Example Any words: php_solr

Example All words: Simple PHP Agenda


PHP library to manipulate and generate responsive images,


Geometric algorithms library for the VFX industry,


Electronics Lab PH's code library



sary is a suffix array library and tools.,


A PHP Library to use and enjoy the RESTful Bitly API to shorten URLs, expand and more.

Blue Screens of Death

Simulates Blue Screens of Death from several systems, primarily Micro$oftWindow$. It's made in a way that eases adding new BSODs. As an executable, has optional flag to sleep before BSODing so you can surprise your friends! As a library, you can integrate a BSOD on any SDL surface.



This is a ray tracing debugger built with Python using the "visual" library.,

python utility graphics

The Gedcom parser library

The Gedcom parser library is a C library that provides an API to applications to parse and process arbitrary genealogy files in the standard gedcom format.

exeQ: A Java ICQ Library

Its a fast, simple and easy to use ICQ library written 100% in Java.,


In order to integrate the SQLite database driver into the OSGi framework, this project will release pre-packaged bundles containing the library including appropriate fragments for each supported platform. It will also release an experimental SQLite dialect for Hibernate.

sqlite osgi

heycarsten's email-veracity

A Ruby library for checking the real-world validity of email addresses.,

SPContentLoader for Sharepoint 2010

It was used to upload 1 million records to a single document library !,

Full Folder Path In SharePoint 2010 Library Breadcrumb

A delegate contro for SharePoint 2010 that modifies OOTB doc.library/list breadcrumb to set a full path to the current folder instead of the truncated original.


Essence EditorEssence Editor is an editing tool chain developed for Project Essence on top of Java Monkey Engine version 2.0. It includes a character editing perspective that allows creation and editing of animated, particle effect decorated character sets. And a world editing perspective that allows terrain sculpting, texture painting, static entity placements, light placements and advanced atmospherical effect editing of the world. Official Project Essence Blog Current Release1. Essence Editor Character Perspective version 1.0 for both Windows and MacOSX. Installation Instruction1. Windows version. Directly unzip the zip file and double click on "Essence Editor.exe". 2. MacOSX version. Directly unzip the zip file and double click on "Essence Editor" Note: The editor is a standalone application. No other library files are needed for the use of editor itself. Exported Binary File Usage InstructionThis is the instruction of how to use exported binary mesh and animation files. Not the editor itself. 1. In order to use the exported binary mesh and animation files in your application, you need to include two library files, jME2.0 and Aeon-Pipeline. See example source code for detailed usage instructions. 2. It is also suggested to use the released corresponding jME2.0 snapshot on this site for best compatibility. 3. MD5Importer project can be found here Tutorial Lessons1. Essence Editor Tutorial - Lesson 1 Creating a new character 2. Essence Editor Tutorial - Lesson 2 Adding animations to character 3. Essence Editor Tutorial - Lesson 3 Adding textures to character 4. Essence Editor Tutorial - Lesson 4 Adding particle effect to character 5. Essence Editor Tutorial - Lesson 5 Import binary exported mesh file Preview Image

painting projectessence character sculpting editor javamonkeyengine jme gaming 3dgraphics world terrain


Currently discussing how to develop a media library. Google Sites wiki for project: http://sites.google.com/site/cs340project1/



This is a library for easy accessing chip cards /smart cards via a chipcard reader. It currently works under Linux, FreeBSD and Windows. It is tested with Towitoko and Kobil readers.


libmsntp is a full-featured, compact, portable SNTP library. (SNTP is a simplified version of NTP.)


A library of font management, which allows you to flexibly combine different fonts to display text


An Automatic Update Library for .net ApplicationsThe library provides a simple secure means for checking a remote web server for application updates. Details of the available updates can be displayed to the user. An installer program is then downloaded, verified and run. See the Getting Started guide for details. Below is the signing and configuration tool:

winforms auto-update systemwindowsforms autoupdate net vbnet csharp update


A simple recurly client library you can use in your wordpress plugins to interact with the recurly api.