentation its ease to use. We want to focus on our DSL's evolution and functionality, more than how we describe it. At later stages of development if we would think our TuDSL is mature enough and we didn't satisfy with Irony, we can consider changing it with another tool. By using AST we will generate a C# code utilizing Watin API. Generated C# code will be an in memory string. We will feed this string to our runner libraries and create an in memory assembly for each test (or for a scenario composed of more than one test), and run on the fly. To store users' TuDSL scripts we plan to use SQLite with NHibernate. Been There, Done That?After putting this idea out, we found out that its not an original idea, and already thought and implemented by others like Torkel Ödegaard. As much as we respect to implementers, we dont care either. This is a learning project for us, and we hope to develop our external DSL creation skills.

automation testing uat


Project for hosting my WoW addons! Please note, these addons are of BETA quality, and I will release stable versions to a website such as WoWInterface. Note that my addons are not licensed under the GNU General Public License V2, however Google Code does not give an option to choose "none of the above." Please follow these guidelines: You can modify my code in any way, shape, or form and redistribute it under a different name. Please do not choose a name such as AstroMeters Reborn or AstroMeters Fan Update or some such -- make it original. You can freely redistribute my unaltered addons in addon compilations. You are not required to give credit for any redistribution of my addons or code within. You are not given permission to mirror my addons without my permission. I release to select websites so I can maintain them correctly and more easily monitor user feedback. Thank you!

lua worldofwarcraft wowaddon addon wow mod


Mosqi.to's website based on actionscript 3 and papervision3d.

papervision3d actionscript3 mosqito flash9


A solution to Magento's lack of store-based permissions for backend users in the community edition. This project is intended to develop a backend for Magento that will allow restriction by website for backend users. An example of this is several 'retailers' each managing their own website while sharing the inventory and product line of a master Magento installation. Each 'retailer' would need to be able to set their own prices and manage content of their website while being restricted from changing the other websites associated with the Magento installation. What this entails can be seen in the project requirements. For those wanting a quick and slightly messy work around, the older SOAP based version is in downloads. At this point, however, the extension is more functional. See the Wiki for the preliminary Project Requirements SVN is working now; to test the module, you only need to copy the app folder to your Magento installation directory. Avoid testing in production environments unless you really know what you are doing! Extension is now in downloads. Notice: This module is close to completion. If I don't wind up getting enough help with this soon, I will likely release it as a commercial package on Magento Connect rather than a free one. Linking a user to a store requires knowing what the store_id is. Unless you've erased a store, the ID should match the order of creation (i.e. 1st is 1, 2nd is 2). If you have deleted a store, you can find the ID number in the magento database under the core_website table. Current Status: The module right now can: Too much to list anymore. If you want to know, look through the change log under Source



Expression Calculator v0.9??????????????????????????C?????????????C++Builder????????? Offical website: http://www.shaohui.org/exprcalc.html

Monitter for DNN

Monitter for DNN allows you to easily display a real-time feed of twitter search results on your website. This is a great solution for tracking conferences or technologies where a keyword search can find all relevant Twitter posts.

module dnn


OverviewA jQuery plugin that allows you to easily insert Google Maps into you website. Supports: Single or multiple addresses using either a latitude/longitude or a "real" address (uses Geocoding).

longitude jquery mapping javascript plugin latitude map address


my first website,



Freemind is mind map editor. This is an editor for s60v3 phones File format i compatible with freemind on PC but very easiest for more information about freemind see a freemind website http://freemind.sourceforge.net


This is the home of the development of the website for BarCamp Montreal.,


What is this about?Codes that I have written and licensed under the MIT license. Home: http://www.sees-design.net What do you have here?QuickTwitter, a minimalistic wxPython Twitter client (also view QuickTwitterToDo) WebTwitter, a tweet only custom Twitter client for those who can't access Twitter's main website (also view WebTwitterToDo). Random codes that I have done for learning purposes

sees-design personal


This project is used to host a backup of the Akeley Wood School Student Website run by CLAWS. The current project co-ordinator should make sure this code backup is the same as the current live site. All users all allowed access to the backup, but only members of CLAWS may commit changes. If you are a member of CLAWS and have not recived permission for this project please contact the current CLAWS Co-ordinator for assistance.