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Essence EditorEssence Editor is an editing tool chain developed for Project Essence on top of Java Monkey Engine version 2.0. It includes a character editing perspective that allows creation and editing of animated, particle effect decorated character sets. And a world editing perspective that allows terrain sculpting, texture painting, static entity placements, light placements and advanced atmospherical effect editing of the world. Official Project Essence Blog Current Release1. Essence Editor Character Perspective version 1.0 for both Windows and MacOSX. Installation Instruction1. Windows version. Directly unzip the zip file and double click on "Essence Editor.exe". 2. MacOSX version. Directly unzip the zip file and double click on "Essence Editor" Note: The editor is a standalone application. No other library files are needed for the use of editor itself. Exported Binary File Usage InstructionThis is the instruction of how to use exported binary mesh and animation files. Not the editor itself. 1. In order to use the exported binary mesh and animation files in your application, you need to include two library files, jME2.0 and Aeon-Pipeline. See example source code for detailed usage instructions. 2. It is also suggested to use the released corresponding jME2.0 snapshot on this site for best compatibility. 3. MD5Importer project can be found here Tutorial Lessons1. Essence Editor Tutorial - Lesson 1 Creating a new character 2. Essence Editor Tutorial - Lesson 2 Adding animations to character 3. Essence Editor Tutorial - Lesson 3 Adding textures to character 4. Essence Editor Tutorial - Lesson 4 Adding particle effect to character 5. Essence Editor Tutorial - Lesson 5 Import binary exported mesh file Preview Image

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This is a temporary project hosting page where I'll put a set of components and codes. those components will become a part of a .Net/Web 2.0 framework. TinyMCE PluginsTinyMCE is an awesome WYSIWYG html editor, the 3rd version commes with a big increase of the editor respond time, and an anhanced plugin interface. TinyMCE comes with a very basic html code editor. if you need to modify the html directly, the editor opens the code on a simple textarea. I searched over the web and found two interesting projects for html syntax highlighting CodeMirror a lightweight syntax highligh editor EditArea an advanced code editor with features like : serch/replace, line numbers, callbacks, plugins support ...etc Since I use TinyMCE in many of my projects, I decided to write two plugins to integrate those editors. EditArea integration pluginhttp://eurekaa.googlecode.com/files/editarea.zip CodeMirror integration pluginhttp://eurekaa.googlecode.com/files/codemirror.zip


2009-08-19 Back from vacation. Added Download tool to Jamake. This completes minimal set of "must" tools for software build instrument and moves Jamake very close to release, which is planed for the end of August, 2009 jamake is about developing convenience, better code visibility, debugging and easier integration Currently available Tools and Features: help target method java tool javac tool zip tool jar tool javadoc tool exec tool stopwatch tool current directory setting and stack-poping indented printouts capability to call other classes and targets date version tool directory and file management tools Source Link prints (allows jump into the source from prints output) generic and uniformed tools options file filtering management mechanism eclipse template project for easy start with jamake file download tool 2009-07-20 Jamake code example import java.io.File; import java.util.jar.Attributes.Name; import estereos.jamake.JamakeTools; import estereos.jamake.factories.FileFactory; import estereos.jamake.factories.ToolsFactory; public class Build extends JamakeTools { /** * Real Jamake Build Target */ public void build(String[] sArgs) { print(">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>"); ToolsFactory.setToolsVerbose(true); String sProjectName = FileFactory.getCurDirFile().getName(); printSourceLink(); javac.setSource("1.4"); javac.setTarget("1.4"); javac.setDestination("./jamake/classes"); // javac.setVerbose(); javac.setClasspath(listFiles("./", "jar")); javac.run("./src"); timer.splitwatch("Compilation"); javadoc.setDestination("./jamake/classes/javadoc"); javadoc.run("./src"); timer.splitwatch("Javadoc"); jar.setBasePath("./jamake/classes"); jar.setDestFile("./jamake/jars/" + sProjectName + "-" + sDateStamp + ".jar"); jar.setLevel(jar.I_LEVEL_BEST_COMPRESSION); jar.setManifestAttr(Name.CLASS_PATH, "javadoc"); jar.setManifestAttr(Name.IMPLEMENTATION_TITLE, sProjectName); jar.run(); timer.splitwatch("Binary packaging"); zip.setBasePath("./src"); zip.setIncludeParent(true); zip.setDestFile("./jamake/jars/" + sProjectName + "-src-" + sDateStamp + ".zip"); zip.setLevel(jar.I_LEVEL_BEST_COMPRESSION); zip.setSort(true); zip.addExclude(".*/\\..*"); zip.run(); timer.splitwatch("Sources packaging"); print("<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< time, it is my home project. It is on pre-design stage now. I would be happy to hear ideas, suggestions or even critics. I know that this is not a first such attempt to build such tool (pjmake for example), but who knows, may be this time we will succeed...


