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Absolut Engine, a news publishing system once, more of content management system (CMS) today, aims to be a simple and flexible PHP framework. With introduction of modules in v1.70 and a rewrite in v1.72 everything seems to be on way to stable and efficient PHP framework. This is CMS with XHTML 1.0 Strict valid output, using PHP/MySQL, clean URLs/friendly URLs, SEO (search engine optimization) enabled CMS.

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I know I will have nothing on any of the other more popular frameworks out there, and I do owe some credit to the others for help they have given me along the way. The others are excellent as I have used them myself, but found that the code got harder as they upgraded more... and more PHP was needed instead of just using CSS, and images to create a Wordpress theme. If you are looking for the perfect all out with many options framework please check out some of the others. If you want to use CSS and XHTML or even easily convert a static HTML / XHTML site to Wordpress.. Then check out my framework. I am designing it to be as basic as possible, and very functional as well as being SEO friendly. This Blank-Wordpress framework is meant to cater to the more "simple" users looking to obtain a blank slate and style using CSS, while not having to worry much at all about any PHP code. Everything under the hood will be set to work, and updated to ensure it works with all future Wordpress releases. For this you will need to know some basic CSS to get going, but I will provide support and examples to get you started. Framework includes an archives page template, and some other basic items. Sidebar is hard-coded but can easily be changed to a 2 sidebar right, left, centered content... or any way you wish. Feel free to ask questions as they come up.

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O projetoO foco principal deste projeto é facilitar e tornar mais eficiente a pesquisa por informações relevantes, organizando os resultados obtidos de diversos buscadores em uma única interface e de simples utilização. Para isso, este projeto disponibiliza a gestão do cadastro das fontes de busca registradas pelos administradores da ferramenta em uma intuitiva interface web. O sistema é capaz de realizar buscas em qualquer outra aplicação web que já realize algum tipo de busca e retorne os dados no formato RSS. Se a resposta da busca não respeita este formato pode-se cadastrar um arquivo de parser que, por meio de expressões XPATH e transformações XSLT aplicadas a XHTML, transforme este resultado em RSS. O manual de utilização apresenta maiores detalhes de como administrar e configurar as fontes de busca. Para garantir robustez e eficiência, a obtenção das requisições das pesquisas são processadas paralelamente e os seus resultados salvos em um sistema de cache capaz de atualizar as pesquisas realizadas de acordo com o uso do metabuscador. O sistema é completamente escalável, pois permite a configuração de vários servidores para realizar as pesquisas. Veja em dicas de configuração como escalar e otimizar o Metabus. Mais detalhes técnicos sobre o projeto também podem ser visto na wiki de tecnologias utilizadas e modelagem do sistema. Detalhes de instalação podem ser encontrados no manual de instalação. Durante o desenvolvimento haverá uma instância do metabus instalada em: http://metabus.aquarela3.com.br ColaboradoresInterlegisEste projeto iniciou-se com a necessidade do Programa Interlegis de permitir a realização de pesquisas centralizadas por informações descentralizadas, a fim de melhorar a comunicação e o fluxo de informação entre os legisladores e aumentar a eficiência e competência das Casas Legislativas. O resultado final será utilizado no Portal Interlegis buscando informações administrativas, legais e técnicas nos diversos sistemas de informações das Casas Legislativas e do próprio programa Interlegis. Os requisitos funcionais deste produto pode ser visto com mais detalhes no Termo de Referencia

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DescriptionA PHP framework for rapidly creating classes that mirror MySQL tables. The Simpl framework comes with the basic functions to list, display and edit records from the database. With this framework a simple manager and front of a site can be created within a few minutes. An example database, manager and front end are included with the framework. FeaturesNo Installation/PEAR/Root Access required Database table abstraction Automatically configured database functions (ie. GetInfo, GetList, Save, Delete, Search and Form) Advanced automatic form creation to mirror database/class expectations, XHTML compliant and ADA accessible. Table structure caching, Query level caching, and saving of inserts or updates to the filesystem if the database is unavailable. Ability to query cross databases on the same server Form validation Upload, Move, Copy, Delete and List Files Resize and Rotate Images Email with class abstraction with support for attachments RSS0.91, RSS1.0, RSS2.0, ATOM Feeds CVS, JSON, XML and SQL Exports JSON encoding and decoding support GoalsEasy Install. No need to be an administrator. Minimal Server Load. Created for a high traffic shared server environment. Straightforward API. No need to dig through documentation, functions are naturally named. Stop Wasting Time. Time is precious, no need to reinvent the wheel. OtherStuffCheckout the PoweredBySimpl wiki page to view and add your site using the PHPSimpl framework. The VersionHistory has been updated to reflect the past implementations of PHPSimpl The Roadmap shows where we are going with the project on our way to Release 1.0

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TextMate XHTML Bundle that extends the functionality of the default HTML bundle,

Glossword - Glossary Compiler

Glossword is a system written in PHP to create and publish online multilingual dictionary, glossary, or encyclopedia. Notable features: installation wizard, a custom alphabetic toolbar, history of editing for terms, delayed postings, SEF support and SEO enhancements, visual themes, a multicolumn listing of terms, export/import dictionaries in XML and CSV format, built-in search and cache engines, a multifunctional feedback form with CAPTCHA, UTF-8 encoding, XHTML 1.1.