LucidDB is the first and only open-source RDBMS purpose-built entirely for data warehousing and business intelligence. It is based on architectural cornerstones such as column-store, bitmap indexing, hash join/aggregation, and page-level multiversioning. See http://www.luciddb.org/ for more details. Currently LucidDB has only JDBC and ADO.NET providers and that's why can be used only from JAVA or .NET apps. The main goal of PG2LucidDB project is to fill this gap & make it's possible to use the power of LucidDB from any third-party applications & programming languages like Perl, PHP or whatever you like. This is a cross-platform tool which acts as a bridge between PostgreSQL's frontend protocol and LucidDB database engine (http://www.luciddb.org/). In another words - this is the only tool (at the moment) which allows to access LucidDB from almost any programming language which has native driver for widely known PostgreSQL database. For more details please refer to Readme.txt file inside the ZIP package and see sample scripts in /samples directory.

java postgresql column-based sql luciddb rdbms


IntroductionJquery Form Extensions is a small plugin to assist with common form-related tasks in jQuery. It doesn't provide automated form validation, form to JSON or anything similar. It's a set of methods for common form tasks. Most of these are easily achieved with jQuery, this plugin aims to give a more fluent API which in the process helps to make the code more readable, testable and concise. Coming from a .NET background, the naming of the functions is geared towards the ASP.NET controls, however it should be intuitive to most frameworks. DownloadThe downloads comes as either the minified script, or a full zip with the tests (and example usage) and un-minified source. The un-minified source contains Javascript documentation and Visual Studio friendly documentation too. Example// elementExists is also added if ($("#someid").elementExists()) alert("found it"); // Select box related $("#mydropdown").isDropDownList(); // Can be any of the items from a list of radio boxes - it will use the name $("#randomradioboxitem").isRadioBox("myvalue"); $("#radioboxitem").isSelected("myvalue"); // The value of the item selected. For multiple selects it's the first value $("#radioboxitem").selectedValue(); // Various, others include password, hidden. Buttons also $("#mytextbox").isTextBox(); $("#mycheck").isCheckBox(); $("#multi-select").isSelected("one", "two", "three"); // Returns the 'type' property or 'select-one' 'select-multiple' var fieldType = $("#someid").formElementType();Documentation(Full documentation is coming shortly) Functions added: elementExists() formElementType() - returns a string isTextBox() isTextArea() isPassword() isHiddenInput() isCheckBox() isRadioBox() isButton() isSubmitButton() isResetButton() isSelectBox() isMultiSelectBox() isDropDownList() isChecked() itemExists(item) - item is a string value to compare Select box (and radiobox) relatedisSelected(val) - val is a string value to compare selectedItem() - returns a jQuery object firstSelectedItem() - returns a jQuery object lastSelectedItem() - returns a jQuery object selectedValue() - returns a string selectedValues() - returns an array of strings The textbox and button functions don't necessarily add much value to the plugin, but are there for completeness. ContributingRecommendations for improvements to the source or new functions are welcome, or contributing as a member. Some features that would be nice to add would be add/removal functions for select boxes.

forms jquery

U.S. Address Matching API Library

A C/C++ API library for your application to verify U.S. mailing address formatting with Zip+4 and delivery point code. Ideal for mass mailing at discounted, pre-sorted bulk mail from the U.S. Post Office.


Zipmt is a command line utility that speeds up bzip2 compression by dividing the file into multiple parts and compressing them independently in separate threads and then combining them back into a single .bz2 file. It depends on glib and libbz2 and is written in C. Features:Compresses files much faster then bzip2 with similar compression rates. Uses multiple threads for multi-CPU efficiency gains. Handy -v (verbose) mode lets you see progress per thread. Can compress large (> 2GB) files. Can compress from an input stream for pipeline processing. Limitations:Can not decompress (use bunzip2 for that). Performance:See for yourself. It's easy to see the difference on a large file: /home/drusifer> ls -lh bigfile.txt -rw-r--r-- 1 drusifer drusifer 783M Mar 23 14:09 bigfile.txtFirst I'll use bzip2 to compress it: /home/drusifer> time bzip2 bigfile.txt 477.820u 1.080s 8:06.11 98.5% 0+0k 0+0io 102pf+0w /home/drusifer> ls -lh bigfile.txt.bz2 -rw-r--r-- 1 drusifer drusifer 59M Mar 23 14:09 bigfile.txt.bz2That took just over eight minutes and compressed my file to 59M. Now I'll try zipmt. My machine has four CPUs so I'll tell it to use four threads via the -t option: /home/drusifer> time zipmt -t 4 bigfile.txt.bz2 0.000u 0.400s 1:57.27 0.3% 0+0k 0+0io 152pf+0w /home/drusifer> ls -lh bigfile.txt.bz2 -rw-r--r-- 1 drusifer drusifer 59M Mar 23 14:26 bigfile.txt.bz2Zipmt only took two minutes and achieved the same compression ratio as bzip2! It's four times faster then regular bzip2 because it's using four CPUs instead of just one!

multi-threaded compression zip c bzip

MSSQL Compressed Backup

MSSQL Compressed Backup compresses SQL Server 2000, 2005 and 2008 databases on the fly using bzip2, zip, or gzip compression. It saves the data in the standard SQL Server backup file format so that standard decompression and restoring tools can be used.


This is a jQuery powered image gallery. It has some interesting features such as Image scrolling with mouse. Fading effect etc. Very easy to use and much more customizable. GoalThe goal of the project is to provide a nice gallery plugin which is fairly easy to use and very customizable. ImplementationI used jQuery as my primary choice of javascript framework. I followed some instruction from Remy Sharp at jQruey for designers blog. My initial goal was to create some animation effect like galleria plugin. InstallationDownload the archived zip file. the demo page is a sample to what the gallery does. Live DemoThe sample page is here ImprovementThe script is now under testing.

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Heuristica is a font, based on the ?Adobe Utopia? font that was released to the TeX Users Group under a liberal license. It is distributed under the terms of SIL Open Font License. You need fontforge and xgridfit in order to build truetype fonts from the sources. Archives in Downloads section could be unpacked using xz or 7-zip version later than 9.04.