Wicket response filter that validates XHTML markup,


Zoundry Raven is a next generation WYSIWYG blog editor that makes posting to your blogs easier and faster. It's as easy to use as a word processor, and includes simple tools to add links, tags, photos, music and video files, and more. Tabbed WYSIWYG EditingRaven hides powerful XHTML editing behind our intuitive UI so you can be sure that what you create is what others will see online. Multiple Blogs Made EasyDo you have multiple blogs for different audiences? Raven makes it easy to write and publish to separate blogs all with one editor. Improved Content ManagementWith Raven's powerful indexer, you can browse all of your previous posts across all of your blogs by tags, links, or images. Portable ApplicationInstall Raven as a Portable Application on your flash/thumb drive. Raven will stay out of your Windows registry and let you take your Blogging on the road. Help Wanted!If you are a developer and are interested in joining our team, please send an email to: support @ zoundry.com Include the terms "Open Source" in the subject of your email. We'd love to hear from you. We're actively looking to recruit new developers to help us make Raven the best offline blog editor in the world. More Information (Links)Official web site: http://www.zoundryraven.com Getting Started Developing Raven: http://code.google.com/p/zoundryraven/wiki/WikiGettingStarted

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It's "simply" a PHP framework to create easily mobile (e.g. available for J2ME applications or XHTML, HDML, i-mode(TM), MML, PDA's and voice browsers) services or informative systems. Let's start with a demo application... Download this file: http://camilaframework.googlecode.com/files/camilaframework-standalone-demo-server2go-1.0.zip UnZip it Launch Server2Go.exe The application should start: I'm sorry, it's in Italian...

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RedStart no es un CMS, si no es una plantilla configurable que nos permite inciar cualquier proyecto web. Y permite configurar nativamente alguinos parametros de: PHP (db) + Smarti(motor de platillas) + Jquery + UI + BluePrint (css) + Xhtml (headers) + Google Analytics.

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MicroBrowser4ME - J2ME Browser Core

Small footprint J2ME browser core for displaying XHTML and HTML documents on Wireless Java enabled embedded devices. Derived from a student project at the FH Joanneum (University of Applied Sciences Kapfenberg, Austria)


a javascript slideshow presentation engine. understands simplified S5 (a simple XHTML-based presentation format). comes with a default slideshow UI, switchable look-and-feel. the core engine and UI are cleanly separated, enable you to build own custom UI. See the demo slideshow now. DownloadaltPreso is on the way towards its first official release. Mean while, you can check out the latest project source code from svn repository: svn checkout http://altpreso.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ altpreso or, you can download altpreso-latest.tar.gz or altpreso-latest.zip. I will try to keep them up-to-date.

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Teknologjia Informatike (IT) ne SHQIP

Ky eshte nje projekt i HAPUR/FALAS per publikun Shqip-foles i cili permban nje seri Video-Kursesh, Udhezime, dhe Shembuj Kodi per gjuhe (web) si: XHTML, CSS, JS, PHP, AS3 etj. si dhe per Desktop: C++, Java, Adobe Air etj. + programe/praktika te ndryshme.


A build of HTMLTidy for Flash via Alchemy. The zip includes Flash and Flex examples. This library may eventually be usable as a plugin for the Cannonball web library.

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Info5SeatsThe 5Seats project was developed with technologies, tools, methodologies like: Rails, RJS, LDAP, MySQL, GoogleMaps API, XHTML, CSS, Gettext, Resource-oriented architecture(RESTful resources), Continuous integration via. Capistrano, TDD, Log4r, Rcov ... read more FlamrThe Flamr project is currently just a prototype implementation which started in Oktober 2007. Some of the technologies we currently use to build up the concept and prototype of this open mobile social network: Rails, Rspec for BDD, ROA, ActiveResource, ActiveMQ, ActiveMessaging, Capistrano, Apache, Mongrel rails cluster, microformats, role-based authorization, opensocial, J2ME, autodesk api, trac ... flamr home


OsoFrameworkWeb robot framework, works with .NET 3.5 and Mono 2.3. Example code: // using read string goog1 = Read(new HttpSettings { Query = "http://www.google.com" }); // using get XDocument for url // pre parsing is for manually parsing non conforming XHTML var goog2 = ReadXml(new HttpSettings { Query = "http://www.google.com" }, x => x); byte[] a = ReadWebBinaryResource("http://subsonicproject.com/content/images/SubSonicSMall.png"); // Example: Parse site using registed navigation steps // Get states states = Navigation.First.Read().ParseXElement (data => { return from lnk in GetTagElements(data, "").HtmlAnchors() where lnk.Attribute("HREF") != null && lnk.Attribute("HREF").Value.StartsWith("/sv/buscar.html") select lnk; } );Tutorials: How to create a new robot

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xdobu provides a php5 Framework for building and manipulating the Html DOM in php. After building up the complete DOM it can be rendered to valid and strict HTML4|XHTML Code. Check out the projekt page for more infos!


This is a Top Sites List Script by Kiru42 with ranking by in/out. SEO Optimized.

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XhtmlParser is a simple HTML/XHTML parser written in PHP5 object oriented. XHtmlParser allows you to iterate/modify XHTML nodes and get/set their attributes. It parse XHTML data to build object structure.


A initial framework for creating XTHML / CSS layouts,