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SUMMARYBased on the theory-crafting done at Shadowpriest.com. The PseudoPower addon will place the calculated PseudoPower (PP) rating of an item directly in the items tooltips. It also includes the rating including hit if applicable (PPH). Development NoteThe author of this addon has stopped playing World of Warcraft which makes it very difficult to test changes so development has come to a grinding halt. I would still like to continue to develop the addon as I think it's useful but without a way to test changes I just simply can't. If another developer would like to join the project to help with testing and debugging please let me know though a message or issue ticket. Thanks - Indemnity83 Installation GuideExit "World of Warcraft" completely Download the mod Make a folder on your desktop called "My Mods" Save the .zip/.rar files to this folder. If, when you try to download the file, it automatically "opens" it... you need to RIGHT click on the link and "save as..." or "Save Target As". Extract the file - commonly known as 'unzipping' Windows Windows XP has a built in ZIP extractor. Double click on the file to open it, inside should be the file or folders needed. Copy these outside to the "My Mods" folder. WinRAR: Right click the file, select "Extract Here" WinZip: You MUST make sure the option to "Use Folder Names" is CHECKED or it will just extract the files and not make the proper folders how the Authors designed Mac Users StuffitExpander: Double click the archive to extract it to a folder in the current directory. Verify your WoW Installation Path. That is where you are running WoW from and THAT is where you need to install your mods. Move to the Addon folder Open your World of Warcraft folder. (default is C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\) Go into the "Interface" folder. Go into the "AddOns" folder. In a new window, open the "My Mods" folder. The "My Mods" folder should have the "Addonname" folder in it. Move the "Addonname" folder into the "AddOns" folder tart World of Warcraft ake sure AddOns are installed Log in At the Character Select screen, look in lower left corner for the "addons" button. If button is there: make sure all the mods you installed are listed and make sure "load out of date addons" is checked. If the button is NOT there: means you did not install the addons properly. Look at the above screenshots. Try repeating the steps or getting someone who knows more about computers than you do to help. TranslationsCurrently the addon has no Localization, and is US only. If anybody would like to assist me in translating this addon, Please submit a Issue ticket. Mac SupportWoW addons are not platformed based. As such, they can be used on either Mac or PC. You can extract both .zip and .rar files on a Mac using StuffitExpander.

worldofwarcraft pseudopower shadowpriest


Ruby bindings for libzip. libzip is a C library for reading, creating, and modifying zip archives.


?????????????? Poton Capture????????? ??????Download:PotonCapt1_02.zip 2009/06/17 Updated ????Windows XP, Vista .net Framework 2.0

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Tools to work with WADL files. For example generate it from Spring MVC info, or download it and grammars from an URL to a zip file.


IntroductionEver faced the challenge to be able to scan RAR archives using Java? Wished the API was as simple and easy to use as the ones provided for ZIP and JAR handling in Java? Don't want the hassles of including expensive native code into your Java application? RARoScope is here to solve all these woes. The following lines are all you've to write to list out all the entries of a RAR file, say, "D:/Data.rar". // Construct the RARFile object using the file path RARFile file = new RARFile("D:/Data.rar"); // Get the handle to the Enumeration Enumeration entries = file.entries(); // Iterate and print while (entries.hasMoreElements()) { RAREntry entry = entries.nextElement(); System.out.println(entry.getName()); } Impressed? I sure was thrilled when I first wrote the library! Go ahead, download RARoScope and start using it in your applications right now. What RARoScope can do?Exposing a simple API, RARoScope packs the following rich features. Enhanced checking for true RAR archives. RARoScope ensures false RAR archives such as files with just a ".rar" extension do not interrupt further processing by reading and verifying the RAR marker header block and throwing exceptions where appropriate. A rich RAREntry class. RARoScope reads almost all the information available in a RAR archive and loads them into the RAREntry instances. Following are the file metadata retrieved. Full file name including the path Date and Time the file was modified/created Compressed file size Uncompressed file size The CRC checksum for the file Whether a file is a directory The operating system on which the file was added to the archive The compression method used The RAR version required to decompress and retrieve the file Optimized for performance. RARoScope has been designed to make efficient use of the underlying byte buffer so that very few I/O reads happen in each cycle. An effect of this is improved performance with very small cycle iteration times. What RARoScope can't do?However, because of various factors, RARoScope does have its limitations and can't do the following. Creating RAR archives. Because of the proprietary nature of the RAR archive format, RARoScope can't be used to create RAR archives. Reading file contents/decompressing. Since RARoScope has been poised as more of a "RAR scanning library" rather than a "RAR decompressor" for Java, it can't do the decompressing part. However, this is open to change in the near future. Depending on the response I get, I might implement a decompressing logic. Reading RAR entries with comments. RARoScope doesn't support reading comments and entries with comments as of now. Multi-volume RAR archives. RARoScope doesn't support reading multi-volume archives yet.

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EWItoolEWI (n.) - An acronym for Electric Wind Instrument tool (n.) - A device that enables the accomplishment of a task not otherwise possible. EWItool is an open source controller for the popular Akai EWI4000s wind synthesizer. EWItool includes a fully graphical sound (patch) editor and patch library management. From version 0.4 onwards there is access to an online patch repository for sharing patches with others. For details please see EWIPatchExchange . EWItool has been developed by Steve Merrony for both Linux and Windows. Zip files of executables are available for Windows users. Other contributors have provided a Debian package (i386 lenny/sid) and a Gentoo ebuild which are available in the Download section. Debian package sources are also available in the "contrib/debian" SVN folder. If you download EWItool, please provide us with feedback preferably by joining our Google Group. ScreenshotsSee here! FeaturesIntegrated access to an online EWI Patch Exchange More control over patches than the 'other' editors! Load all patches from EWI Real-time graphical patch editing Patch processing (randomise, make dry, remove noise, merge two patches, etc.) Patch renaming etc. Patch Set printing Persistent clipboard for saving work-in-progress Creation of new patch libraries Import ".bnk" and ".sqs" files Export and import single-patch .syx files Natively works with ".syx" files PlatformsEWItool will run on 32- and 64-bit Linux, and 32-bit Windows. See the project wiki for more details on installing and running EWItool.

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If you want to monitor a measured electrical parameter (voltage, current, resistance, etc.) over a period of time, this python program can talk to a Radio Shack digital multimeter over the serial port and print out its readings. Besides needing the multimeter and a serial cable to connect to the meter, you'll need to download the PySerial module: http://pyserial.sourceforge.net. If you don't have python, you can get it at http://www.python.org/. Here's a picture of the meter: The meter costs about $70 from Radio Shack. It can measure AC and DC voltage (0.1 mV to 1000 V), AC and DC current (0.1 uA to 10 A), and resistance (0.1 ohm to 40 Mohm). It will also measure capacitance (1 pF to 40 uF), frequency (10 Hz to 4 MHz), duty cycle, pulse width, AC voltage in dBm (1 mW), diode voltage drop, logic high and low levels, and the DC gain of small bipolar transistors (0 to 1000). In conjunction with an optional thermocouple module, it will also measure temperature. It can auto range or manual range, measure minimum and maximum values, and it has a relative measurement mode which subtracts the reading shown when the REL button is pressed from subsequent readings. Depending on the measurements, measurement accuracy is in the 0.5% to 1% range. The python code provided has an RS22812 object that you create by specifying the COM port that the meter is connected to (e.g., a number for Windows or a device for Linux). Then you call the GetReading() method of this object. You'll be returned a tuple of three things: the measured value, the meter's mode, and any annunciator flags that are on. Or, you can run the provided code as a stand-alone script and it will print the timestamped meter readings to stdout. Here's an example: 16Aug2009-16:42:21 [1] ('129.7 mV', 'DC V', ('Auto',)) 16Aug2009-16:42:23 [2] ('129.7 mV', 'DC V', ('Auto',)) 16Aug2009-16:42:24 [3] ('129.7 mV', 'DC V', ('Auto',)) 16Aug2009-16:42:26 [4] ('2.4 mV~', 'AC V', ('Auto',)) 16Aug2009-16:42:28 [5] ('0.0 mV~', 'AC V', ('Auto',)) 16Aug2009-16:42:30 [6] ('0.0 mV~', 'AC V', ('Auto',)) 16Aug2009-16:42:32 [7] ('0.0 mV~', 'AC V', ('Auto',))The meter first started reading the DC voltage of a power supply, then I switched the meter to measure AC voltage. The '~' appended to the SI unit designates an AC measurement. The RS22812 object's code is pretty simple, so you can easily customize the output to your tastes. As seen in the above example, the minimum time between readings is about 1.5 seconds. The manual states the battery life should be around 100 hours. I would imagine the battery life would be less when RS-232 communications are turned on, but you still likely would be able to get 100,000 or more readings on one battery. If you need more, it would not be difficult to power the meter from a power supply such as a 9 volt wall wart (or use a lithium battery). The zip file for the release also includes a wxPython program that provides a simple GUI. Here's a screenshot: Update 9 Mar 2010: a user named chursch submitted a file with some changes to make it easier to use on Linux. This is the file rs22812_linux.py in the zip file.

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zip module for appcelerators titanium mobile,


A class to help PHP coders use the data.lotro.com service over REST. You will need an API and Developer key from Turbine to use this class. You can find out how to get one here: http://my.lotro.com/bracket/2009/04/09/developers-introducing-datalotrocom/ You can now download the class in a zip complete with documetation and demo page. http://data-lotro-com-php-helper-class.googlecode.com/files/data.lotro.com.0.04.zip The latest version will always be in SVN. For this helper to run correctly it requires a direcory with read/write access to cache the files, PHP configured so that either the curl extension is enabled or fopen can be used to get URLs and PHP5. If you want to use a database rather than file caching please ask as this feature could be added. To submit a patch, update, or extension (or contribute to this project in some other way) please send a mail to renkosi@smog-it.co.uk with your google email address and I will add you as a developer to this project. You can view the documentation here: http://data.lotro.renkosi.com/doc You can view the demo page here: http://data.lotro.renkosi.com/demo/test.php

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Dear All, You can find this website with "android group korea" keyword at the http://www.google.com website easily. In fact, I was motivated this name from japan groups(usenet) called by "http://groups.google.com/group/android-group-japan". This website is maintained under the apache 2 license officially. If you have questions , Contact to leemgs.at.gmaill.com ( GeunSik Lim or invain ) or use http://groups.google.com/group/android-group-korea website. Official Name is follows. Community Name is "Android-Group-Korea" in english. Community Name is "????? ?? ???" in korean. What is the origianl goal of "android-group-korea" name? The Answer is simple. Study Linux & OpenSource(GCC,Glibc,busybox, Etc) based technical knowledge with android platform in english. I am still technical core staff as a founding member of the http://www.kandroid.org (korea android communtiy)website. But, Our community supports korean language for korea developers only. So, I just prepared some articles and videos and files for sharing my experience in english. After all, The most of people all over the world will understand explanation of this site because I posted all contents in english mostly. Password is "android-group-korea" to decompress compressed files that I uploaded in the "Downloads" tab menu. alzip software to decompress is located in http://android-gropu-korea.googlecode.com/files/alzip_eng_632_freeware.zip . The "android-group-korea" consists of 3 websites for efficient management like belows. ?Official Website ( To support Articles , Howto )http://sites.google.com/site/androidgroupkorea/ ?Code Website ( To support Code & Manual )http://code.google.com/p/android-group-korea/ ?Discusstion Website ( For Q/A , Discussion about android )http://groups.google.com/group/android-group-korea Links Korea Android Community : htttp://www.kandroid.org China Android Community : http://www.androidos.cc/dev/ , http://www.china-android.org/ Japan Android Community: http://www.android-group.jp/ Taiwan Android Community: http://www.android1.net/ Core Technical Team: http://source.android.com/project/core-technical-team Invain's Code Repository: http://code.google.com/p/invain/ (http://invain.googlecode.com) invain's SCM (access limited): http://www.intomail.net/git , http://www/intomail/bug Japan Groups(Usenet) : http://groups.google.com/group/android-group-japan Regards, Geunsik Lim,

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